Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mystery of the Breaking Glass Part-III

This is the third and last part:
The car is shown moving along a path with Ishaan at the back. The men discuss Dr. Bhalerao and Ishaan hears them say that Dawar's gang must have kidnapped Dr. Bhalerao and they'll take him to Alibagh on boat from point No. 3 on Silverbeach that night. One man asks for the water bottle which is in the same place as Ishaan. The other man gropes around the place without turning back. But he can’t find the water. Ishaan carefully picks up the bottle and holds it near the man’s hand. The man finds the bottle and hands it to the man in front. A little later the car stops at a petrol pump. A young man comes forward to fill the tank. The men in the car tell the young man to fill up the tank AND ALSO THE CAN AT THE BACK OF THE CAR!! That's where Ishaan is and Ishaan is really alarmed to hear this.....back at Dr. Suratkar's house we see (for a few minutes) how everyone is worried about Ishaan and then we return to the petrol pump....the young man opens the back and spots Ishaan inside. Ishaan bolts for it. Meanwhile, the other men are the discussing the new boy in their gang and just then the young man comes and says,"Sir gaari mein wo ladka....." (he meant Ishaan but the men thought he meant the new boy in the gang) and the men tell himnot to talk nonsense and do his job. Ishaan returns to Dr. Suratkar's house and tells the others what he has heard. Suchi asks Dr. Suratkar where Silverbeach is but Dr. Suratkar says he doesn't know as he has been in Mumbai for only three months. Rohit says,"Bas teen mahine mein aapne Shahrukh say bhi mill liya?? Kya baat hai Sir!" Suchi then uses Global Earth, an internet program, to find Silverbeach. They see that Silverbeach looks like the digit 3 in English. Farhan says they can use the forests marked on the map to get there secretly. Ishaan says only C.I.A. 4 will be going (which means excluding Nikki). Nikki is upset.
Next we see the C.I.A. 4 on the beach connecting speakers from boat to boat. Rohit gives Dr. Bhalerao's cane to Ishaan to help connect the speakers. Suchi says someone might see the speakers but Ishaan says it's impossible in the dark. They get to their positions....Farhan with Suchi, Rohit with Ishaan.....and after sometime, when it gets dark, Farhan & Suchi see a boat coming. They inform the other two...but the other two say the car hasn't arrived yet. Rohit is sparying Hit everywhere (Ye machchar to mujhe khaye jaa rahe hain...achcha hua Doctor ke gaari se yeh utha liya) and Suchi tells him to be quiet for the car arrived just then. They see Dr. bhalerao being carried out (he looked like the men had been pretty rough with him) and they go nearer to the boat. Dr. Bhalerao arrives there, but just then the second gang (whose head Rohit & Ishaan tackled...the gang with Dr. Bhalerao is Dawar's gang) arrives and there is a fight between the two gangs. When the fight starts, Farhan hand Rohit a black cap and wears one himself. Farhan:"Pata hai na kya karna hai??" Rohit:"Doctor ko utha kar bhagna hai, aur kya." Ishaan hands Farhan Dr. bhalerao's cane and Rohit & Farhan run to the middle of the fight and are trying to pick up Dr. Bhalerao when the head of the second gang grabs Farhan and shoots in the air. He says,"Dawar, mujhe Doctor ko dede warna tere aadmi ko mar dalunga." Dawar says,"Toh maar daal usse,"...we see Rohit's horrified face (he is lying on the ground...."woh tera hi aadmi hai." Rohit is shown opening his backpack while lying on the ground. The second gang's head is confused coz Farhan is NOT his gang-member. He opens Farhan's cap and recognises him as the 'Cambala-wala'. He stands beside Dawar and points his gun at Farhan. He is about to fire when Rohit jumps up and sprays Hit (the one he had used earlier) in their (the two heads) faces.
