Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mystery of the Invisible Thief Part-I

This episode starts with the C.I.A. sitting in their headquarters with Shrini, their friend (see Crossword Code Mystery), and Shinni is showing them the articles he has written about the C.I.A. He says that now the readers want to know how the C.I.A. was did it all begin and what was their first case. Everyone starts talking at once and Shrini says,"One at a time," so Suchi narrates the tale. She says,"Yeh sab shuru hua tha Ishaan, Nikki aur ek kiddie party se....."
We see Nikki drawing a tiger, sitting in the school cafeteria, when suddenly there is a roar at feet. She jumps up and spots a red toy car zooming away. "Ishaan!!" she exclaims and chases the car. The car suddenly bangsagainst a table and juice spills on it. Nikki giggles when she sees Ishaan jumping up from behind a table and rushing to the table. Ishaan picks up the car and fervently starts cleaning it. Nikki:"Very good. School mein toys le aane se Mummy ne tumhe mana kiya tha na!" Ishaan:"Ye toy nahi hai Nikki..." and proceeds to show her the dictaphone tied on top of the car. He explains that the car can be used to record stuff when they are far from the actual spot. Nikki:"Wow! Yeh hum Bantoo ko gift kar sakte hain na??" Ishaan says he is not gonna waste such a great gizmo on a kiddie party. Nikki tells him not to be rude and that he is also supposed to go to the party. Ishaan says he's not gonna go no matter what his mom says. The scene changes and we see a frusturated Ishaan sitting at the back of a car and a very happy Nikki and his mom are in the front seats....they are going to the party. When they arrive there, however, they see police cars outside the place....they come to know here has been a theft at the place. Bantoo's (he's the birthday boy) mom says she was laying the table for the party when she heard a crash and coughing upstairs. She went up with Bantoo and saw that the money and jewellery were missing. However, there was no one in the room....only huge footprints....but all the windows were locked from inside and the room had only one door. No one could tell how the thief entered or exited. Nikki:"Wow, iska matlab invisible thief?!!" Ishaan and Nikki go outside. They see a pipe leading to the balcony of the room where the theft took place. Ishaan spots huge footprints on the ground....about size 12 boots. He takes a pic on his cell and then measures it with a 100-rupee note. The print is twice the note. Ishaan also finds a notepad with an impression on it. The impression is of the writing on the previous page. Suddenly D.L.K. comes there. He has just been transferred to Cambala. (remember, this is the case which tells how the C.I.A. formed, so it took place BEFORE all others) D.L.K. is very pleased to have a case in his new post so soon but is very irritated to see children 'messing about' the crime scene. He scolds them....they stand up....and suddenly he spots the notepad in Ishaan's hand and asks him to hand it over. Ishaan distracts him by saying there is sumone on he terrace and while D.L.K. is looking away, he quickly tears off the top page. He hands the rest of the pad to D.L.K. and says he only saw a crow on the terrace.
Back in the school cafeteria, Ishaan is checking out the paper with a magnifying glass with some sort of blue light attached. Nikki comes from her karate classes and sits opposite of him. Ishaan shades the page with a pencil so the writing shows up. The writing says 'गोल चक्की' (Gol Chakki). Nikki:"Yeh Gol Chakki kya hai??" Ishaan:"Kisi jagah ka naam hoga. Iske baare mein toh usse poochh na parega jo Cambala ki har cheez janta hai. Guess kaun?" Nikki:"Aapka classmate, Farhan?" Next we see Farhan riding his bike along a lane. A car comes and stops by him. A man opens the window and asks: (.... is for the parts I forgot)
Man: Beta, Hariwali .... kahaan hai?
Farhan: Kahaan jana hai aapko.....Sodi Farm ya Gupta Bungalows?
Man: Tumhe kaise pata?? Gupta Bungalows mein.
Farhan: Advocate Gupta se milna hai ya unke bete Dr. Gupta se?
Man: Dr. Gupta se.
Farhan: To aap ek kaam kijiye....yahan se seedhe chale jaiye, first right turn chhorke second right turn lijiye. Wahaan pe Veer Sigh gwale (milkman) ke do bakriyan aur chaar gaiyaan (4cows) char rahe honge. Go past them, right? Uske baad aapke left-hand pe Cambala Chemicals ka ek green sign aayega. Jiske thik dahine mein ek bargat ka per hoga. Per ke aage se right lijiye aur .... chale jaiye. Aapke left-hand pe phir ek royal blue colour ka khatara Fiat khara hoga, jiske chaaron tyres puncture aur....
Man: (angrily) Tumhe kya main hi mila mazaak karne ke liye?? (drives off)
Farhan: (calls after the car) Arrey, main to aapko pata bata raha tha....suniye....
The car drives off. Farhan is a bit confused. Enter Rohit. Rohit drives his bike at top speed past Farhan and crosses a puddle on the way. Muddy water from the puddle splashes onto Farhan's bike. Farhan: (shouts after Rohit angrily)"Oye Rohit ke bachche!!" Rohit just glances back and smiles a naughty sort of smile and speeds away. Next we see Ishaan on his bike. Rohit crosses full speed, again....Ishaan:"Oye Rohit, Rohit ruk!!" but in vain....Rohit has disappeared (wow, Rohit is great on his bike!). After this we return to Farhan....Farhan had picked up a caterpillar on a stick and was watching it move when Ishaan cycles up. He asks Farhan where Gol Chakki is and Farhan says that the old name of Acme Glass Factory used to be GolChakki. He starts explaining the history of how there used to be a chakki like the ones used to crush grins in the 1950s when Ishaan interrupts and asks if he knows the way. Farhan again starts on the bakriyan and gayian (same road as the man in the car asked) and Ishaan asks if Farhan can go with him. Farhan agrees. They bike to Gol Chakki. They see the iron gates are closed and there is barbed wire on top of the gates. Ishaan borrows Farhan's jacket and they climb the gates. Ishaan puts the jacket as a cushion on top of the wire and they jump down on the other side. They see footprints o the ground. Ishaan measures them....they are the same as the thief's! Then Farhan spots a signboard on the ground he picks it says 'BEWARE OF DOG!' Then they see the dog running towards them. It growls at them. Farhan picks up a piece of wood. and throws it a little way away and the dog runs to fetch it. Ishaan and Farhan quickly scramble up the gate when someone catches hold of Ishaan's shirt. They turn and see a tall security guard. Ishaan notices he has big shoes on his feet. The guard yells at them, asking what they are doing. Farhan quickly makes an excuse that they had come looking for their cricket ball. The guard asks them to show him the ball. Farhan:"Arre aap dhoondne denge tabhi milega na." Guard says they won't get the ball. coz it's private property and pushes them out. Ishaan thanks Farhan. They re-visit Bantoo's house. They ask Bantoo's mom (she was in the room where the theft took place) if police found anyhting new. She says they found a handprint. She pulls back the covers of the bed (in the room where theft took place) and shows them an enormous handprint. Ishaan says with such big hands and feet, the thief mut be a big man. They leave.
While leaving they find D.L.K. panting, pushing his bike along. Farhan asks Ishaan who it is. Ishaan says D.L. Kulkarni, new inspector. Farhan says D.L. should stand for Dum Lagake! Both laugh. D.L.K. is irritated to see them again. Ishaan suddenly has an idea. He butters D.L.K. up and while telling him how great he is, he places a walkie talkie on his belt. D.L.K. doesn't notice, he goes into the house to interrogate Bantoo's mom. Ishaan and Farhan go a little way away and listen to what D.L.K. is saying on the other piece of the walkie talkie. They hear D.L.K. asking some stupid questions and Bantoo's mom getting irritated. Then D.L.K. gets a call, reporting another theft. Bantoo's mom asks where the theft took place. D.L.K. says at Colonel Duggar's house. Farhan tells Ishaan that Colonel Duggar's place is the house of his friend, Sucheta. They go to her place. Before they can enter the house, they see a man dressed top to toe in black, climbing over the garden wall. They follow him outside. The man leaves on a motorbike, but leaves a trail on the dusty road. Ishaan and Farhan follow the trail. They come to a turning...the path after the turn couldn't be seen.....Farhan turns and goes behind the thing (I don't remember exactly what was blocking the other side) and there is a sound of a huge crash. Ishaan (he hadn't turned yet) cries,"FARHAN!!!!"


