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Monday, March 22, 2010

CIA EXCLUSIVE PICS: Disguises of Rohit..!

First of all, thanks to Addy(Our Muscle Man Rohit) for these pics...

Rohit in full masti..!

Rohit as "Dadaji" in Mystery of the Invisible Theif

Rohit's disguise as "Sweeper" in Mystery of the Movie Shoot

Rohit as "Daaku" in Mystery of the Missing Kid

Rohit as "Cricketer" in Mystery of the Missing Cricketer

Rohit getting into the disguise of "Sardarji"

Rohit as "Muthuswamy" (I can't remember in which mystery..!)

Rohit as "Cadet" in Mystery of the Invisible thief(No-one can forget his sweet words in this disguise)

Rohit enjoying behind the scenes...

Rohit and Suchi as "Journalists" in Mystery of the Cross-word Code

Rohit as "Sardarji" in Mystery of the Movie Shoot

Rohit in the disguise of "Dr.Amrit Modi(Scientist)" in Mystery of the Stolen Formula

Rohit as "Naya Waiter" in Mystery of the Bank Robbery

Rohit as "Witch" in Mystery of the Haunted House

Rohit as "Wicked Executive"

Rohit in ACTION..!

Rohit as Detective Executive in "Framed!" mystery...

So, how are the pics?? I will be back with another post and with lots of info abt CIA and CIA cast... So, Keep Checking the blog and Do Keep Commenting... If you get any new pic or anything new which is related to CIA then please share with us.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rare pics of CIA..!!

A pic from "Mystery of the Crossword Code".Why Rohit and Farhan are seroius?

Our favourite Rohit.

Ha ha ha..! A cartoon pic of Farhan, Ishaan and Rohit.This pic was in CIA H.Q.

In Mystery of the Walking Deadman.

In Mystery of the CIA in Danger.But where is Rohit..?

Farhan and Ishaan searching for Rohit.

Be serious guyzZ..!

Amin and Freishia in "Mystery of the CIA in Danger" at the end of the mystery.

Farhan and Ishaan in Mystery of the Mistaken Identity.

Jasmin, Kayur, Freishia, Farhan in "Mystery of the Mistaken Identity",the 1st mystery in CIA2 on June 14th 2008.

Suchi and Farhan with Mariam Munir,the producer of CIA.She was from Pogo.

Suchi n Farhan with the CIA crew.

A second after the below pic...

This pic was from Mystery of the Laughing Joker at the beginning where they talks about Suchi's mom's B'Day.

A pic from CIA1. This pic was really cool.

Suchi(in disguise) as Babli in "Mystery of the Walking Deadman" talking to Mr.Kumar's wife.

Suchi in Mystery of the Movie Shoot(CIA1 last mystery).

Suchi taking the Joker from the old man in the palace.You can see Ishaan's hand in the left corner(below) of the pic. Rohit really looks handsome in this pic.

Ishaan(Aditya Kapadia),Suchi(Freishia Bomanbehram) and Farhan(Amin Gazi).

Suchi with Srinivas Nair(The editor of CAMBALA TIMES).

This pic was from Mystery of the Laughing Joker.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

!~!~Creations Galore~!~! (June '09)

...and "Creations Galore is back!!
Here are 2 poems by Vaarija and Sri Nithi on our very favourite....CIA!!
Poem by Sri Nithi:
East or West CIA is the Best
That consists of five kids of the Best

CIA the Best of All
That beats the best All
CIA full for Cambala Investigation Agency
The best of all Investigation Agency
The mysteries are wonderful
The gals are beautiful
The cases are problematic
The boys are stylistic
Ishaan uses cool logics
He knows tricky magics
Farhan is their encyclopedia
He is the best of all media
Rohit has a great acting skill
With that he makes the mystery thrill
Suchi is a computer Genius
She collects info from the Universe
Nikki, the baby of the Gang
Who comes with kiddish ideas with a bang
Together they are Five
Against one Spy
Catch them on POGO at Eleven
Which takes you to Heaven.
Poem by Vaarija:
East or West CIA is the Best
Without detecting they can’t Rest
It is the first Investigation Agency
In Cambala called Cambala Investigation Agency
The boys are always Cool
The gals are also Cute
They are always
Who can solve the mysteries which are harm
Ishaan makes cool gadgets easily
He can guess the villan’s plot correctly
Farhan, the walking-talking encyclopedia is always Silent
He is gr8! at making excuses to adults with his talent
Rohit is the Champion in bike race
He can disguise like anyone’s face
Suchi is the Research & Analysis Specialist
She can get info even from the Terrorist

Nikki uses the word “Bhaiya” a lot
She can distract even the army’s plot
They are the Friends Forever
No-one can beat them ever
Together they are five smart detectives
Who solves even the problematic mysteries
Catch them on POGO from six to seven

Who takes you to the Heaven.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mystery of the Talking Mummy (short update)

The mystery is up like this guys...

