Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Readers' List

This blog is getting pretty full, isn't it?? I thought there really should be a readers' list, containing the names of everyone who has commented, and here it is!!! The names on the list are in alphabetical order, by the way. Okay, so here are our readers (those who've commented atleast once):

  • ll_kohinoor_ll
  • achanya
  • Aishwarya
  • Ananya
  • Asmaa
  • bala
  • deepshikha
  • Devdatta, the biggest CIA fan
  • divija
  • dollar
  • Emil pradeep
  • Faridah
  • gabriella montez
  • heena
  • investigator_v (Vidan)
  • mahashweta
  • Meghana
  • monica
  • mridani
  • Mukesh
  • niti
  • palamarti
  • pound
  • pushpanjali
  • richa
  • Ruchi
  • sana
  • savi
  • shabnam
  • sherry
  • Shubhrajyoti Sarkar
  • Sphinx888
  • sups.rockznrulez
  • Vinay
  • Vilas

That's it so far and I hope I'll be adding lots more names in future! And all the readers mentioned above (who've commented only once or twice) do comment more...on other posts! I'd really appreciate more opinions as to how the blog can be improved!


Meghana said...

Hey u know what,even I have an account on Orkut now.If any of you have an account in gmail then u can sign in 2 orkut using that.I turned 13 last week so I signed in,but I had been very busy this week so I didnt come online at all.BTW,thnx 4 the new poll but the problem is that I dont remember Ishaans inventions so I had difficulty in voting.Do u remember them??And if u do could u please tell me what they are??

Devdatta, the biggest CIA fan said...

Hey, Meghana hav u checked out my scraps from the Aditya & Freishia in my account? Do it by searching my name in the orkut search, in the place of my pic there's the image of the CIA 5. And to read Addy's reply, u'll hav to go to the community 'Addy the King Supermodel of Adds'!

Meghana said...

Thnx, but I already read them.And I will read Addy's someday.

gabriella montez said...

oh hai devdatta
ive actually seen it!!
and do check this out :
cuz i created it!!!
tell me how it is !

palamarti said...

Hai guys.CIA IS BACK.It's conformed.I saw the advertisement of CIA2 in pogo.It's from 14 JUNE:)

gabriella montez said...

ya palamarti!! even i saw it!! cant wait for 14th june!!

sana said...

No Probs if Nikki is changed.
But They shouldn't change DLK ever.
Good thing they aren't.
They couldv'e Zore Laga Ke too.
Although ZLK was more stupid than DLK, he really wasn't way too FUNNY.
thank god there aren't people like ZLK and DLK in police (REAL life of course) or else, we would need a CIA for us too!

CIArox said...

And the new Nikki is OK, but she wasn't as vibrant as the previous one. And the new Shrini was pretty thanda too...Shrini is meant to be funny!!

gabriella montez said...

even i agree Sana!!
and ya New Nikki isnt that vibrant, she didint have enough dialouges in the mystery of the mistaken identity!!

palamarti said...

Hai CIArox, where is your name in the reader's list?????By the way hai,JANANI.

gabriella montez said...

Hai Guyz!! i saw todays mystery - Mystery of the CIA in Dnger!! it was awesome!! next mystery is related to thefts in Cambala. i especially likes the part when evry1 found the code the villain has been using to attack. and its da same villain of mystery of crossword code!!

gabriella montez said...

hey guyz devdatta is bac from her vacation!!

anjana said...

he guys . i saw the mystery of the haunted house . it was ausumn .

palamarti said...

hi anjana.welcum to this blog.plz post under the posts mystery of the walking deadman..... said...

cia is realy nice n r any of u on facebook??? Is der a cia group on facebook??????

japneet singh lamba said...

cia i like your show but i like your gagets and softwares i want to install the softwares in my pc tell me how to do.