Vinay said...


i love this serial but i dont live in india. In singapore, we cant see pogo india. Can you guys, record the whole episode and upload it online for us?

it would be great

CIA-Narnia-Rockz said...

^I've recorded Mystery of the Crossword Code and I'll try to record other reruns on C.I.A. Files, but I'm having trouble uploading the videos.

Vinay said...

hi, thanks for replying. you can upload videos on

its a great site and then share the link on the blog or simple use embedding.

Dont upload to youtube coz the quality is really bad.

Stage6 will maintain original quality.

CIA-Narnia-Rockz said...

^Thank you. I'll upload the videos as soon as possible.

Ria said...

i love this serial very much. its sooooooooooooooooooo much fun watching this serial. it looks so realistic to me. but unfortunately i dont live in india and so i cant watch this serial.(i am sooooooooo unlucky!!!!!)

Nicks said...

I love serial but I can not watch because it is very late at night.I wish it should be in night from 10pm to 10:30pm

Samiha said...

this series is just awesome! I do enjoy mysterious programs like Cambala files from cartoon network, and VIP from Sar World. but i can't watch it always, as it is very late at night. Can it be at 9:00 or 9:30?

maryam nasreen said...

it is great show but plz show the new mystery all the characters has taken the great role and ilove that shoow but its comes late and ilook cia in my weekends i hope this great show will always work like this

Adeel Idrees said...

This is a very good myterious show.I don't watch always because its late night...Can it be at 8 or 8:30?