Before music:
It was the middle of a night and a security guard in a museum hear a voice and he shouts and runs away.
After music:
Many people come to take the news in the morning and the security guards [one is old & one is young] say that the mummy talked last night & they were afraid of that. The head of the museum and D.L.K. says that they won't believe in this & D.L.K. goes to investigate. The CIA members see the news in the newspaper and they think that it is non-sense.
Next we see that a teacher [Mrs. Desai] comes to that museum with some school children & she explains about the valuable things which were kept in the museum including the sword of Ashoka. A student says "The Talking Mummy!!!" Then the teacher says that they have studied about mummies in History but there were no talking mummies. At the same time the voice comes again and all thinks that the student is making that but later they recognises that it was the mummy's voice. On hearing the voice, the teacher fell down. The whole conversation was recorded in a student's tape recorder which helps the CIA to solve the case later.
The people come again and they ask so many questions. The head of the museum & D.L.K. hears the recorded tape and a girl named Suhasini who works in that museum also hears the tape. When D.L.K. was going with the tape to the police station Nikki stops him because her cycle tyre was punchured. She argues with D.L.K. that the mummies won't talk. Then D.L.K. switch on the tape and Nikki also hears the sound. She writes it on her hand [after D.L.K. has gone] and she goes to the CIA HQ. The voice says "Councha na kopa". Rohit asks "But what is the meaning of this dialouge??? "Then Suchi says that she'll find out with the "Lingo Bingo", the unique language software which was sent by her friend from U.S.A. It can translate any ancient language in the world. Then she types the sentence "Councha na kopa" and it comes in that "Main Vapas aa Raha Hoon, Badla Lene". Suchi says that the mummy in the Cambala Museum was an ancient Egyptian king. In the museum Miss. Suhasini says to the head of the museum “Sir, history says that unani raja was killed by ________________________ [She says something but it's not clear.Sorry 4 not writing. If u wanna hear this see the Part 2,Time: 4min 40sec of this mystery]. In the HQ Nikki says "If the mummy comes back...!?"
Later at night in the museum we see the security guards were guarding. The old security guard hear a sound and he thinks that Hari singh [the young guard] is making that sound but when he turns back he sees a mummy in front of him and he runs with fear. He go to a room and the mummy tries to harm Hari singh, the young guard but it does not kill him .The next day when Suchi and Ishaan goes to the museum the security guards says that the museum is closed for that day. At the same time Miss. Suhasini calls to the photographers & Rohit and Farhan disguises like photographers and they goes to the museum. When D.L.K. is watching the video that was happened last night Rohit records the video. They [Head of the museum, Miss. Suhasini, D.L.K., Rohit, Farhan & few doctors] removes the box on the casket & Farhan, Rohit [as photographers] takes the photos. They surprises that how can the mummy come out and how can it go in and how can it injure someone??!!? They decide to take the mummy to the forensic lab. When Rohit and Farhan leave the museum a man [handicapped] enters the museum. In the HQ when the CIA members see the video Nikki says “His teeth..! [That means his teeth were dirty]”.All the CIA members’ surprises that how can the cameras shut down by itself..! They go to the museum and the security guards do not allow them in.
Next day, Suchi comes to the HQ and says that the mummy is back to the museum and they [forensic lab] found nothing. They decides to take Mrs. Desai [the history teacher who is teaching history for 15 years and she was there in the museum when the mummy talked] to the museum with them. When they [Suchi, Nikki & the history teacher] go to the museum she [Mrs. Desai] describes the situation that was happened when the mummy talked. She says “That day when I am describing the students about Ashoka’s sword… [She turns to that sword & she shocks]”.She says that it is not the real sword..! It is fake. She says “It is not that sword that day I saw. It is fake. Ashoka’s sword contains many precious & valuable stones and gems.”
Next a man [I think from Museum Authority of India] sees all the things in that museum and says that almost all the things in this museum are fake..! He talks to the head of the museum “Museum Authority of India” gave all real things to this museum to exhibit but all the things became fake. He asks the head of the museum “Where are the real things??” Next we see the handicapped person [with all the valuables that was stolen from the museum on a table].He says [to his men] “These things value some Crores. We are very lucky”.
Next we see the CIA members in the museum talking to Miss. Suhasini. Miss. Suhasini says to them to leave the museum. But they say that they came to help them. Farhan asks the security guards whether the casket had a lot of weight when it was transferred to the forensic lab?? They say “YES” and he asks whether it weighed a lot when it brought back?? They say “YES”. Then he asks them to carry it once. They do and they say that it is not much weight when compared to that day. Then they says that when the mummy was transferred to the forensic lab along with the mummy the real valuables were kept in that casket and when it brought back the fake things were kept in the casket. Suhasini says “But it was not recorded in the videos”. The CIA asks her whether they can see those videos or not?? She takes them to see the videos. They all see the video and there found nothing. But Ishaan ask Suhasini to stop at a scene. Everyone sees that and Suchi says [with surprise] “Oh my God! It’s a loop. The thief can enter and stole anything and no one can see him!!!” Suhasini: But who can do that??? Ishaan: The one who knew everything about this museum..! At that time the head of that museum comes and asks them to go out. He talks to a person in his cell phone...
Short summary of the Remaining Part:
When the CIA members goes to the HQ they see the video [which was recorded by Rohit when he went to the museum as a photographer]. Then Nikki observes something and asks Suchi to replay it. Then she observes that one of the teeth of the mummy is made of gold. She [Nikki] remembers that the young security guard also has the gold tooth at the same spot. When the CIA members goes to the musuem with D.L.K. and when D.L.K. ask him [Hari singh] to tell the truth he says “The head of the museum and another person [that handicapped person] gave me money to do this. I was the one who kept the fake things in the place of real valuables. Now all the valuables are with the handicapped person". Then with the help of Hari singh the police caught the thieves. At the last scene D.L.K. gets a phone [I think it is his wife] and she says that mummy came. He fears hearing it and then he understands that it was his MUMMY!!! All the CIA members and Suhasini laugh.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mystery of the Walking Deadbody

