Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mystery of the Missing Shoes Part-II

In the beginning we see the man (from the bus stop) looking very frightened. Nikki tells him to give the shoes. The man suddenly tries to run and trips because Farhan had tied his shoelaces together. Nikki:"You know uncle, old tricks always work!" The man sits down on a stone. Nikki and Farhan tell him to surrender. He still acts stubborn, while untying his shoelaces (without Nikki and Farhan noticing). Suddenly he picks up some dust and throws it into Farhan's eyes and runs away, Farhan makes a grab at him but only manages to snatch one shoe. Both are disappointed. Meanwhile, Ishaan, Suchi and Rohit reach Perfect Shoe Shop and Ishaan fits a tracking device on Mayur Desai's car. He puts the screen (which shows where the tracking device is) on his bike and the three wait. When Mayur Desai comes out, they give him a headstart and then follow him. They track him to a godown and go inside. Before entering, they see Mayur Desai's car and Ishaan takes out the tracking device and puts it back into his pocket. They go inside and see Mayur Desai talking to his wholeseller who sells him the shoes. They hide behind some boxes but can't hear the two men from there. Ishaan sits down and opens his backpack and Suchi watches him. Meanwhile Rohit slips out from behind them without them noticing. Ishaan takes out a gadget but he tells Suchi that it can't be used because it's battery is down. Then Ishaan suddenly notices that Rohit is missing ("Oye, Rohit kahaan gaya??") and both are worried when they see a box walking past them. Actually Rohit was inside the box....he had put the box on himself (it's bottom was open) and he had cut a small 'window' in it so he can breathe and also hear the men. Suchi and Ishaan are alarmed at the thought of Rohit getting caught and they whisper to him frantically to stop but Rohit doesn't listen. He goes close to the men and then positions him properly and we see a box sitting down near the men, mixed with the other boxes around (Ishaan:"Marwayega Yeh!"). Rohit hears Mayur Desai telling him that customer after customer is coming to him with their black Regalo shoes and all of them have the same complaint.....there is a problem in the sole. Mayur Desai even shows the other man a shoe which has a problem in the sole. The two men then go out for some reason and Ishaan and Suchi come Running. Ishaan picks up the shoe on the table and puts it in his backpack and Suchi rattles the box with Rohit in it...HARD. Rohit comes out ("Arrey, main nikalta hoon!") and the three of them leave.
Next day the five meet in HQ and examine the shoe. Suchi says someone has been cutting the sole. Ishaan cuts it open and they see another proof of the shoe being cut....the gum used to sealthe sole is loose. Nikki suggests it might have been done by a cobbler, but Suchi says that a cobbler's work cannot be so uneven. She says it was cut by someone else......someone searching for something in the sole. Someone said that the object must be very small if it is hidden in the sole. They puzzle over it, but cannot think of anything. Then at school, Ishaan and Farhan are talking science class, probably Bio. They are hiding their faces with books, so that the teacher doesn't see.
Ishaan:"Ek idea hai."
Ishaan:"Machhli ko pakadne ke liye kaanta phekna padega."
Farhan:(confused)"Machhli...kaanta.....yaani kaante wali machhli??"
Ishaan signals at Farhan's new black Regalo shoes.
Farhan: (horrified) "Yeh joote! Yeh joote main nahin dene wala! Agar yeh bhi chori ho gaye toh??"
