Friday, November 30, 2007

Mystery of the Cambala Caves Part-III

Ishaan, Suchi and Nikki are in the HQ, and Ishaan says that the people in the cave are using cement and placing fake statues inside. Nikki asks why they should do that. Suchi says that they might be selling the real statues and replacing them with fake ones. Ishaan says they should visit Shrini once again. Nikki asks,"Par Rohit aur Farhan bahiya?" Ishaan:"Unhe raaste mein call kar denge." And they leave. Meanwhile, Rohit, Farhan and Dutta have been taken to Cambala Caves, to the archaeologist. Goga removes their gags. The archaeologist sees their faces and wonders aloud who the third boy, who stole the statue was. Rohit: (wondering) "Ishaan?" and this is a fatal mistake. Farhan says,"Rohit!" warningly, but it's too late....the archaeologist has heard the name already. Rohit looks ashamed. The archaeologist says,"Ishaan?" and Farhan tries to cover up, saying,"Nahi nahi, ye to kuchh bhi bolta hai." The archaeologist is not tricked, though, and he tells Farhan to call Ishaan. Farhan, having no other choice, takes out his cell and the archaeologist takes it from him. He searches and finds Ishaan's name & number in the Address Book. He dials the no. and then tells Rohit to talk to Ishaan. In Shrini's Office, Ishaan picks up the phone. Rohit:"Ishaan, hum pakde gaye." Ishaan:"Kya bol raha hai tu?" Then the archaeologist takes away the cell and tells Ishaan that his friends are STILL alive; if he wants them to stay that way, he must come to the Caves with the statue and the two girls; if he tries to tell anyone this point the archaeologist holds the phone close to Goga's gun and Goga fires it. The archaeologist tells Ishaan that he has only 19 minutes remining now and cuts the phone. Ishaan is really worried and seeing his expression, Shrini and the girls ask him what the matter is. Ishaan, not daring to tell in front of Shrini, says that Rohit had called.he wants to meet them urgently in the Caves. He almost pulls the girls away, Suchi says,"Par Shrini..." Ishaan tells her they are to go urgently and leaves, taking the girls with him.
Meanwhile, Dutta is taken away from Rohit and Farhan's eyes (i.e., behind a pillar) and there's a gunshot. Rohit cries,"Dutta Sir!" then Goga takes the two boys (gags back on and hands still tied) to a smaller cave and the archaeologist tells Goga to make preparations for their 'guests' (meaning Ishaan and the girls). Ishaan and the girls arrive at the Caves, riding at top speed. Suchi says they could have told Shrini but Ishaan says that the men have guns and they can't risk Rohit and Farhan's's upto them to save the boys. Goga was waiting for the three with his gun and he takes them to the cave where the two boys are (gagged and tied). As soon as the three see Rohit and Farhan, they rush to them. Suchi unties first Rohit's gag then Farhan's. Ishaan unties Rohit's hands and Nikki unties Farhan's. While they're doing this, the archaeologist takes out the statue from Ishaan's backpack and then he and Goga go out of the small cave and they put a stone over the entrance. Rohit, then Ishaan, then Farhan try to stop them but fail. They also fail to push the stone away after the two men have trapped them and gone away. Ishaan/Farhan takes out a torch, clearing the darkness a little. Ishaan asks Rohit what happened to Dutta. Rohit:"Dutta ko to wo log...(looks at Nikki)...koi aur jaga le gaye." (he was gonna say that "Dutta ko wo log maar diye", but he changed his sentence midway in case Nikki gets scared). Then we see Shrini at the Police Station, talking to D.L.K., trying to make him go to the Caves with him (Shrini cannot investigate...he doesn't have authority). D.L.K. refuses saying that Shrini shouldn't get taken in by what those children say....the five are probably in their houses. Shrini says he has checked at all their houses, but none of them are home. D.L.K. still refuses to go. Shrini:"To aap nahin chalenge?" D.L.K.:"Nahin." Shrini: (showing the phone on D.L.K.'s table) "Yeh phone chalta hai?" D.L.K.:"Haan." Shrini: (stretching his hand towards the phone) "To main S.P. Saab ko phone karta hoon." D.L.K. is scared and next we see him and Shrini going to the caves on D.L.K.'s bike.
Back to the five. Farhan is sitting on the floor of the cave, dejected, saying,"Hum yahan se kabhi nahi nikal payenge. Yeh to zinda kabr (grave) hai." Nikki looks really scared and Suchi scolds Farhan, telling him not to scare Nikki like that. Then Suchi feels the wind blowing. Suchi:"Guys, cave mein hawa chal rahi hai!" Rohit: (bad-tempered...with worry) "To isme kya hai? Hawa to roz chalti hai." Suchi:"Bandh cave mein hawa chal rahi hai...this means there is an opening somewhere! Let's find out where it is!" Nikki takes out a chocolate wrapper (the Dairy Milk Shrini gave her) and tosses it into the air; but it does no good since the wrapper is so small. Then Ishaan takes out some paper and lights it with some matches. Rohit:"Torches to humare paas hain." Ishaan: (stamping out the fire) "Torch nahin, dhuan. Hawa se bhi halka." They figure out the direction of the wind by looking at the direction in which the smoke is moving. They find an opening in the opposite end of the cave. Ishaan tries to widen the gap with all their might, but fail. Rohit tells Ishaan to move away and takes over the job himself. He must have succeede, coz then we see the CIA outside the cave.....they go to the area which Goga said was restricted (to Ishaan and Farhan on their field trip in the very beginnign). Meanwhile, Shrini is searching for the kids all around, the archeologist, Goga and