It was the middle of a night when someone snuck in to Mr.Sunil Joshi's house. The thief went inside. When he tried to take the Vase, it falls down and breaks. The breaking sound of the Vase, wakes the people in the house and the thief runs away. The next day the CIA would be discussing about their summerplans. But in the Cambala hospital, The body of Kartoos Kalia the Criminal [structure 302] would be found missing. The attender Bhola comes running to the doctor and says that the body is not there in the storeroom. So all of them go there and see. For their surprise, the body was really missing.
Farhan comes running to the beach resort where everyone was sitting n chatting. He explains the whole scene and he also mentions that he knew this as his cousin Arhman is working in the Cambala hospital.He also says that there was a similar incident like the one in Mr.Sunil Joshi's house. It was in the house of a famous bussiness man where they heard an exploding sound but the thief didnt steal anything.So Ishaan says that it seems to be a job for Nikki.
So, Nikki goes to the police station and starts to take photos of DLK. When DLK questions Nikki why she was doing like this, Nikki explains that she needs help from hom in the School assignment. The topic was "THE HERO OF CAMBALA".DLK boasts to her she has picked the right person. So Nikki starts this thing by asking DLK about his researches.He tells Nikki about the theft in Mr.Sunil Joshi's house. DLK takes her to the house.Mr.Joshi says that no valueables were stolen but only the Marble vase was broken.DLK says that the Vase is pretty heavy.But the Police records would say that there wasnt any thumb impression on the Vase.Nikki takes the photos of the broken Vase.DLK says that the thief would have left after the he broke the Vase. Nikki takes the photos to the headquarters. The fingers show only 4 fingers. While Suchi maximizes this is the computer,Farhan n Rohit would be disscussing about boxing. Nikki goes back to DLK and asks whether two people's fingerprints would match. DLK says no.DLK takes her to the Police Department Fingerprint Specialist Mr.John.He too says no. Nikki hansdver the fingerprints of all the CIA members. For everyone's surprise, those fingerprints would match with the ones of Kartoos Kalia.
Back at the hospital the dead body would be found missing again. Farhan says that it is weird that a dead body walks for 2km, destroys a place and again it comes back to the hospital.Farhan and Arhman go to the Morgue at the hospital where they keep all the dead bodies. Once again Kartoos Kalia's dead body would be missing. Bhola the attender says that the body rises up and goes somewhere all night. At Mohit Kumar's house, someone breaks the pot. The Guard shouts 'Thief! Thief!'. At the headquarters Suchi says that there is some connection and something is common at both the houses. Ishaan and Rohit ask 2 things :i) What does Kartoos Kalia want? and ii) How does the body get up and go? Next, Ishaan and Farhan go to the hospital and take the fingerprints of the deadbody and it matches with the fingerprints found at Mr. Joshi's house. It was then, I think that Ishaan put some chemical on the deadbody...the chemical whose use is discovered later.
Back at the headquarters Rohit comes in excited and informs the CIA that it has been confirmed that Bhola is the culprit. Suchi and Rohit told that they had done some research and found that in both the houses there were servants who did not come to do their job properly. So they struck a deal that Rohit will disguise as the cook and go to Kumar's house and Suchi was to disguise as the nanny and go to Mr. Joshi's house. While Ishaan went to Bhola's house to enquire him. He confessed that someone had given him money to do that. Ishaan asks him who was it. Then Bhola explains the whole scene.
It started on a day and Bhola and others has gathered at the hospital outside the hospital. Then Rohit goes to Mr.Kumar's house. He tells his wife that he is the son of their cook Babloo. At first she denies but then she believes him and allows him to do his job over there. Back at the hospital Farhan asks Ishaan what was the chemical that he used to trick Bhola. He says that it is a chemical that turns red and added that he had used a little bit of his Chemistry knowledge.
Suchi goes to Mr.Joshi's house as the Nanny and she tells that "Vasanti didi is ill. So, I her sister will be taking care of your son". Mr. Joshi's wife says,"We wonder who would have done the theft". Then she asks Nirmala [Suchi] to take Rahul, her son to the kitchen. While Suchi is left alone with him, she asks him if he knows something about the theft. He says that his dad is afraid of something and he had bought a mud pot a few days ago. The servant maid screems seeing something at the roo. Mr.Joshi's wife and Suchi hurry to that room. They see the Hindi wordings written on the wall with blood. It read" I want my Gulmohar back or I will come back.
Back at the headquarters Suchi explains that Joshi and Kumar are hiding something. All the CIA members had a short chat. Then finallh Ishaan said that "The story began with the Ghost and will end with the Ghost. So lets ask the Ghost himself". Mr.Joshi called Mr.Kumar and spoke about the notes that someone had left on the paper, wall and mirror. The same thing had happened in his case to. And Kumar asks Joshi to meet him at the same place he had met earlier.
They met at the same place and Joshi asked Kumar "What happened? Why did you change the decision? You have lost it." Then they see someone walking towards them saying " I want my Gulmohar back or else I will take your lives". They see that it is Kartoos Kalia. They protest that they had killed him. The man replies that it is the soul of Katoos Kalia. He also says that they need to be punished. Both of them ask him to forgive him. Then DLK appears in the scene with his constables saying "Stop in the name of the Lord".
They come and arrest both of them. Then they admit that it was Kartoos Kalia's son Vikram who was acting like Kartoos Kalia. Then Ishaan explains the whole thing starting from the time when some people and Bhola met at the Tea Stall.

