Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mystery of the Invisible Thief Part-II

Ishaan rounds the corner and sees Farhan and Rohit (he was the one Farhan crashed with) lying on the ground, their bikes beside them. Both get up and brush themselves.
Farhan: Idiot, dekh ke nahin chal sakta?
Rohit: Galat side pe main tha ke tu? Mera speed record bas torne hi wala tha aur tune sab garbar kar diya!
Farhan: Tera record torte torte mera elbow (he said the hindi for that) toot gaya.
Ishaan: Drop it. Rohit tune kisi aadmi ko yahan se jaate huye dekha bike par, black dress mein?
Rohit: Haan dekha hai....par main nahi batane wala.
Farhan: (angrily) Bata! Humlog usse follow kar rahe hain.
Rohit: (with a big smile) Ab toh main bilkul nahin bataaonga. Tujhse toh koi bhi bhaag jayega! Now I gotta break my record. (takes out a stopwatch and mounts his bike) On your mark, get set, goooo!! (cycles away)
Ishaan and Farhan look around for the trail. It's not there. Farhan:"Ab kya karein?" Ishaan:"Let's rewind...Sucheta Duggar ke ghar." The two go to Sucheta's house and find D.L.K. inside, questioning Suchi's mom! D.L.K. is outraged. D.L.K:"Tumlog yahan kya kar rahe ho??" Farhan:"Ek minute, hum aap se milne nahin aaye hain, hum apne dost se milne aaye hai. Ab iske against bhi koi section hai kya?" D.L.K. splutters, Farhan turns to Suchi's mom. Farhan:"Aunty, Suchi kahaan hai?" Aunty:"Upar apne room mein." Farhan:"Hum mil sakte hain?" Aunty:"Haan. (Gives directions. Forgot what they were) Chori ke baad se apne kamre se nahin nikli. Bahut dari hui hogi bechaari." Next we see Suchi's room.....she is anything BUT 'dari hui'. She is at her computer. She types 'Invisible Thief' on the Google search bar and clicks search. The results are displayed....she clicks the top result. A page is opened. She reads it, twirling a pen in her hand. There is a knock at the door. Suchi:"Come in." Ishaan and Farhan enter.
Farhan: Hi, Suchi.
Suchi: (looks up from the comp) Oh, hi!
Farhan: Suchi, ye hai Ishaan. Mere hi class mein hai.
Suchi: Hi.
Ishaan: Hi.
Farhan: (looking at the comp) Waise tumhe dekh kar lagta nahin hai ke tumhare ghar mein abhi fesh fresh chori hui hai.
Suchi: Ghabrane ka time kahaan hai, guys? I have to find out who it is. Main internet mein Invisible Thief ke case files dekh rahi thi. Kuch to ho jisse main use trace kar sakoon.
Ishaan: Tumhe ye kyun lagta hai ke chor invisible hai?
Suchi: Tumhe bhi lagega, jab tum sunoge ke kya hua.
Suchi describes the theft. [Flashback] Suchi is downstairs on the sofa, reading, while her mother is watering the plants inside the house. The carpenter is working in the lawn and the driver is washing the car. Suddenly, there is a noise upstairs. Suchi's mother comes runnning. Suchi:"Mom, upar koi hai?" Mom:"Nahin." There's another noise and a cough. Suchi's mom:"Upar koi hai!" The two go upstairs. They go upstairs into the bedroom from which the sounds were coming. They see jewellery boxes open and lying on the bed, empty. The cupboard is open and the drowers are pulled out, also empty. Suchi's mum:"Meri jewellery, paise!" Suchi:" sab..." both are astonished as there is only one door in the room and all windows have grills. Suchi runs to the window and calls to the carpenter:"Guptaji, apne kisi ko aate-jaate dekha?" Carpenter:"Nahin memsaab. Maine toh kisi ko nahin dekha." Inside the room, Suchi's mum is weakly kneeling on the floor by the bed with shock. Suchi comforts her. [Flashback ends]
Ishaan asks Suchi if she can show them the room where the theft took place. Suchi takes them to the room. Ishaan sits on the floor to measure the footprints. Suchi:"Ye chor ke footprints nahin hain. Ye to uss policewale ke hain." Ishaan:"Oh." Ishaan and Farhan giggle. Ishaan measures the thief's footprints. They are the same side as the previous ones. There is also the print of a big hand on a curtain. Suchi:"Wow, tum log kya ye case solve kar rahe ho?" Ishaan:"Just trying to. Let's see." Farhan:"I don't see anything. Iss room mein ek hi darwaza hai jahan se Suchi aur uski mom andar aaye. Inhone kuch nahin dekha. Saare khirkion mein grills hain. Chor aaya kidhar se hoga?" Ishaan:"Aur gaya kahan se? Ab to mujhe bhi lag raha hai ke yeh chor sach mein invisible hai." Then Farhan remembers the black-bike guy. They go to the lawn to