Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mystery of the Cambala Caves Part-II

The CIA find a picture of the new statue found in Cambala Caves (the last episode ended with this) in the newspaper and notice that the nose of the statue is broken. Rohit says it is the same statue which he broke in Dutta's house. Ishaan says they need to visit Dutta's house once again and tells Rohit and Farhan to do the job (bad choice...they always quarrel). Ishaan, Suchi and Nikki decide to visit the office of Cambala other words, they decide to visit Shrini. Here's what the CIA did, in two parts:
The three visit Shrini. Shrini was talking on the phone when the three knock on the door. Shrini gestures at them to come in with his hand. The three enter. Shrini keeps the phone and asks what he can do for the CIA. Ishaan tells him everything they know. Shrini:"Tum log keh rahe ho ke ye murti (showing the picture on the paper) Cambala Caves se milne ke do din pehle hi tumhare dost ne tor diya tha?" He is very puzzled. Ishaan asks Suchi if she has the nose. Suchi takes it out. Shrini is told that it's the nose Rohit broke. Suchi asks Shrini to get a life-size picture of the statue. Shrini gets it. Suchi places the nose on the pictue. Shrini:"It's a perfect fit! Yeh to yahi murti ka naak hai!" Ishaan:"Iska matlab sab ulta hai. Murtiyaan Caves se Dutta ke ghar nahin, balki Dutta ke ghar se Caves mein jaa rahi hain." He also says that they should meet the archaeologist in charge of the excavation and Shrini says,"Yes, of course! Exactly!" Ishaan:"Sir...." and gestures at the phone. Shrini:"Oh yes, of course!" and picks it up and dials. We see the archaeologist picking up the phone in Cambala Caves, with the huge, bald man standing next to him. The archaeologist agrees to the meeting. After keeping the phone, the huge man asks who it was. The archaeologist says it was from Cambala Times, two reporters are being sent to interview him. The huge man says he shouldn't have agreed to it. Archaeologist:"Goga (the huge man's name), main mana karta to logon ko shakh ho jaata. Main dus minute mein unhe bhaga doonga. Tum apna kaam karte rehna...woh andar nahin aayenge." Back in Cambala Times office, Shrini says that the appointment is set. The three thank him. Shrini:"Tum log case solve karte raho...main tum logon ke bare mein article likhta rahoonga. We work as a team,right?" The three agree and leave. But then Shrini calls Nikki back, and without the other two knowing, he gives her a Dairy Milk chocolate. Nikki is very happy and thanks him and then leaves.
At the Cambala Caves, we see Suchi and Ishaan at the entrance with the archaeologist....Suchi is continuously asking different questions while Ishaan is clicking pictures all around. The archaeologist is trying his best to finish the interview, but Suchi is insistent. She asks questions and continues distracting the archaeologist while Ishaan slowly goes into the Caves, while clicking pictures, without the archaeologist noticing. Ishaan gets into the Caves, then tucks the camera into his shirt. He spots a workers' helmet lying unused, and he puts it on himself, so as to get a good cover. He goes inside where the excavations are being done and he sees that the workers are putting cement on the wall and using brown paint to match the colour of the cement with the wall. The worker nearest to Ishaan tells him not to laze and gives him a statue to hold, thinking he is also a worker. When the worker turns away, Ishaan puts the statue into his shirt. Then the archaeologist comes and scolds the worker (who gave Ishaan the statue) because the colour of the cement is not matching the wall (the archaeologist had finally shaken of Suchi, and when he asked Suchi where the cameraman is, she said he is in the car). He says that everything needs to be perfect since the people from the office will be coming the next day and if they find any fault, everything will be ruined. The archaeologist leaves and the worker goes to bring more paint and Ishaan moves away from there. He almost runs into the archaeologist, talking on his phone, telling someone to bring 'them' over (you'll find out who 'them' is a little later) and Ishaan walks past him, careful not to show his face. The archaeologist, thinking he is a worker, asks him where he is going and Ishaan replies (in a changed voice) that he is not well, so he is going outside for fresh air. The archaeologist allows him to go, but just as Ishaan is leaving, he calls him back, having spotted the lace of the camera round his neck. Ishaan turns, by mistake, and the archaeologist recognises him. He calls to the workers who come running and Ishaan uses the statue as a weapon to defend himself and make a way nd then he bolts for it, the workers chasing him. Ishaan runs down to the place where the girls are, calling to them to leave on their bikes as fast as possible. Suchi and Nikki obey him and wait for him at a distance in a turning and they are joined by Ishaan, who has shaken off the workers, having tripped one with by throwing his helmet at him. Ishaan tells them that inside the Caves, fake statues are being stuck with cement and now they can prove it (he shows them the statuehe brought). They decide to go to HQ, which will be a safe place for them to go.