The CIA gang celebrates their victory of solving another mystery.They all were playing Frizbee at the beach while Rohit boasts that there is no such thing such as Ghost. Farhan says that "There is a Ghost right here on the beach and that is you". They all run behind Rohit happily enjoying themselves!!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Mystery Of The Laughing Joker

The mystery is up like this guys. There is a lonely tent in the middle of a dark forest with a guard guarding it. Two mysterious people burn the tent down. A cry for life of a man is heard from inside the tent. When the tent is burning, someone takes the toy Joker from there. So what do you all think?? Its certainly a mystery for CIA to solve!!

Guess what? Its Suchi's mom's birthday and all the CIA members sit on the beach wondering what to buy as a gift. Nikki , Suchi and Ishaan sit on the sand while Rohit and Farhan sit on top of a boat on the shore. Farhan suggests Suchi that she can plan a surprise party. But Rohit says that he'll take her to a shop where there is a huge discount. But Suchi says that she want to buy something really special and unique like something that has a legend behind it. Ishaan says that a antique pice will be a great gift and he can browse the net to find the shops. Suchi agrees. Farhan tells Suchi to go to Paramount antique store. Farhan explains the route Suchi. As Farhan tells a long route, Suchi isnt able to follow and leaves the beach rather confused.

Suchi goes to Paramount Antique Store. The employee there asks Suchi whether he could help her. Suchi says that she is looking for a b'day gift for her mom.He shows some antiques. First he shows a Japan antique for Rs.20,000. Suchi denies it. Then he shows a Taj Mahal for Rs.2,000. Suchi doent seem to be interested in that either. Then finally he shows a toy clown that sings a song and is really cute. He tells Suchi that her mom will like it. He says that it is Rs.500. Suchi makes a fair deal and takes the clown. Then a black scorpio van arrives at the store and a man gets down from it. He enters the shop and asks the employee where is Sharma ji. Sharma ji comes and the man asks for his stuff. The employee asks whether it was th singing clown. Sharma ji says yes. He says that he just sold it to a girl. They both scold him. The employee protests that whatever is in the shop is for selling. Then the man starts to follow Suchi. At a point both of them stop. Suchi asks him why he was chasing her. He tells him that the toy clown doesnt belong to her. He asks Suchi to give back the toy clown and take the money back. He threatens Suchi but Suchi denies to give it back. The man tries to pull the doll . During that dispute DLK comes that way and enquires about the situation. Suchi explains him.The man asks the toy back. DLK tells the man that its not your age to play with toys. He says that it belongs to him. DLK asks Suchi to give it back. Suchi tells that she bought it. He protests that he just gave it for repairs and the man sold it to her. Suchi tells that she paid for it.

