Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mystery of the Breaking Glass Part-I

This case begins with Rohit displaying his bandaged thumb to Nikki and dramatically telling her about how horrible the cut was and how the doctor said he would need to do amnesthesia...."Anasthesia" corrected Farhan....Rohit waved it off and described the extreme pain of surgery,etc. etc. Farhan said that Rohit's injury was so big he kept the whole surgery team of Cambala on standby (sarcastically) and Rohit picked up a small stone (whole thing was funny!) but before he could throw it, the glass beside Farhan broke. Farhan was furious as he cud have been hurt by the broken glass, Rohit protested saying he didn't throw the stone when a mirror in the room broke. All three stood up, horrified!
Sucheta and Ishaan are shown cycling & chatting when Ishaan spots a man with a gun in his bike mirror. They follow him to an old house. Ishaan opens his bike mirror and they watch him through it. They daren't see him directly in case he spots them. They see him pointing a gun and then the mirror cracks. Ishaan picks up a log to defend themselves when they hear footsteps. He jumps out suddenly but cannot see anyone. Back in HQ, however, close inspection reveals that no bullet had touched the mirror. Someone suggested use of pebbles (don't remember who) but Rohit/Farhan (dun remember who) said that was impossible from such a great distance. The C.I.A. five return to the place and spy on the building. They see an old man....Farhan tells them the man is a professor-type person named Dr. Bhalerao. Then we see a man pointing his gun at the C.I.A. members!! And ANOTHER gun is pointed at the first man! There is the sound of a bullet and the C.I.A. drop on the ground immediately (good reaction) but, realizing someone else was shot, rush to the place behind them. They find a man on the ground, asking for water.
Leaving Rohit and Farhan behind, the others rush back to the Professor's house for water on returning they find Rohit and Farhan quarrelling, each blaming the other for the man's escape. Farhan tells them they pulled the man into a sitting position when the man suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at Rohit...Rohit interrupts saying Farhan could have hit him from behind ("Tab tak tu usse peechhe se maar sakta tha, loser")...Farhan retaliates that what if the gun was set off by accident, then Rohit cud have died ("Aur galti se gun chal jata toh tera kya hota, beta??"). They return to the Professor's house and report all they know to him. The Professor is puzzled about why anyone shud do this. Rohit suggests 'Khandani problems' and Farhan nudges him and accidentally spills the orange juice in his hand, too. Rohit visits the bathroom to wash the stain, muttering about Farhan. He washes and looks up to see the bathroom mirror broken. He also realizes that the light in the room is not electrical but from candles. He looks up to see the lightbulb broken. Back in the living room, the Professor informs them that he is leaving that evening and a constable named D.L. Kulkarni will be guarding his house. The five say,"Sir, isse aapki problem kam nahi hoki, balki bad jayegi!" (that'll not lessen your problem, but increase it!).
When the five return to their bikes, they find the glass of all their bikes broken. Ishaan comments something must be going on at Dr. Bhalerao's house which they should investigate. That night the C.I.A. 4 (minus Nikki, coz of Ishaan) go to Dr. Bhalerao's house. They spot a figure all covered up. Rohit moves nearer to attack him, but there is a huge confusing moment with both screaming before we see D.L.K.!! Farhan rushes to Rohit's aid, trying to pass it all off with the excuse of playing Catch. Other two cum there too. D.L.K. tells them to clear out as he is investigating a very important case. The others are wondering what to do when Nikki arrives and complains to D.L.K. about the others...that they were not allowing her to play and had given her a stupid puzzle which she cannot solve. D.L.K. says he has done that sort of puzzles in his childhood and Nikki asks him to show her how to do it. D.L.K. turns back with Nikki and Nikki signals to the others to get into the house behind D.L.K.'s back.
They find a lock there, but Ishaan, as usual, has a way. He dabs the lock with an acid that reacts with metal and succeeds in melting it. They enter the house and discover that all glass things are broken, even the TV. They find the Professor's lab and see a machine there. Ishaan switches it on (I dunno how he knew how to operate it) and a thing looking like a satellite dish starts revolving and Ishaan's torch breaks. Suchi holds a glass keychain in front of the machine and that breaks, too. Rohit points out that Farhans specs are still intact. Farhan taps it and says that it's plastic. Suddenly, they hear a sound behind a side-door. Rohit opens it and a man jumps out on him. There is a huge confusion in the dark.


richa said...

why did this episode end so abruptly?

CIA-Narnia-Rockz said...

^Coz it's the end of the episode, not of the mystery.