D.L.K. with him. Then D.L.K., looking at something else, loses track and gets lost in the caves....the others move on. Then Shrini comes to the cave where the children were. He asks the archaeologist what is inside. The archaeologist (thinking the children are still there) says it's not a nice area, it's's kept empty. Shrini asks him to remove the stone, and let him check the cave. The archaeologist is hesitant, but cannot refuse because it'll raise suspicion. He tells the workers to remove the stone, standing behind Shrini, and keeps one hand on the gun in his pocket, ready to kill Shrini as soon as he sees the children. The workers remove the stone, and Shrini finds the cave empty and the archaeologist removes his hand from the gun. Shrini still looks suspicious, but doesn't take matters any further and leaves. The archaeologist is panicky, asking Goga where the children are. Goga has no idea, of course.
Then we see the CIA in the restricted. area. The five see the workers excavating hard and fast. Just then, a lizard falls on Suchi's shoulder. Farhan, sensing Suchi is about to scream, puts one hand over her mouth and flicks the lizard off with the other. Suchi calms down, but momentarily, for the lizard returns and squats down on Suchi's feet without Farhan noticing. Suchi gives a piercing shriek, but it does no damage, for her shriek is drowned by a shout from the worker is shown holding up a blood-red stone. The lizard has left and the five gasp on seeing the stone...for it is a ruby!! There are more rubies, too. The workers say 'Boss' will be very pleased an the five wonder who 'Boss is. Then a worker comes from behind and, most unfortunately, catches the CIA. The other workers come running and there's a scuffle in whichthe five manage to escape. Nikki escapes first, other four still fighting. Then Suchi, Ishaan and Farhan leave one by one, each managing to escape unnoticed with the others fighting. Rohit, still holding up for the others, has a slight difficulty for there is no one to distract after him, but he too manages to escape (he IS the best sportsman in school, after all!).The five, while escaping from the workers, run into D.L.K. and in a hurry, they have to let D.L.K. tag along with them. The come to a large stone on the ground aftyer which there is a large clear space. Goga suddenly comes in the clear space, gun in hand. Ishaan, Farhan, Sucheta and Nikki, along with D.L.K., manage to get behind the stone before Goga can see them, but Rohit is not so lucky....he was not near enough to return to he stone without being spotted. Rohit quickly moves behind Goga and moves accordingly, keeping behind Goga all the time, so Goga can't see him. Goga turns around swiftly and Rohit ducks down into another small cave nearby. Then Goga leaves and the other four rush to Rohit....D.L.K., staring elsewhere again, gets left behind once again. The CIA five run out into another open space and they spot an opening leading outside. But there is a fairly large space between them and the opening. They are about to dash across, prepared to risk it, when suddenly a figure moves out from behind the is DUTTA (I never really trusted this guy)!
Rohit:"Dutta Sir! Aap thik to hain? Chaliye yahaan se bhaagte hain isse pehle ki koi hume dekh le." Dutta:"Itni jaldi bhi kya hai?" and he takes out a gun. Ishaan:"Boss?" Dutta:"Haan, Boss." Then the archaeologist comes there with Goga. He points his gun at the five and says,"Khel khatam!" Then there's a gunshot and as the bullet connects, a scream, not one of the CIA, but the archaeologist! The bullet came from the gun of the police force that has arrived, led by SHRINI! There is a sudden pandemomium. Nikki throws Goga into a hole in the floor and Rohit hits him hard, again and again, with Nikki shouting,"Usse chhorn mat, bhaiya!" Suchi, Farhan and Ishaan pin the archaeologist and Dutta. The police come forward and arrest all three. Rohit gives one last, sharp blow to Dutta and they're taken away. Suchi asks Shrini how he knew they were in trouble. Shrini says first of all from Ishaan's face in the office. Then, when he searched in the small cave (where the five had been trapped), he found a Dairy Milk wrapper (holds it up).....the chocolate he gave Nikki in his office. So he became sure that the five were in the cave and so he left.....and came back with the police. Ishaan then shows Shrini the ruby (he put it in his pocket when they were fighting with the workers) and Shrini is very surprised, but also extremely pleased coz the CIA has solved another great case and he says,"Let's celebrate!!" They celebrate in Shrini's office with pizza (Rohit didn't worry about calories here!) and Shrini informs the five that Dutta found out after years of research that there were rubies in Cambala Caves. He bribed the archaeologist and Goga and used the old-statue cover to excavate for rubies. The gake gunshot was used to scare the CIA so they keep their mouths shut, but of course, the three didn't know that the CIA is unstoppable and so....the CIA has solved another very, very high-profile case (Rohit was really pleased at this) and D.L.K. will not be pleased at all!! Then, at the very end, we see poor D.L.K., still lost in Cambala Caves looking for everyone else ("Kahaan gaye sablog??") and he stumbles onto the restricted area. Then a spider falls on his shirt and D.L.K. gives a cry of "Mummy!!!" and bolts from there!


anirudh said...

man,this case is just awesome.could you just put some more episodes on the net

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can u plz post the mystery of the movie shoot?