Then everyone gather at the headquarters. Suchi brings the joker there. Everyone looks at the joker saying its really cute to sing. Suchi tells everyone that the man was rather creepy. Farhan agrees and says that he was so rude that he stopped you. While everyone are discussing this, Suchi's cellphone rings. When she answers it a lady speaks saying that she is Mrs.Ganjawala. She asks Suchi to give her the joker for Rs.5,000. Suchi says no and asks whats its speciality that its demend is more. Mrs.Ganjawala says that she is emotionaly attched to it. She says that it was the last piece made by his father who is no more. Suchi says she'll think about it. Then Mrs.Ganjawala speaks in a threatening way that" If you dont give back the joker ".Suchi asks her what will happen if I dont give it back. She says that if you change your mind, just give me a call for this number. The all of them say its strange for everyone to have the joker. Nikki says Suchi that dont give it to anyone , please give it to me. Suchi says to forget it and as the gift is for her mom. Then Suchi leaves the headquarters.
At that night when Suchi was sleeping, someone enters Suchis bedroom and looks for the joker. In the absense of Suchi, he takes the joker from her. Right when he is ready to leave, Suchi wakes up and sees him. When she asks him who are you, he shows a knife and threatens her not to shout. Before Suchi could get his hands on him, he runs away with the joker.
The next day at the headquarters, Ishaan says that there is something fishy going on. First the old man, then Mrs.Ganjawala and now someone steals the joker. Rohit says that it needs to be either the man or Mrs.Ganjawala who must have sent someone to steal the joker. Farhan asks Suchi whether he could identify the thief? She says no but had seen an eagle on both the sides of the knife that he had. Farhan says that the symbol belongs to The Royal Family Of Cambala. Again everyone say that it must be one of the two of them. But they think how to get in touch with them. So, Ishaan and Suchi plan to go to Mrs.Ganjawala's house. The fact is that if she already had the joker, she would'nt entertain them. So, they go there. Suchi locates the same black scorpio van of the man at the Paramount Antique Store.Both of them overhear Mrs.Ganjawala and the man talking. Mrs.Ganjawala was on the phone with someone. Ishaan quickly takes out his voice glancer and starts recording their conversation. They say that their boss is very angry and wants the joker back. Ishaan says that its clear that they did'nt steal it. Suchi wonders who was on the phone.
So they both enter her house. Mrs.Ganjawala praises Suchi that she had made an intelligent decision by coming to the house. But Suchi says that she doesnt want money for the joker but a antique piece from her in exchange. So according to their plan Ishaan asks where is the bathroom and goes upstairs into a room. While Mrs.Ganjawala shows Suchi all the antique pieces from her collection, Ishaan gets inside a room and starts searching the drawers and cupboards. Downstairs Suchi will be seeing all the antiques. Then Ishaan finds a book named The Royal Family Of Cambala. He takes that with him. Mrs.Ganjawala asks Suchi what is taking your friend so long. Then Ishaan comes down. Then Suchi tells her that she doesnt want to destroy her beautiful collection of the antiques and agrees to take the cash. Then when they return without giving the joker Mrs.Ganjawala asks them where is the Joker. Suchi tells that she will give it to her tomorrow evening. She reminds Suchi not to forget to give the Joker the next evening.
Then Nikki, Rohit and Farhan go to Shrini's Oficce. Farhan says that the Palace is also where the Trustees come and go. Its the King's place. Rohit says that Arjun Singh would have taken advantage of the caretaker of he King. And he also says that who would have burnt the tent with the King alive in it. Suchi and Ishaan arrive at Shrini's Office. Ishaan says that Ganjawala is just a trustee and their boss is Arjun Singh. So Shrini takes all of them to the palace.
