Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mystery of the Missing Shoes Part-III

Rohit is very pleased that they are investigating such a huge case and Farhan says,"Tu hi to itna 'chhota' case investigate nahin karna chahta tha, Mr. High-Profile!" Rohit is irritated. Then the CIA decide to search Perfect Shoe Shop for the diamond. Meanwhile, we also see SF and Bld. They are calculating the shoes they have searched. There were 150 pairs of shoes brought, among which was the shoe with the diamond. They had stolen 80 pairs from Dheeraj's godown and 55 pairs from all over Cambala. That left 15 pairs which must be in Perfect Shoe Shop (short:PSS) because Dheeraj has only one retailer, Mayur Desai. The thieves too, decide to search PSS that night. Back to PSS. Rohit, Ishaan and Nikki are making a huge commotion about choosing shoes and all the people in the shop are attending to them. Farhan apologises for the commotion to Mayur Desai, who says it doesn't matter. Then Suchi comes in and says that the traffic police is towing Mayur Desai's car. Mayur Desai hurriedly leaves the shop and Rohit, Ishaan and Nikki continue their commotion. Farhan slips into the door leading to the loft with the other shoe-boxes, unnoticed in the chaos. Then Nikki says,"Uncle, iss joote mein darkish light, purplish, pinkish, lemonish green wala shade milega?" All the employees are stunned as they have never even heard of such a shade (of course not, coz Nikki made it up). Nikki says,"Mujhe to wahi shade chahiye tha," and they all leave. Meanwhile, Farhan is still hidden in the loft. We see all lights in PSS being switched off. The shutters are pulled down and the door is locked and everyone leaves. Farhan comes down and switshes onhis torch. He takes down all the black Regalo shoes and is about to search the first when he hears the door being the two thieves, though Farhan doesn't know it. Farhan shoves the boxes under a bench and hides. The thieves enter. They see the boxes under the bench and Bld says,"Lagta hai yahan humare pehle bhi koi aaya tha." SF:"Aaya tha ya aaya hai??" and they search the shop. Farhan is in the loft and when the thieves search there, Farhan narrowly escapes and goes down, but SF sees him and follows. Farhan runs but Bld jumps down in front of him through the hole through which shoe boxes are thrown down. Farhan is caught and the thieves tie and gag him and take him to their den along with the shoes. Farhan is thrown onto a bed in the den and the thieves go upstairs to search the shoes. Meanwhile, Ishaan gets a call from Suchi, who is feeling worried in case something happens to Farhan. Suchi says Farhan is not picking up his cell. Ishaan and Suchi both frantically try to reach Farhan go. We also see Rohit pacing around a room, cell glued to his ear, trying to call Farhan. Farhan can feel his phone vibrating but cannot pick it up as his hands are tied. But he still twists and turns himself and finally manages to get his cell out of his pocket. He places it on a table with his mouth but just as he is about to pick the phone with his mouth (it was Suchi's call) the call gets listed as a missed call. But Suchi calls again and Farhan picks it up and just manages to tell that he has been caught when he hears the thieves coming downstairs.
Farhan drops his cell lightly on the ground so the thieves don't see it. The thieves had been going through the shoes but they hadn't found the diamond. However, they had found 14 pairs. One pair was missing and the diamond must be in that pair. The thieves suspected that Farhan had the last pair so they were coming down to question him. The thieves come down and question Farhan telling him that only one pair is left and ordering him to hand the pair over. Suchi hears all this on her cell. The thieves are about to torture Farhan (with a knife) when Farhan tells Bld that instead of suspecting him, he should suspect his partner (SF) who secretly made a call while tying him up.....Farhan says he can't recall the name of the man. All this is lies, of course, to make the thieves fight among themselves, and Bld falls into the trap. Bld says that if the boy (Farhan) is telling the truth, SF has gotten mixed up with ..... (forgot the name) and Farhan interrupts saying it was the same man SF called (lies, again. But Farhan is definitely smart). The two thieves fight and in the fight, Bld hits SF, who falls on the floor and mostunfortunately, spots Farhan's cell under the phone. SF picks it up and shows it to Bld. Then SF talks on the cell.
SF:"Kaun hai?" (on the phone...he didn't know who it was, of course)
Suchi is silent and also pretty scared.
SF:"Kaun hai? Bata warna tere dost ko...." (he punches Farhan, who cries out in pain)
Suchi: (very scared and worried) "Main...main uski dost bol rahi hoon."
SF:" tu un panch pandavon mein se ek aur hai. Tu bol joota kahaan hai warna..." (he punches Farhan again and Farhan cries out again.....poor thing)
Suchi:"Please don't hurt him. Woh joota.....humare paas hai."
SF: (to Bld) "Dekha, joota inke paas hai." (to Suchi) "Agar apne dost ki salamati chahta hai to kal subah nau baje joote lekar Turner's Bridge pe aa jana. Police ko khabar karne ki koshish bhi mat karna."
