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Mystery of the Invisible Thief Part-III

The episode begins with D.L.K. investigating the theft shown at the end of last episode. The woman, Mrs. Shastri, who has been robbed, is explaining that she had gone away for a short while and since the house had been locked from top to bottom, it was impossible for anyone to enter. She also tells that the last people to enter the house were some people from Acme Glass Factory who had come to fix a window pane. D.L.K. sees the foot- and hand-prints and says it is the same thief who has robbed the other two houses (how 'intelligent' of him!) and assures Mrs. Shastri he will soon catch the thief (yeah, you keep'll never solve it!). Meanwhile, C.I.A. hears of the new robbery and the details. They decide to split up. Farhan bikes to Sudhakar's house, Ishaan pays a visit to Gopi and Rohit goes to Gol a disguise again!! Rohit puts on a police uniform and he acts like a kid....those kids who dress up and parade around. In the episode we saw little of Ishaan, then Rohit then Farhan, again that, I'm writing it separately to make it simpler:
Rohit dresses up and bikes to Gol Chakki. He rattles the gates there and the security guard comes running. He tells Rohit to buzz off coz the Factory is closed that day. Rohit says that his mother, Mrs. Shastri (not in reality), has sent him coz the peoplewho went from the factory put a glass in the window but the window pane broke (he was so sweet and so perfectly kiddish you'd feel like giving him a hug! Best thing about his disguise is that he can change his voice very easily). He asks the guard if he went to his house. Guard is angry and tells Rohit that he is not a delivery boy but a security guard...can't he see the uniform? Rohit requests the guard to give him a way to contact the mechanic who went to his house. He requests so kiddishly an nicely that the guard finally gives way and opens the gate. Rohit goes to his cabin with him where the guard browses through the notebook, coughing. Rohit sympathetically asks the guard about his cough and the guard tells him he's had it since two days. Rohit realizes that the guard can't be the thief because the first theft took place four days ago, and the cough WAS heard then. The guard gives Rohit the number telling him the mechanic's name is Jaggu. Rohit thanks him (soo cutely) and goes away. (I don't remember exactly when this happened, but the dog licked Rohit too and the guard told the dog if he makes friends with everyone, how will he guard the place? Rohit also agreed saying that the guard is very right. Rohit was so perfectly kiddish! especially his voice!)
Ishaan meets Gopi and asked shows him one of the gloves. He says he had left the other in the house earlier and asks whether Gopi has seen them. Gopi says he saw a couple of gloves like that in the garage and put them on the waste paper bin with other rubbish in the garage. Ishaan asks where the rubbish came from. Gopi says around Bantoo's birthday, the carpenter had been fixing some things in he house and he left all the rubbish there. Ishaan also finds out that the carpenter is the same as in Suchi's house.
Farhan bikes to Sudhakar's house and rings the bell. When Sudhakar opens the door he gives him an address (Ishaan's) and asks him if he is on the right path. Sudhakar says he has come a long way in totally opposite path and he'll have to bike a long way to go to the place. Farhan pretends to be alarmed at the thought of biking such a long way and asks Sudhakar if he can call his friend from Sudhakar's place; Sudhakar is reluctant at first but Farhan says that his friend will leave if he doesn't reach on time so he'll have to warn his friend...he requests very hard and Sudhakar gives way. Farhan enters and Sudhakar shows him the phone. Farhan picks up the receiver, with Sudhakar breathing down his neck. Farhan suddenly sniffs the air and tells Sudhakar that he can smell something the smell from Sudhakar's kitchen? Sudhakar rushes off to his kitchen and Farhan rushes to the shoe supboard by the door. Farhan spots a pair of large boots there and checks the pattern. It's the same as the thief's. Just then Sudhakar returns and hoists Farhan up by his collar and accuses him of theft ("Toh tu hai joota chor! Jab tune phone ka bahana kiya tab hi main samajh gaya tha."). Farhan says his father owns a shoe company and he was just curious about whether Sudhakar's shoes are of the same company....he meant no harm. Sudhakar releases Farhan. Farhan says,"Sir, apne kahan ke apke joote chori huye hain...?" Sudhakar tells Farhan that he went to prison for three months because he had a small accident with a motorist. The motorist was on the wrong side, and he was unharmed after the accident, yet Sudhakar was sent to prison. He came to Cambala after his spell in prison and started supplying machinery parts and stuff, but then his shoes got stolen during the week when the carpenter was fixing a door. Farhan thanks Sudhakar for telling him all that and leaves.