There a man and some guards will be standing. Shrini introduces all the five of them to Rithu Raj Singh saying that they all have come to the palace to learn about the history of it. Rithu Raj Singh agrees to that and takes all of them to Palace. While entering Arjun Singh stops them saying that it is Palace rules that outsiders should'nt enter. Rithu Raj Singh protests that all of them are my guests and there shall be no problem in that. Rohit murmers that " The old man is very angry". Arjun Singh gets angry. Suchi tries to calm him down by saying "Good day Sir". Then everyone walk in. Inside the Palace Ishaan asks everyone to split into 3 groups. So Suchi and Rohit go one side, Ishaan goes another side and Farhan and Nikki follow Rithu Raj Singh. Nikki sees a painting of the sky with sparkly stars. Farhan says that it must be very expensive. Rithu Raj says that it was King's favourite painting. On the other side Suchi and Rohit meet a guard names Rajvir Singh. He says that he was a hunter. And they see that he had wounded his leg. Suchi questions him whether he was with the Raja when the tent got fire. The guard says no. Rohit tries Ishaan's cell phone. When Ishaan tries to enter a room, suddenly Arjun Singh comes and stops him from entering the room. Arjun Singh says with anger that all these kids are really troublesome.
Then everyone gather at Shrini's Office. Ishaan says that when the Joker sang the song his cell phone was disturbed that day. Suchi says that even the computer was disturbed that time, even when she was speaking to Mrs.Ganjawala and at the palace when Ishaan was talking through the cell to Rohit. Rohit says that the signal from the electronic devices must be interrupted from the Joker's signal. So Shrini gives them the address of thr Newspaper Mork where they can find old newspapers of Cambala. Shrini says that they might get some clue there.
He also gives them a card saying all the information will be available here. So they go there. They find so many newspapers stacked up in steel shelves. Farhan finds the newspaper they wanted. The headlines read " Guard missing after king's death ". So Suchi explains that Rajvir was with the Raja when the tent got fire. But all of them wonder lied.
So they go to Rajvir and ask him why he had lied to them. Rajvir says that some people threatened him to set fire or else they would kill my family. Rohit asks whom were they. Rajvir replies that he hadnt seen them. Then Ishaan says that Suchi's Joker was King's favourite Joker and wasnt just a toy. It also had some connection with the king's Will.
So Rohit disguises as a Guard. A sound of something exploding comes and Rohit sends the rest of the Guard to find out about that. So there would be no one around and all of them go inside the Palace.Next Ishaan goes inside the same room he saw that day. He searches the drawers, cupboards and below cot but still he wouldnt find the Joker. Then suddenly a Guard enters that room. He will not find anyone in sight, so he leaves th eroom. Then Ishaan gets up from beside the cot, where he was hiding and looks around. When he taps the carpet, a sound comes. So he removes the carpet. He will find some blocks of wood. Inside those blocks will be the Joker. Then Ishaan takes the Joker and informs Suchi that he has located the Joker.
All of them sit down in the lawn of the Palace. Farhan says that the Joker's eyes twinkle similar to the painting of drk shy with shining stars.Suchi finds out the connection. So Ishaan takes the Joker near the painting and it starts to sing the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Ishaan explains that it is 'Imparment Rays'. The Painting moves and a loker opens. Ishaan tries to open the lock with a Skeleton Key that can open any lock. It opens and inside they would find the King's Will. Arjun Singh comes and tells that " You kids are way smarter than adults. But you dont know the amount of life that would have gone for this. You kids have prevented it. Now give me the paper". Rithu Raj Singh comes and tells them not to give him the Will. Nikki runs to Rithu Raj and asks him to save them. Ishaan reads the Will and asks Nikki to move away from him. He says that he is dangerous and the King's Will is for the Trustees, not for him. Rithu Raj places a knife and threatens to kill Nikki if they dont give it back. He confesses that he was the Unknown master who asked Rajvir to set fire to the tent and made a man steal the Joker. He asks it back. Rohit asks whether the Will or Joker to give back. He again threatens to kill Nikki. Rohit throws the Will to him and Nikki runs back to Ishaan. Then Arjun Singh and Rithu Raj Singh fight.
Shrini comes with the Police and arrests the rightful person - Rithu Raj Singh. Then all of them regret their mistake to Arjun Singh. But Rohit says that we wouldnt have suspected you if you spoke politely. Suchi says that " A smile can win millions of hearts". And Rohit apologizes for calling him 'Angry old man". At last everyone say cheese and Ishaan takes a photo of the whole gang!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mystery of the Unexplained Thefts (short summary)

