Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mystery of the Breaking Glass Part-II

The man jumps out on Rohit and after some confusion, Rohit shouts,"I got him!!" and Farhan lights a candle to see Rohit has not captured the man, but Ishaan. The man (he was the same man with gun, whom Ishaan & Suchi saw) escaped!! They run outside, but unfortunately run into D.L.K. who forbids them from even coming near the building (boy, was he furious!!). Then one of the boys (forgot who) wishes him best of luck, saying he's glad to get away from the ghost, and D.L.K. says,"Bh-bh-bhoot??". Farhan says that a witch who used to live in the house died there and returns to haunt the house on mahine ki baees tarikh (22nd of every month). D.L.K. asks Nikki the date and she says it's the 22nd. D.L.K. says that they can go with him, but NOT bcoz he is frightened but so that they can see how an intelligent officer handles cases (C.I.A. 5 giggle). Inside, they go to the lab (D.L.K. thought the machine was a satellite dish) where D.L.K. doesn't allow the C.I.A. to touch anything. Then Ishaan nudges Suchi (Rohit wasn't present) and she takes out a ring with lots of keys and jingles it, producing the sound of payal. D.L.K. asks the kids if they heard the sound of payal....they say no. When the 'payal' is heard a second time, D.L.K. rushes out of the room and comes face to face with the 'churail' (She had white hair all over her face, long nails and was dressed in a black cloak). When she wriggled her finers at D.L.K., he couldn't take it any more and rushed out of the house, howling!! (whole thing was funny from beginning to end!)
The 'witch' returned to the was actually Rohit, using a black curtain, top of a mop and some bits of glass (he sure is a Master of Disguise)....and hi-fived all around. Then they poked around and found a notebook belonging to the Professor from which they come to know the professor has gone to Mumbai (Ishaan made a call from his cell to one of the numbers). They fear the 'gun guru' (as Farhan calls him) has gone to Mumbai after the Prof. and decide they must go to Mumbai to warn him. Nikki is very excited about going to Mumbai, but Ishaan says she's not gonna go. Nikki's face falls. The others plan to go to Mumbai by bus which is a four-hour journey.
Next day, Suchi and Farhan are waiting for Rohit....Suchi says she made an excuse of a school fee trip or sumthing, Farhan says, "Me too." Then they see Rohit coming in a blue shirt and black coat & trousers (he looked pretty cool, actually) holding a huge bouquet of flowers and wearing a oh-my-God-this-is-so-stupid kind of expression. Suchi and Farhan burst into giggles. Next bit of conversation (words may not be exactly the same, but it meant sumthing like this):
Farhan: Oye Rohit, tujhe kya ho gaya hai? Tune kya pehna hai??
Rohit: Maine dost ke shaadi ka bahana kiya hai.
Farhan and Suchi: Giggle
Rohit: To main shaadi pe kya T-shirt aur shorts pehen ke jata, Dumbo??!! (walks off, trying to look dignified)
Ishaan arrives in a white car. Nikki jumps out behind him.
Suchi: Nikki! Lekin ye toh....
Ishaan: Arre yaar, blackmail kar rahi thi....keh rahi thi ke mummy ko sab kuchh bata degi....(to Nikki) next time u just wait!
Rohit: Come on guys, bus aa gaya.
Ishaan: (after Rohit moves away) Oye, isse kya ho gaya hai? Ye pehen ke kya aaya hai??
Farhan: Sherlock Holmes ka pota hai. (both giggle)
Next we see the C.I.A.'s journey to Mumbai for a few minutes. Ishaan sitting bside Farhan, Nikki bside Suchi and Rohit, alone (y??). Halfway through the journey they pull Rohit's bouquet to pieces (what a waste!) after Rohit offers one flower from it to Nikki. Then they point out things in Mumbai to each other and stuff like that. They arrive at Dr. Suratkar's house (the man whom Ishaan called from the lab and at whose place they're supposed to stay) by taxi. Rohit pays the fare and tells the driver,"Bhaisaab, Shahrukh miley to batana." Others giggle; Rohit gets irritated.
They walk up to the house and Rohit rings the bell. No Reply. Rohit rings the bell again. No reply. Farhan goes behind the house to try and find a way in. A little later, before Farhan has returned, others hear footsteps coming to the door. Rohit is irritated with Farhan for taking so long and being absent when the door is about to be opened. The door opens. They see Farhan! He says,"Khirki khula tha; ghar mein koi nahi hai." They get into the house and call the doctor. No reply. Suchi spots two cups of coffee on the table, meaning Dr. Bhalerao has been there (he was supposed to have a meeting with Dr. Suratkar that day). They also spot Dr. Bhalerao's cane on the ground. Then they hear a sound upstairs. Rohit grabs the cane and Ishaan, a statue of some sort. They go upstairs. Suchi checks out the was open and so was the printer. She does a li'l research to find out that the last document printed was bhalerao2.doc and it was printed at 10:30 hrs, an hour ago. Upstairs Rohit finds a picture of Dr. Suratkarwith Shahrukh. Then Ishaan traces the noise to a cupboard. Ishaan signals to Rohit and the two bang the door open together (it was locked). They find Dr. Suratkar. He mutters about Dr. Bhalerao locking him up and stuff and then suddenly asks the two who they are. they untie him, take him down and tell him everything.
The five are puzzled as Dr. Bhalerao did not seem a strong or violent person at all. Suddenly Nikki has a brainwave. She picks up a paper and pencil and draws Dr. Bhalerao's face. Dr. Suratkar is unable to recognise the person. He also tells them the coffee on the table was not there earlier. Suchi says that the person who met Dr. Suratkar as Dr. Bhalerao must be a fake and the same man probably met Dr. Bhalerao as Dr. Suratkar and dragged him off. Rohit asks Dr. Suratkar if he knows SRK (the picture upstairs), Dr. Suratkar says they only met in a party once. They go out into the lawn where Suchi shows the others marks on the ground which clearly show that someone has been dragged from there. They follow the trail and the trail ends at the bottom of the garden. Ishaan jumps over to the other side to inspect the ground there and suddenly hears someone saying,"Hands up!"
Ishaan peers through the bushes. He sees a man pointing a gun at the others (mainly at Dr. Suratkar & Rohit). The man asks Dr. Suratkar where Dr. Bhalerao is. They try to tell him they don't know, but the man doesn't listen and shuts them up. He threatens to shoot if they don't answer him by the time he counts to 5. Ishaan creeps out from behind the bushes and Rohit spots him. Ishaan signals to Rohit....the man had counted till 4 by then.....and Rohit suddenly falls on the ground on his knees b4 the man and starts saying,"E paanch tak mat ginna...iss mein meri koi galti nahi log mujhe SRK se milane ke liye laye the..." etc. etc. to distract the man. He succeeds and Ishaan jumps on the man from behind and Rohit from the front. They wrestle the man to the ground and are still fighting when a car draws up and a man comes out of it. He pushes Rohit away (Ishaan had disappeared) and picks the man up. The man (whom Rohit & Ishaan tackled) is furious and looked ready to kill Rohit. The other man tells him they need to move...Dr. Bhalerao is not with Dr. Suratkar & the children. The man gives one last killer glance at Rohit and leaves. All are little dazed. A little later Farhan cries out,"Oye, Ishaan kahan gaya?? Kahin unke saath gaari mein to nahin??" The we see the car and also that Ishaan is indeed hiding at the back of the car.

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