investigate. Suchi finds two berries and feels them. Suchi:"Look at this, guys. Yeh berries uss aadmi ke jooton ke neeche kuchle gaye. Yeh wala dry hai (feels one) aur yeh wala wet (feels the other). (to the boys) Samjhe?" The boys look blank. Suchi:"Ufff. Iska matlab yeh hua ke dry wala ek ghante pehle kuchla gaya, jab chori hui thi. Isiliye sookh gaya. Aur jo wet hai, woh berry abhi abhi kuchla gaya hai." Farhan:"Iska matlab chor wapas aaya tha. Good one, Suchi." Suchi:"Par woh wapas aaya kisliya hoga?" Ishaan:"Shayad kuch bhool gaya hoga." The three search different parts of the grounds. Ishaan finds a mark on the wet ground under some bushes. He calls the others. Suchi:"Gun ka mark?" Ishaan:"Ho sakta hai. Kuch aur bhi ho sakta hai." Ishaan makes a drawing of the mark. They go to Suchi's room. Suchi opens a page with pictures of all kinds of guns. Suchi:"No match. Ye gun nahi, kuch aur hoga." Farhan:"Tumhe kya saare solutions internet se hi milti hai?" Suchi:"Solution to nahi, par madat zaroor milti hai." The three are stuck. They can't think of anything else. Suchi:"You know what, I think we should write it all up." Just then Suchi's mom enters and says they have to leave. She's gonna get the carpenter (also mechanic) to fit double locks on the doors, coz they can't take any more risks. Suchi tries to protest, but her mom doesn't listen. Farhan:"Mere paas ek jagah hai, jahaan na koi hume disturb karega, aur na hum kisi ko."
They bike to a place (the same place that becomes C.I.A. HQ later on) and Ishaan and Suchi are really impressed with the place. Farhan:"Ye mere dad ka warehouse hai. Ab bandh haai, to maine ise apne parne-likhne ka hangout bana liya hai." Suchi spots a board and starts writing on it. Suchi:"Ok, clues kya hai?" Ishaan & Farhan:"Bara size ke shoes, bare haath, khasi, Gol Chakki se koi connection, gun jaisa koi hathiaar, black bike." Suchi:"Great, koi suspects?" Ishaan & Farhan:"Gol Chakki ka security guard, Minu Aunty ka naukar Gopi (Minu aunty is Bantoo's mom), tumhara driver aur carpenter." Suchi:"Carpenter nahi ho sakta, lawn se continuously uske lakri thokne ki awaaz aa rahi thi. Aur driver...I don't think wo aisa karega...bahut purana hai...(Farhan & Ishaan look at each other).....Ok, likh deti hoon.....koi witnesses?" Ishaan:"Haan...woh Rohit. Usne black bikewale ko dekha hai." Suchi:"Rohit....woh school racing champ? Kya dekha usne?" Ishaan:"Pata nahin. (with a smile at Farhan) Farhan se thora gussa tha, isliye bataya nahin." Suchi:"You know what guys...mujhe lagta hai hum iss case ko separately follow karein to aur jaldi progress kar sakte hain. Tum (Farhan) security guard se milna, aur Ishaan, tum Gopi se milna. Main Rohit se milti hoon." Ishaan:"Youknow, mujhe nahin lagta hai ke Gopi se milke koi fayda hoga. Ek to uski height paanch feet se zyada nahin hai, aur uske pair ka size to mushkil se chhai (6) hoga." Just then there is a noise nearby and the three jump. They hear someone in heavy boots walking around. We see someone in huge black boots. The three follow the sound here and there and suddenly Suchi spots some boxes moving. Farhan picks up a piece of wood and gets ready to attack Ishaan suddenly pushes away the boxes and Farhan is about to hit out when they see that it's Nikki! Ishaan:"You!" Nikki:"Fooled you, fooled you fooled you!" Ishaan:"Guys, meet Nikki, my kid sister, big baby." Nikki:" (indignantly) Who's a baby?!" Ishaan:"Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?" Nikki:"Maine kahan hai na, mujhe bhi mysteries solve karna hai." Suchi:"You? But you're so young!" Nikki:"Tum Suchi ho na? Main tumhe roz school mein dekhti hoon. Mujhe to lagta hai next year tum hi head-girl banogi. Main to tumhare liye hi vote karungi"...Suchi and Farhan look at each other..."mujhe bhi mysteries solve karna hai...please!!" Ishaan looks at Nikki's boots...they're size twelve. He looks at the sole and says,"Ye nahi hain. Tumhe ye kahan se milein?" Nikki:"Perfect Shoe Store ke kharab stock mein pare hue maine uth liye." Suchi:"Main Perfect Shoe Store jaati hoon. Everyone else knows what to do?" Nikki:"Except me." Suchi gives a helplesless smile and points at Ishaan. Next we see the four on their jobs. Farhan at Acme Glass Factory, Suchi at the shoe store and Ishaan outside Bantoo's house...and Nikki is with him.