Teacher: (turning around) "Last warning, boys!!" (this was to Ishaan and Farhan)
Next, in the HQ, Farhan is not at all ready to give up his shoes. Ishaan assures him that even if the shoes get stolen, they will find it. Farhan reluctantly hands over the shoes. Ishaan cuts open one of the soles and puts a tracking device in the sole. Nikki asks him to open the other shoe too. Ishaan says only one tracking device is needed. Nikki says that if there is something in the shoe, it could be there in the other shoe, too. Ishaan checks the other.....there is nothing inside. Then Farhan also give him one of his old shoes. The one he snatched from the man at the bus stop. There is nothing inside that, either. We also see the real thieves. The man who had stolen Farhan's first shoe had nothing to do with them. He was an ordinary thief. Among the two thieves, one is sour-faced and the other, holding a crazy ball, is bald. They show flashback of a theft the two had committed. We come to know that the two thieves had stolen the Noor-e-Jahan diamond from a museum and were runningfrom the police when they ran into a godown containing different shoes for different wholesellers. The sour-faced thief hid the diamond in the sole of a black shoe (Regalo company) which was one of the 300 shoes (150 pairs) for Dheeraj wholeseller in Cambala (the man whom Mayur Desai met). The thief hid the diamond...the bald one was in anoher corner of the godown.....and the two ran away. So they were looking inside all the shoes for the diamond in Cambala, because the next time they went to the godown, the shoes had been sent away already. The sour-faced thief (short:SF) blames the bald thief (short: Bld) for this because it was his crazy ball that set off the alarm in the museum. Bld also blames SF saying that he might be double-crossing him....telling him stories about diamond in shoe while keeping the diamond with him, in reality. SF says that he has not taken leave of his senses, why on earth should he do something like that? Bld says SF might at least have seen the size of the shoe....then they wouldn't have needed to steal shoes of children as well as adults. We return to the CIA. Farhan leaves his shoes outside Moti Masjid and goes in. The other four are waiting outside, their bikes nearby; D.L.K. is there too, unfortunately, watching for the shoe thief. We see Bld coming. He opens his shoes outside Moti Masjid and quickly puts on Farhan's shoes and leaves. The four are ready to follow him, but D.L.K. spoils everything by tactlessly running after Bld and asking him to surrender. Bld pushes D.L.K. away and gets into a car and drives off. The CIA (four of them) follow the car.....the tracking screen on Ishaan's bike.....and D.L.K. also follows on his motorbike. D.L.K. is soon at the head because he is on a MOTORbike, and the others on bike. Among the four, Rohit is far ahead of the other three. Bld goes round a turning, then before the others come, moves to the side into a cart track. D.L.K. comes round the corner and goes straight ahead, and the case is same with Rohit. But Ishaan manages to stop the other two. His tracking screen tells him that the car has taken the side track. Ishaan tells Nikki to wait there for Rohit. Just then Farhan calls Suchi. Suchi tells Farhan their location and tells him that he'll find Nikki on the road. Then Ishaan and Suchi go inside.
Ishaan and Suchi move according to the tracking device but then they come to one spot where they can see themselves and the tracking device at the same point on the screen, but with their eyes, they can't see anyone around. Then Ishaan looks up and sees Bld on a tree. Bld jumps down and points his gun at them. He sees the tracking screen in Ishaan's hand and realizes that the shoes have a tracking device in them. He throws away the shoes and is about to shoot when Rohit comes there on his bike and knocks down the man (I shudder to think what might have happened if the man had shot at Rohit!). The man falls on the ground, dropping his gun, which Ishaan picks up. Ishaan points the gun at Bld and Bld suddenly seems to have a heart attack. Ishaan and Rohit bend down towards Bld, alarmed (very careless of them), and Bld suddenly jumps up and snatches the gun and points it at them...three now. Then a pebble, shot using a catapult, hits his hand and he drops the gun AGAIN and Ishaan picks it up AGAIN. Farhan (he shot the catapult) and Nikki come running and Bld is puzzled. Bld:"Tum log kitne ho?" Ishaan:"Hum paanch the aur paanch rahenge." Ishaan asks him to tell them everything, when D.L.K. ruins everything again, coming in suddenly on his motorbike, almost crashing into the CIA and causing Ishaan to drop the gun. Bld picks up the gun and pointing it at them, runs away. D.L.K. had gone straight on, unable to control his motorbike. The five go to their bikes and find D.L.K. on the ground, his bike beside him. Suchi, disgusted, says,"Thank you, apne poora plan bigaar diya." D.L.K. recovers himself on seeing them and says that they shouldn't meddle because it is a case for the police. The five mount their bikes, disgusted at D.L.K. and Suchi suddenly gets off her bike and picks something up from the bushes. The others ask her what it is. Suchi:"Jo woh chor chhor gaya. Crazy ball." Back in HQ, Suchi surfs the net and shows the others an article saying that when Noor-e-Jahan diamond was stolen, the alarm in the museum was set off by a red crazy ball belonging to one of the thieves (the crazy ball they have is red too....the same one). The CIA realize that the object in search of which the soles of black Regalo shoes are being cut must be the Noor-e-Jahan diamond. The episode ends with Suchi saying,"It's a big case guys. A big, big case!"

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