SF keeps the phone and Suchi is really, really frightened. She had, of course lied about the shoes to save Farhan. Meanwhile, Farhan is extremely miserable, wondering why Suchi lied and dreading to think of 9 o' clock the next morning. Next day, the rest of the CIA are in the HQ, extremely worried about Farhan. Suchi is sitting on the stairs, very pale, and Nikki is sitting beside her, sobbing. Suchi tells the others that she heard the thieves talking on the cell. They said that only one pair was left and therefore, that pair must be having the diamond. Rohit: (hitting his fist on a pillar in frusturation) "Great! Ab hum do ghante mein ye ek jodi joota kahaan se layein?" The four puzzle over it and Nikki suddenly says that she knows where the shoe with the diamond is! She says it must be in Farhan's old shoes which were stolen by the man at the bus stop. Ishaan says they checked those shoes. Nikki reminds them that they checked only the left one...the other had still been with the man. That shoe must be the one with the diamond. Rohit:"Par woh aadmi to bhaag gaya." Ishaan:"Ek joota pehen kar kitna door bhagega? Wahi kahin phek diya hoga doosra joota." The four rush to those woods where Nikki and Farhan chased the man. Nikki shows the place where they were when Farhan grabbed the shoe.
The four split up and start looking for the shoe all around. Nikki finds the shoe under some bushes and calls out to the others ("Bhaiya, joota mil gaya!"). When the other three come running to the place, however, they see the two thieves there, holding Nikki and Farhan, the man holding Nikki with a gun. SF:"Kya team hai...kya dosti hai! Tum log ye soch rahe ho na, ke hum yahaan kya kar rahe hain? Iss ladke ne (Farhan) hume bataya ke tum logon ke paas joota nahin hain. Woh tum logon ne isse bachaane ke liye bola tha. Phir tumhe bachaane ke liye soch kar bola ke joota yahi kahin hona chahiye. Aur yahaan pe hume tum sab mil gaye. Wah...kya dosti hai!" Nikki suddenly punches Bld who was holding her (a karate punch straight in the stomach....Bld was distracted for just a second). Bld drops the gun and Nikki/Farhan (one of them) throws the shoe to Ishaan. When the thieves come running towards Ishaan, (SF had no weapon) he throws it to Farhan then Farhan to Rohit, Rohit to Suchi and so on. The thieves end up being in the middle of a circle formed by the five, who are throwing the shoe to each other so that the thieves don't get it. Then Rohit throws the shoe, intending to give it to Farhan, but he throws it too high and it gets stuck on the branch of a tree. All 7 of them (CIA+2 thieves) are staring at the shoe on the branch when SF suddenly takes out a small Swiss knife and holds it at Suchi's neck (Suchi was just in front of him) before anyone realizes what is happening. SF:"Joota kisne pheka? Tune (to Rohit)? Ja, ped (tree) par char. Jaa, warna main isse (Suchi) maar dalunga." Rohit removes his shoes and climbs the tree quickly, lest anything should happen to Suchi. But he doesn't lose his head...he keeps his cool and pretends that he is unable to reach the shoe with his hand ("Mere haath nahin aa raha hai."). SF signals to Bld, who hands Rohit a stick. Rohit takes the stick and scrabbles around with it, 'trying to reach the shoe', but 'accidentally' covering it with more leaves, so that it can't be seen from the people below (he did it on purpose, actually). One of the thieves:"Ab to joota dikh bhi nahin raha hai." Rohit:"Mujhe dikh raha hai." and he moves the stick 'towards the shoe'. Farhan looked worried (he didn't have much confidence on Rohit's brains) but Ishaan gave him an assuring nudge, which clearly meant that Rohit would definitely find some way of saving the situation. Then Rohit spots a beehive on the tree and says,"Joota mil gaya, ye lo joota." Then, with a wink and grin at Ishaan and Farhan, he pushes the beehive with all his might so that it flies far from the tree. The thieves chase it, mistaking it for the shoe (as was Rohit's intention), and they run right under the falling beehive, which breaks all over them and the two thieves rool on the ground and stamp around, howling, attacked by a swarm of very angry bees. Rohit laughs and jumps down from the tree beside Suchi.
The CIA take the thieves and also the shoe to the police station. Ishaan takes out the shoe and, placing it on the table, tells the inspector (not D.L.K. but an inspoector more senior than him) everything. DL.K. was standing next to the table and the inspector asks him for his opinion. D.L.K. says that hiding a diamond inside a shoe is quite impossible....the children must be spoofing. Ishaan takes out his pocketknife and cuts the sole of the shoe......and TAKES OUT THE NOOR-E-JAHAN DIAMOND. It was inside the shoe, after all and D.L.K. is stunned to see it. The inspector congratulates the five and the five leave the police station happily. Then there's a mysterious part: We see the windscreen of a car and the mirror that hangs above it. The person in the car was watching CIA. We didn't see the person at all, but dangling from the mirror was a tattoo....a scorpio tattoo which is the same as on Dawar in Mystery of the Breaking Glass. I wonder who the guy was?!

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