Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mystery of the Cambala Caves Part-I

In the very beginning, we see two men (in clothes like the people working in caves) hammering a wall in a cave. Then one man spots something and points it out to the other man. Both become very happy and start laughing for some reason. Then there's the opening music after which we see Ishaan and Farhan sitting in their class with Cambala Times on their desk and the rest of the class is crowding around, reading an article on CIA (it was the news headline in the paper). Their classmates congratulate them for solving so many cases and one of them says,"Yaar, tum log to famous ho gaye ho." Farhan:" famous in Cambala." Then we see Suchi walking in the corridor with other girls crowded around her. One of the girls asks if she can join CIA. Suchi is a bit taken aback. Back to Ishaan's class. The teacher enters and scolds them all for being clustered together. The students go back to their desk and murmur "Good Morning, Ma'am." The teacher spots the paper on Ishaan's desk and picks it up. She reads it, saying things like, " good...." and Ishaan and Farhan are straightening their ties and stuff, looking rather pleased, thinking the teacher must be reading the article on them. The teacher finally holds up the paper in front of the class and says,"Everybody see......(Ishaan and Farhan try to look modest, but they are quite unsuccessful).......Cambala caves mein pracheen zamaane ki murtiyan mili hain!" Ishaan and Farhan are stumped and their smiles vanish. They look even less happy when the teacher says she will arrange a field trip to Cambala Caves so that they can see the statues. Then (at last!) we see Rohit on his bike, riding at full speed as usual. He passes some girls standing at a bus stop, who giggle when they see him. Rohit shows off, looking at them (boy, is he a flirt!), and then turns in front just in time to see a man in front of him. But he is unable to stop and crashes right into the man. The man falls on the ground and Rohit helps him up, saying "Sorry, Sir!" over and over. He helps the man up and the man is not at all pleased with Rohit. The man gets into a taxi and leaves.
Just then Rohit spots a book belonging to the man lying on the ground. He tries to stop the man, but fails. He puts the book in his backpack and follows the taxi on his bike. He follows it to the man's house.....the gate says 'Dutta House'. Rohit enters the house and knocks on the gate. Dutta (the man Rohit followed) opens the door and is not at all pleased to see ("Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?"). Rohit returns the book and asks Dutta for a glass of water. Dutta reluctantly allows Rohit to enter. The room is filled with different sculptures. Dutta goes inside to get the water and Rohit checks out the sculptures, tapping them and examining them. Dutta returns with the water and Rohit drinks it and thanks him. Rohit:"Sir, ye sab...." Dutta:"Yeh meri kala hai. Shilpkaar hoon main." Rohit:"Oh wow! That's great! Um...... waise ye shilpkar hota kya hai?" Dutta says the Hindi meaning and Rohit only looks more confused than before. Dutta in exasperation says,"Main ek....sculptor hoon." Rohit understands now. He thanks Dutta again and turns to leave and accidentally knocks over a statue which was on the floor next to him. Dutta is furious ("Dekho kya kiya tumne.") and Rohit apologises ("Sorry, Sir!") but no effect. Dutta picks up the statue and sees that the nose is missing. He tells Rohit that he has ruined the statue and asks him to get out. Rohit spots the nose on the floor and pushes it under the carpet without Dutta noticing. Then he leaves.