Suchi and Nikki are fixing up the warehouse to convert make in habitable (hang-out-able, actually) and when they put Suchi's computer on the table, their hands get smeared with dust from the table. Suchi and Nikki clear the full place and install the computer, but when Suchi sits down on the chair, she nearly falls down because the chair has a broken leg. Suchi:"Yeh Farhan ka warehouse bhi na....ekdum kabarkhana hai." She calls her mom ("Mom, ek urgent kaam hai.") and the carpenter arrives at the place. Suchi asks him to fix the chair leg. While fixing it, the carpenter conversationally asks them what they're doing in the warehouse. Nikki says,"Hum yahan mysteries solve karte hain!" before Suchi can stop her but the carpenter laughs at Nikki and doesn't believe her, thinking she is only being babyish. He takes out his drilling machine and on seeing it, Suchi immediately remembers the print in her garden that looked like a gun. The drilling machine fitted the print! The carpenter finishes the work and Suchi tells him to take the money from her house. Then the carpenter gets a call. It's Rohit, though the Suchi & Nikki don't know it. Rohit asks him if it is Jaggu, the mechanic and the carpenter says, mechanic kahiye, carpenter kahiye, ek hi baat hai. Then Rohit says something else (forgot what) and keeps the phone. The carpenter turns to leave but then he suddenly coughs and Suchi calls out,"Guptaji!" instinctively. Before she can think of some excuse for calling him, however, Ishaan comes there and tells Suchi that the carpenter did all the thieving....the gloves belonged to him and he had been at all the places where the thefts had take place. Suchi and Nikki look stunned (he hadn't noticed the carpenter) and Ishaan looks around, but doesn't recognise the carpenter. The carpenter was standing still, too. Ishaan asks Suchi what the matter is and Suchi suddenly finds her tongue and cries,"Ishaan, wahi to Guptaji hain, pakro unhe."
The carpenter runs for it, and Ishaan chases him. Outside, the carpenter meets Farhan and pushes him away and runs to his bike nearby. Ishaan comes running out and he and Farhan try to chase the carpenter on bike, but the carpenter escapes on his black motorbike. Just then Rohit calls Farhan on his cell. Rohit tells him about the info he got and that he suspects the carpenter coz the mechanic said he is also a carpenter. Farhan asks Rohit where he is. Rohit says he is on some bridge (forgot name). Farhan tells Ishaan:"Yeh raasta bhi ... bridge pe jaata hai. Ab Rohit hi usey pakar sakta hai." Ishaan takes the cell and asks Rohit if he can arrange a rope. Then we see the carpenter on his motorbike on the bridge and Rohit hiding in the bushes. As the carpenter comes near, Rohit trips him up, motorbike and all, with a rope (he was holding one end and the other end was tied to the other side of the bridge). The carpenter falls down and rolls down to the ground below. Rohit follows him there and has a small scuffle with him when Farhan and Ishaan arrive. Rohit calls out to Farhan and they all take him to C.I.A. HQ and tie him up. Then they all ask him to confess. The carpenter admits the thefts and tells them how he did them. He had stolen the shoes from Sudhakar while working on the door. He had decided to use them for thefts and thought that the blame would be pinned on Sudhakar. When he was working at Bantoo's house, he had earlier noticed the pipe from the ground to the balcony of the room above. He had climbed up the pipe, closed the door from inside and robbed the place. When he heard Bantoo's mom coming, he hid under the bed, so Bantoo's mom had seen the doors closed from inside. When Banto's mom was inspecting the cupboard, he sneaked out of the door. At Suchi's house, he left his work for a while to do the theft. He had recorded the sound of his work (lakri thokne ki awaaz) and left the tape recorder by the window so that everyone thinks that he is working. He got in by unscrewing the grill and screwed it back on, hanging on the pipe, before returning to his work. He had to come back, however, for he had dropped his drilling machine in the garden....he grabbed it from the ground below and left (that's when Farhan & Ishaan chased him). At Mrs. Shastri's house, he never left after fitting the glass but hid in a cupboard (he heard Mrs. Shstri saying she'd be going away for a short while). When the house was empty and locked up, he got out and robbed the house then got out in the same way as Suchi's house (unscrewing grill).
The five take him to the police station where the Inspector (not D.L.K.) congratulates them and asks how it happened. Farhan says it's Ishaan's credit coz he began it all. Ishaan:"Par tere bina (Farhan) main Gol Chakki tak pahuch nahi pata." Rohit:"Hey, par chor ko kisne pakra? Maine!" (you know, Rohit may boast a lot, but in his case, even that makes you like him!). Farhan:"Par Suchi tujhe bulati nahi to tu aata kahaan se?" Rohit:"Oh, yeah, thanks Suchi!" Ishaan says that most important clue came from Nikki who showed them that the thief does not HAVE to be a large-footed person. Inspector:"Very good, team work!" Just then D.L.K. comes running and says,"Sir mujhe pata chal gaya hai ke chor kaun hai....Acme Glass Factory ka security guard!" Everyone laughs and the Inspector tells him that the mytery has already been solved by the kids. D.L.K. is not at all pleased ("Ye bacche kaise...") and Suchi replies that they are not just any kids, but the C.I.A. Other four:"C.I.A.??" Suchi:"Yeah, Cambala Investigation Agency!"

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wow great yaa write mysteries of missing kid i wanna see that cauz i go to tution in 6 o clock and cant see cia so i see it by 1 o clock am 11 yrs old and my mom tells me to sleep i am on watching the mystereies of missing kid part 1 and 2 completed and i wanna watch
part 3 its then totally completed whooow!! if u write that down i will be able to read and understand it that would be enough tooo...thanks great work...!!!bye