Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mystery of the Missing Shoes Part-I

In the beginning, we see a small boy getting kidnapped on a bridge. Then, after the opening music, we check out the CIA HQ. Rohit is lying on a couch and a fly is buzzing round him. He picks up a flyswatter and chases the fly round the HQ. He firsts bangs into Suchi and then dodges around Ishaan and then almost crashes into Farhan, who was entering just then. Rohit says,"Yeh aa gaya sabse bada makkhi!" and makes a posture as if swatting Farhan with the flyswatter. Then he notices Farhan's shoes. Farhan was wearing a revolting pair of FLUORESCENT ORANGE SANDALS!! Rohit teases him about it and Suchi and Ishaan giggle at the sandals. Farhan says that when he went to Moti Masjid, he left the shoes outside and couldn't find them on returning. So he borrowed a pair from someone (don't remember the name). Rohit laughs at him and Farhan opens one of the sandals and throws it at Rohit. Rohit ducks and it hits the wall behind him. Then we see Nikki on motorbike behind D.L.K. and D.L.K. tells her that he is on an important case.....someone's son (forgot name again, sorry!) has been kidnapped from Turner's Bridge. But, he is not going to tell this to them or else they will meddle in the matter again (now he realises...after telling)! Next thing we see is the C.I.A. 5 on Turner's Bridge, looking for clues. Ishaan finds bit of the ball-bearings from the wheels and Rohit takes a picture of the place. Farhan fids a trail of banana wafers, probably from the tiffin box of the kid and they follow it into the forests. Just then the boy comes running from the woods and falls in Ishaan's arms. They are all surprised and take him to the police station where the kid says that after he fainted (the kidnappers used chloroform) he doesn't know what happened, but when he awoke, he was in the forest and the kidnappers had not harmed him at all.....they had only stolen his shoes (Black Regalo shoes....same as the pair Farhan lost, except size). D.L.K.:"Ajee..." Farhan interrupts, unintentionally: "Ajeeb kidnappers hain. Churayein to sirf joota!" D.L.K. tries to speak again, only to be interrupted, unintentionally, by each of the C.I.A. members, in turn. D.L.K. is furious. Anyway, they return to HQ. Next we see black Regalo shoes being stolen from all over Cambala. The thief cannot be seen. Ishaan and Farhan, sitting next to each other in class, get extra homework for talking in class. Farhan also went to Perfect Shoe Store to buy new shoes and the man sitting next to him (another customer) had also lost black Regalo shoes. Then we see C.I.A. in their HQ. Rohit suspects the Perfect Shoe Store shopkeeper, Mayur Desai. He says that Mayur Desai must be stealing his own shoes back to increase busines. Suchi says that they can't watch him in his shop all the time. Ishaan takes out another gadget from his backpack. it consists of a small device like an iPod with three or four wires coming out of it. He explains to others that he can enter a phone number in the device (he enters his own cell no.) and when the wires are connected to a landline phone, all incoming and out going calls from that phone can be heard on the number entered (in this case, Ishaan's cell). Rohit asks if he can have one of the gadgets to connect to the class teacher's phone ("To phir surprise test surprise nahin rahega!"). Ishaan says he can have one if he does something first. (BTW, Rohit was not at all pleased that the CIA is investigating such a small case like joota-chori. he said,"CIA jooton ka chori jaisa chhota case investiate karega??" But he did his best for the case, anyway.)
Next we see Rohit (in ANOTHER disguise) at Perfect Shoe Shop ("Ram Khilawan Yadav, Cambala Nigam se. Complain aayi thi ke phone kaam nahi kar rahi hai...?"). The shopkeeper he had lodged no complaints, but allows Rohit to check the phone. Rohit picks up the phone, and with the other hand pulls out the wires from the phone (without the shopkeepr seeing). Rohit says that it's not working (his accent was just brilliant!) and the shopkeeper checks the phone himself....then allows Rohit to fix the phone. He comments that Rohit seems to young to work, and Rohit tells him some stories ("Ka kahte hain saab. Humri umar twenty-two ho gaya....gaon mein do bachhe hain.....majaak karte hain saab..."). Rohit takes out the gadget as soon as the shopkeeper moves away for a little while and starts to connect it as Ishaan had instructed. The shopkeeper suddenly returns and asks Rohit what he is connecting. Rohit says it's a new gadget the company has given for trials. Mayur Desai forbids him from putting any gadget on the phone. Rohit:"Thik hai...aap kahte hain to nahi lagayenge....waise lagaatein to bill aadha aata....par aap nahin chahte hain to nikaal lete hain." He starts taking out the gadget, but Mayur Desai, happy at the thought of getting half the bill, tells him he can put the gadget. Rohit connects it to the phone. Then back in HQ, the five are waiting for a phone call to come, crowding around Ishaan's cell. There's no phone. Farhan says Rohit probably connected the wires all wrong. Rohit is furious. Just then a call comes on Myur Desai's phone and they can all hear it. However, it's from Mayur Desai's brother and the two chat and chat and chat about the village and stuuf, their lives etc. etc. for 45 minutes! They must have talked longer, but all 5 got thoroughly bored and Rohit cut the call in frusturation (from Ishaan's cell). Then Farhan leaves to do the assignments the teacher set them for talking in class. Nikki goes with him as she has some work, too. But Farhan's bike has a puncture so he needs to go by bus. Nikki and Farhan go to the bus stop. Meanwhile, another call comes to Ishaan's cell, forwarded from Perfect Shoe Store. Mayur Desai tells the person on phone that they need to talk about the black Regalo shoes and fix up a meeting in a godown. The three, Ishaan, Rohit and Suchi, leave for Perfect Shoe Shop (to follow Mayur Desai) on their bikes.
At the bus stop, Farhan and Nikki are waiting for the bus. Farhan sees a pair of muddy black Regalo shoes on the feet of the man next to him. He bends down and checks the lace of the right one. Man:"Oye, kya kar rahe ho?" Farhan:"Yeh mere joote hain!" Man:"Tujhe kaise pata?" Farhan:"Mere dahina joota ka lace toota hua tha. Aur jis Masjid se woh chori hui thi uske bahar aisi mitti thi!" Man:"Aise bahut joote ho sakte hain!" Farhan:"Achchha?? Thik hai. Maine joote ke sole mein apna naam likha hai. Agar naam nahin hui to joote tere warna mera joota mujhe mujhe wapas chahiye!" He makes a grab at the shoes but the man pushes all others around and runs off. Farhan follows him. Nikki takes a shortcut on her bike. Farhan follows the man to the end of the forest. There the man comes face to face with Nikki who does some karate moves (without hurting the man). The man stops, frightened. Farhan closes in from behind. The man looks tensed and the camera freezes on his face.


Anonymous said...

It was really an interesting story.
I liked it very much as I do see CIA every Saturday night 11.00.
totally an excellent story.

palamarti said...

hai sangeetha...A warm welcome to this blog and why don't u post your comments under new posts like mystery of the walking deadman and mystery of the laughing joker.I do see CIA every saturday night 11:00pm.where r u from???iam from Andhra pradesh.