Ishaan and Suchi meanwhile, are taking out a mike (connected to speakers) and when they see the other two are in grave danger, Ishaan switches on the sound of police sirens in a tape recorder and says into the mike,"Tumlogon ko police ne chaaron taraf se gher liye hain." Then Ishaan talks like a man who has called the police:"Inspector saab, in logon ko pakdiye, ye gunde hain, daaku hain..."etc. etc. and Suchi makes a noise like dogs barking. The men run away, leaving Farhan and Rohit behind. Suchi and Ishaan run onto the beach and the four pick up Dr. Bhalerao and take him to Dr. Suratkar's car which was waiting a little way away, with Dr. Suratkar and Nikki in it. They take Dr. Bhalerao to Dr. Suratkar's place. Then we see Rohit talking on his cell,"Haan Dad...main thik hoon...Shaadi?? Shaadi bahut achchi thi Dad...kal?? Ok Dad, kal tak wapas aa jaaonga....Ok Dad.....Bye." He returns where the others are sitting. Ishaan asks Dr. Bhalerao about his invention. Dr. Bhalerao says his invention can detect earthquakes but as it operates on a very high pitch, it breaks all glass within a radius of 10km. Ishaan asks,"Sir aapka invention toh achchi cause ke liye hai. To phir ye criminals uske peechhe kyon parey hain??" Dr. Bhalerao,"Har invention ki achchi aur buri sides hoti hain. Mera invention kisi bhi desh ke Navy ke badey kaam ki cheez hai. Mera machine enemy ke submarines bhi detect kar sakte hain. Kisi bhi international arms market mein iski keemat karoron (crores) mein hogi." Ishaan:"Par Sir, inhone aapko kidnap kyun kiya?" Dr. Bhalerao:"Wo log pehle mera machine churana chahte the Cambala se, par ek microchip ke bina wo machine kisi kaam ki nahi hai. Unlogon ne mujhse microchip maanga tha par maine nahi diya." He says the microchip is hidden in his cane. Nikki says they have the cane. It was with Suchi. Suchi says she gave it to Rohit. Rohit says he gave it to Ishaan on the beach. Ishaan says he gave it to Farhan for protection. Farhan recalls the happenings and they realize the cane is still on the beach!!
Then we see the head of the second gang hitting Dawar (head of first gang) and threatening him to tell the whereabouts of the microchip or else.....! Dawar says the Doctor didn't tell them and he (the other head) will repent for hitting him...he doesn't know whom he is dealing with. The second head hits Dawar again and then suddenly spots a tattoo in Dawar's chest. He gets scared all of a sudden and promises to work with Dawar. Suddenly a man comes running and shows the rest the speakers. The man says he hid in a boat when he heard the police and he found the speakers connected there. Dawar is outraged at being fooled and says they should return to the beach. Meanwhile, Dr. Bhalerao, Rohit, Ishaan and Farhan also come to the beach to look for the cane. Rohit moves off among the boats. The two gangs suddenly come there and on seeing people on the beach, hide behind a boat. Dawar sends one man forward to eavesdrop. The man hears this:
Farhan:"Par Uncle, wo microchip aapke chhari mein hai kidhar?"
Dr. Bhalerao:"Upar ke hisse mein. Ghumane se woh hissa khul jata hai. Andar ek secret compartment mein wo microchip hai."
After hearing this, the man eavesdropping signals to the others to hide and dashes off to their cars. Meanwhile, Rohit has also reached the spot and sees the cars. Rohit also spots the cane in side one. He creeps round to the side with open window and grabs the cane. The other man (who eavesdropped) has also arrived and he grabs the cane at the same time. Both tug the cane, but the man manages to snatch it from Rohit and runs off. Rohit follows and wrestles him to ground as they near Ishaan, Farhan & the Doctor on the beach. The man shouts,"Dawar bhai, iss chhari mein microchip hai!" and the rest of the villains come running. We also see a glimpse of Suchi and Nikki at Dr. Suratkar's place. Suchi calls Shinni, their friend in Cambala (see Crossword Code Mystery) and asks him if he knows anyone in Mumbai Police force. Back in the beach, the gang people are holding the boys and the Doctor. Dawar. unscrews the top of the cane and finds the microchip. Just then there is a sound of police sirens. The gang laughs it off thinking it's false police again. Then there is a gunshot and the head of the second gang drops his gun. Real police come running and capture the gang. Dr. Bhalerao takes away the microchip from Dawar. Suchi and Nikki come running. Dr. Bhalerao thanks them saying they have helped not only him but the country too. Rohit gives a oh-it-was-nothing sort of smile and suddenly asks Dr. Suratkar (who came with Suchi & Nikki) if he can meet SRK. Everyone laughs and Rohit says,"Ok...Ok next time," in an embarrassed kind of way.
Next we see the gang back in Cambala and hi-fiving each other at the bus stop. And finally, we see D.L.K. slapping off mosquitoes and saying,"Jaag jao Kulkarni. Yeh Bahut important case hai. Bas un bachchon ke pehle solve karlo aur phir PROMOTION!!"

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