Suchi enters the shoe store. The shopkeeper is counting his money. Suchi:"Excuse me, sir" reply...."excuse me, sir" reply, Suchi almost shouts:"EXCUSE ME, SIR!!" Shopkeeper: (irritated) "Kya hai?" Suchi:"Sir, main bas ye janna chahti hoon ke kya aapke dukaan mein lately koi customer aaya tha jisne bara size ke joote kharide?" Shopkeeper: (extremely irritated) "Tumhe joota kharidna hai?" Suchi:"Nahin, main to bas..." Shopkeeper:"To phir jao yahan se, time waste mat karo." Farhan is also on his job in Gol Chakki. He climbs over the gates and then goes to the guard's office. He gives some food to the dog chained outside. There's no one inside. He checks the checking in and out book but it yields nothing. He spots a small pad next to the book and opens it. The papers of this pad and the thief's pad don't match. Farhan opens a boot cupboard behind the table and opens it....he spots a pair of huge boots inside. He is about to check them when the guard returns and hauls him up by his collar. Guard:"Tu phir yahan kyun aaya?" Farhan:"Wo main cricket ball dhoond raha tha to mujhe laga ke aapko mila ho to aapke cabin mein ho sakta hai. Wo mera lucky ball hai na sir. Jab bhi usse khelta tha century maar deta tha. Ab do din se nahi hai to zero pe out ho raha hoon. Isiliye desperste ho kar aapke cabin mein..." Guard: (furious)"Mere paas nahi hai...hota to de deta na! Ab dubara idhar dikhe to kutta..." he stops abruptly and the camera shows the dog licking Farhan's hand! Ishaan anmd Nikki are also outside Bantoo's house. Ishaan:"Iss Gopi se milke koi fayda nahin hai. Uske pair ka size to mushkil se chhai (6) hoga." Nikki:"Bhaiya, mere pair ka size bhi to chhai hi hai na." Ishaan looks thoughful. Just then Gopi comes out and the two hide. Gopi keeps a plastic packet on the dustbin and goes into the house. Ishaan and Nikki come out and Ishaan opens the packet. He says:"Nikki, agar tum hume bara size ke joote pehen kar fool kar sakti ho, to chor kyun nahi?" Nikki:"Par woh bare bare haath?" Ishaan takes out a pair of gloves from the packet and says:"Bare size ke gloves. Chor bhi hume fool kar raha tha. Chor koi chota size ka aadmi hai." Next we see Rohit and Suchi in the school cafeteria. Recording of the conversation is given below:

Next we see Rohit in Perfect Shoe Store in the get-up of an extremely old man (honestly, if I hadn't known it beforehand, I wouldn't have recognised him!) clad in dhoti-kurta and coughing a lot. He goes in and check out the shoes, coughing loudly all the time. The shopkeeper gets disturbed and looks up. Shopkeeper: "O uncle, kya hua, kya chahiye aapko?" Rohit: (moving closer and imitating a weak old man to perfection) "Beta, mere size ka koi joota hai kya? Bara size ka joota?" Shopkeeper: "Bara size ka toh stock nahi hai abhi." Rohit: "Mujhe pata tha. Mere jaise bare pair aur kisi ka hoga Cambala mein?" Shopkeeper: "Bara size ke pair to Cambala mein sirf do logon ke hain. Ek to woh Acme Glass Factory ka Security Guard aur doosra Lal Pahari mein ?? number (forgot the number) ghar mein rehne wala aadmi." Rohit: (in normal voice) "Achcha??!" (shopkeeper looks suspicious...Rohit realizes his mistakes and changes to old-man-voice) "Achchaaa??" (very dragging and feebly) Shopkeeper: "Ab sirf do customer ke liye kitna stock rahega uncle? Aap ek kaam karo, ek mahina baad aao, main aapke liye alag se ek jodi joota rakh doonga." Rohit: "Achcha beta, main chalta hoon." (coughs...and false moustache comes off in his hand! Shopkeeper is shocked and Rohit, realizing wat has happened, runs away). Back in HQ, the four...leaving Rohit...are discussing the case. Ishaan suspects Gopi coz of the gloves and Farhan suspects the security guard coz when he went to meet the guard, he was coughing. Just then Rohit comes there and asks who lives in Lal Pahari in house no. ?? (the no. the shopkeeper said). Farhan is urious to see Rohit ("Tu yahan kya kar raha hai?") and Rohit glares at him (coz of Farhan's tone I guess...he sounded outraged). Suchi:"Farhan, chill, maine usey yahan bulaya hai. Say Rohit." Rohit repeats his question, mentioning what the shopkeeper said, directing the question at Farhan this time. Farhan thinks about it and replies that the house belongs to Sudhakar, machinery supplier. He was supposed to have been in jail for three months nd no one knows anything much about him. Ishaan sums up, saying that Dilawar Singh (the guard), Sudhakar or Gopi must be the thief. They have to watch all three. Then we see the thief (face hidden, only hands and feet were shown) robbing another house and leaving his handprint on a door. The episode ends as we hear a scream.


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