Next we see Farhan and Ishaan on the field trip with the rest of their class. Their teacher introduces them to the archaeologist whose team is excavating the caves. He takes them to the place where the statues are being excavated. He tells them a long and boring history about the statues: "Ye Kumbhakarna ke ... (some relation) Kumbhini ki murtiyaan hain. Cambala ka naam bhi Kunbhini ke naam se aaya hai.......(long blabbering).....that brings us to the history of cave man jab..." at this point Ishaan and Farhan get too bored and Ishaan nudges Farhan and they both drop to their knees (they were right at the back of the group) and crawl a little way away. Then they stand up and start exploring the other parts of the caves. They come to a place where Ishaan spots something on the ground and picks up some of it. Just then a huge, tall, bald man comes out of another part and comes towards them. He tells them to get out of there because it's a restricted area since the roof can fall in any moment. The two of them go away. Ishaan later shiws Farhan what he picked up from the's cement. Ishaan says that there must be something fishy in the caves because why else will cement be used during excavation of statues? Farhan says Ishaan is being too suspicious....the cement might be needed for some work they don't know about. Then we see the five at the HQ. Nikki is drawing Suchi and asks her to stay still. Suchi:"Nikki, tum phirse meri drawing bana rahi ho!?" Just then Rohit comes and snatches Suchi's paper from her. Suchi gets up and chases Rohit round the HQ ("Rohit! Paper wapas do!"), trying to get her paper back, but Rohit is too fast for her. Then Rohit sees the front page and stops suddenly. He looks at the picture of a statue printed on the front page. Then he says,"Guys....maine ye murti pehle dekha hai!" Farhan:"Good joke, Rohit." Rohit:"Arre, guys, I'm serious. Maine yeh murti ek shil...shilp....ek sculptor ke ghar dekha hai. Maine usse tor bhi diya tha." The others say Rohit must be mistaken. Rohit says he is gonna prove it...he'll get that statue from Dutta. Nikki:"Kaise, bhaiya?? Ek aur disguise mein?" Rohit:"Haan...main Shahrukh Khan banke jaoonga. Inother words...I'll be myself."
True to his word, Rohit visits Dutta. Dutta is shown sculpting a statue when there is a knock on the door. Dutta opens the door to find Rohit outside. Rohit gives Dutta a gift-wrapped object. Rohit:"Sir, uss din maine aapki woh murti tori thi, so I felt sorry. Isiliye main aapke liye yeh le aaya." Dutta: "Iski kya zaroorat thi!" but he takes the gift and opens it, to find some sort of exercising object inside. Dutta:"Yeh kya hai?" Rohit takes it from him and demonstrates its use, saying it is used for building strong wrists and arms which is very important for Dutta. Dutta thanks him. Rohit:"Sir, jo murti maine uss din tori thi...kya main woh phirse dekh sakta hoon?" Dutta: (suspiciously) "Kyun?" Rohit:"Sir wo murti...........bahut khoobsurat tha...very beautiful, Sir. Main school mein Art classes le raha hoon. Woh murti dekh kar...bahut inspiration milti hai." Dutta says Rohit doesn't look like an art-lover, but he lets him come in anyway. When Dutta goes inside to get the statue, Rohit quickly takes out the broken nose from under the carpet and pockets it. Dutta returns with various pieces...head, legs, arms, body....of a statue. Rohit:"Ye kya hai, Sir?" Dutta says that after Rohit knocked the statue over, it got some cracks in it and then broke completely. Rohit apologises again. Dutta then takes out a book and opens it, back towards Rohit, searching for the history of the statues to narrate it to Rohit. He also tells Rohit that statues similar to the ones he has made have been found in Cambala Caves. The ones in the Caves are originals, of course, and his statues are just copies. While he is saying all this, without looking at Rohit, Rohit quickly takes the broken head of the statue and puts it in his backpack. Back in CIA HQ, the five find out that the statue whose head Rohit got is not the same as the one Rohit broke, because the nose does not fit on the face. Rohit:"I knew it! Uss Dutta ne mujhe nakli statue dikhaya." Ishaan says that Dutta is acting extra smart and now he is convinced something fishy is going on, which is definitely a case for CIA. Ishaan says,"C-I-A......Back, in action." and the others shout,"YES!!" Then we see a view of the Cambala Caves and eerie, wicked laughter is heard. Inside the caves, the camers shows the huge, bald man (who forbade Farhan and Ishaan from entering an area on their field trip) holding a statue and saying,"Press ko khabar kar do.....Cambala Caves mein ek aur murti mili hai." His face has a wild sort of glee in it.

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