I'm sorry, guys, but due to increasing study pressure, I'll not be able to give full-fledged updates all the time. But if you want full update of a particular mystery, request, OK?
In this mystery, thefts take place in three different houses...the puzzle? No locks have been broken, no out-of-ordinary fingerprints found....and in one case, jewellery has been stolen from a bank locker! As the CIA embark on a quest to find the thief, a spattering of setbacks take place. When Farhan and Rohit go to Cambala Bank to investigate where Farhan discovers from the bank managers computer that Mrs. Desai's bank locker was opened in a normal way on the day she reported the theft! Meanwhile, two of the victims of theft...Mr. Patwardhan whose precious Ganesha has been stolen, Mrs. Sharma from whose almirah Rs. 50,000 has been stolen...have given wrong information!!
Mrs. Sharma says she doesn't remember a call that Mr. Sharma says she attended on the night of the theft (and the watchman of the house, who is obsessed with cats, says she went somewhere late night), while Mr. Patwardhan says he was asleep the afternoon the theft took place, but the florist outside his house says he went for a walk...without his dog, for a surprise! Mrs. Desai, school teacher of the CIA and the third victim of the thefts (jewellery was stolen from her bank locker) is now the only person left to question. But Rohit discovers Mrs. Desai's car outside an insurance office and follows her to her house where he sees her putting the 'stolen' jewellery in her bag. He then follows her to a 'Yogashram' from where he calls the others and tells them everything, telling them to come there.
While the others are on their way, Rohit follows Mrs. Desai into the ashram. When the remaining four arrive, they get into a hut at the ashram, find a prism like the one at the Shamas' and Mr. Patwardhan's house in the hut, get locked in it, get Nikki to save them.....but they can't find Rohit or Mrs. Desai! At long last Rohit is spotted, but he's lost track of Mrs. Desai somehow and hasn't heard the five missed calls sent his way...he actually looks a little confused...what's the deal?? The others find that out when ROHIT'S house is broken into that night and they go and console him the next day. Coz that's when a phone comes and Rohit is hypnotized, with the help of THE prism (same type as mentioned above), on phone. Ishaan attaches a micro recorder to Rohit's shirt so that convo between him and Babaji (of ashram) is recorded.
In the ashram, they are to wear robes so they get delayed and lose track of Rohit. They go to Babaji and accuse him of the thefts. But the bag where they say the stolen things are (oh, DLK was with them) has ashram robes only. Then they, along with the Baba look for Rohit. When they find him, Babaji asks Rohit if he is the one who has asked him to bring the stolen goods Rohit says no. On further questioning, he says the stolen stuff is with Baba (who hypnotized him...Rohit is still under hypnotism) and describes the Baba. The real Baba says he knows who it is and takes them to his student, Privijay, in another place, who says he did it due to persuasion of a Sadhvi (female Rishi, sort of). They go out and search for her, who was just escaping with the stolen goods. They manage to catch her just in time.
Back in HQ, Farhan says this case couldn't have been solved without Rohit, AND he was humble during the case, too. Just then, Rohit's voice speaks from somewhere above,"Maine kuchh nahi kiya, sab babaaa ne kiya." They go up to find Rohit on a 'tigerskin', 'meditating deeply'. Farhan says "Baba ji ki jai ho!" and they 'take aashirvaad' from him. Then Rohit returns to his normal self and the case ends with the usual "CIA ROX!!!"

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