These two are standing outside Dutta's house, waiting for Dutta to come out. Farhan buys an ice-cream cone and asks Rohit if he'd like to have one. Rohit refuses, saying it's not good for his health (coz it adds calories, I guess, but how can anyone LIVE without ice-cream??). Farhan:"Yaar, ye Dutta apne ghar se bahar nahin nikalta hai kya?" Just then Dutta comes and and Rohit says to Farhan,"Kuch aur maanga hota!" and they turn their back on Dutta (who was in a car) so that Dutta can't see them. When Dutta leaves, Farhan tosses the half-eaten ice-cream aside (what a waste!) and the two quickly go to Dutta's house. They find the door leading into the balcony (the balcony around the house, bottom floor only, leading to the main door) open, but the main door is bolted. They are able to open the window, but it has grills and they are unable to get in. Then Farhan says he has an idea and gets a long, curved branch and a mirror. Farhan puts the branch in through the window (which is just next to the door) and holds the mirror, with his hand stretched in, to see where the stick is going. He manages to unbolt the door with the branch after sometime and they get in. Rohit pokes around in Dutta's bedroom, finding different Kumbhini statues copied from pictures in books. He tells Farhan (who was facing Rohit and also the door) that he thinks that Dutta must be planting the statues in Cambala Caves. Farhan tries to tell him something with expression and Rohit is unable to read him. Rohit:"Hua ky hai, bata na thik se." Then Dutta's voice says, from behind Rohit,"Woh keh raha hai ke peechhe dekho." Rohit turns and finds himself face to face with Dutta, who had returned for his cell. Farhan tries to hink of an excuse, but Rohit asks Dutta irectly about the fake statues, saying that they know that he is planting his statues in Cambala Caves. Dutta looks very puzzled, saying he has no idea about this and anyway, why should his statues be in Cambala Caves? Farhan asks him if he is selling his statues to anyone. Dutta says he was given an order for some Kumbhini statues by an antique dealer and he is making the statues for him. Rohit asks for the antique dealer's name and address. Then Goga enters, saying,"Naam aur pata lekar kya karoge. Apne aankhon se dekhlo, poora ka poora aadmi hi tumhare saamne khara hai." Goga tells Dutta that he was warned not to tell anyone and now not only will he be 'taken care of', but along with him the two boys will also 'go'. (Goga called the archaeologist and Rohit and Farhan are 'them' who have come to know about the secrets). Then we see Rohit, Farhan and Dutta, hands tied and mouths gagged, in the back seat of a black car with it's windows shut (it had the kind of windows in which you can see the outside from inside but not the inside from outside). Goga is pointing his gun at them from the seat beside the driver and leering at them. And then comes the horridest part in the full mystery: Rohit and Farhan see Ishaan, Suchi and Nikki on their bikes (returning from the Caves) but those three can't see them. The three even past just by the car one by one, but they don't know Rohit and Farhan are inside. Rohit and Farhan see their friends just passing from soooo close and they can't call out to them or let them know! The camera freezes on Rohit and Farhan's faces. (The expression in the eyes of Rohit and Farhan was soooo heartbreaking. They could just SEE help passing from so close, but they were totally helpless. If you can put yourself in their situation, you can understand WHAT A horrible, horrible thing it is!)

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