Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mystery of the Movie Shoot Part-II

The police let the truck with Sudeep get away coz the number doesn't match and catch Col. Nathudas Dhingra's car instead! Meanwhile, Nihaal and Rohit come round, Rohit a little after Nihaal. Suchi says,"Are you okay?" Rohit:"Yes, kind of." Suchi: (in a not-so-nice tone)"I'm not asking you, main Nihaal se poochh rahi hoon." (make that a not-nice-at-all was plain RUDE. I'm liking Suchi less now). Nihaal says he is better and the doctor says that luckily the protein shake was shared by both of them. The producer, who is also there, thanks the doctor and the doctor leaves. Ishaan says someone wants to scare Nihaal, not kill him coz the blast in his van was a mild explosion, the bullet shot by Sudeep was a rubber bullet and whatever was there in his drink was not strong enough to kill. Nihaal is puzzled as to who should want to kill him, while Ishaan goes outside and brings in a man who was there....Kapil Kapoor. Kapil apologises to Nihaal, saying he had no idea about his make-up man, Sudeep's reality and says that he hopes no one will misunderstand him. The producer gets a call informing that Sudeep is caught and they all go to the police station where ZLK boasts in his usual nonsensical way. Then 'Sudeep' is brought in and Rohit and Farhan recognise him right away. Nathudas:(to CIA)"Oh, tum! I should have known. Arre tum log mujhe kyuin pareshan kar rahe ho? Agar tum log army mein hote na, to main tum sabko ..... (some military term) kara deta!" Ishaan:"Inspector Dum....I mean, Zakir Liaqat Khan. Ye wo nahi hai." ZLK:"To phir ye kaun hain?" Farhan:"Ye to Nathu Uncle hain. Ye builder hai. Cambala mein naye aaye hain. Aap bhi na." Nathudas:"Aur agar aisa hi karte rahe na, to main zyada din yahan nahi rahoonga, koi shakh?!" Then follows an argument between Farhan and ZLK about who messed up ther number of the truck. Col. Dhingra interrupta saying he'll take them all to Court. ZLK begs him not to do that coz he was fooled by the CIA. Then he frees the Colonel. The Colonel strides away, extremely angry. Then we see Sudeep getting off the truck at some place and gets a call. Sudeep says he'll do exactly what he is told.
In CIA HQ, Ishaan says that the new inspector is even more weird and asks what his name is. Farhan:"ZLK. Zor Lagake." They laugh. Then Rohit asks Suchi why she has listed only three suspects. Suchi gives reasons for all three. First, Kapil Kapoor. He was supposed to be the hero of the film, it was his comeback film and a big break. Then Tharani got Nihaal's dates by chance so Kapil had to do the side-hero role. Then there was Niharika, the heroine. There was an affair between Nihaal and Niharika earlier. Suchi comments that Niharika can't even act and Farhan says that she gave a brilliant performance in 'Zakhmi Sherni'. Ishaan says,"Guys!" and Suchi apologises and continues that the affair ended bitterly two months later and then Niharika saw Nihaal with Sonia (in the magazine cover it was printed as Sonali, though). Suchi comments again saying Sonia's one eye is too small (want Nihaal for yourself, huh, Suchi?) and the others laugh. Ishaan:"Suchi!" Suchi apologises again and continues that Niharika hates Nihaal's guts. Rohit:"Aha! Yaani Zakhmi Sherni ka inteqam!" The third suspect is director Ghosh who feels obligated to Kapil Kapoor, coz he introduced him to the film. Besides the director is also fed up of Nihaal's attitude. Ishaan:"Awesome work, Suchi." Suchi smiles. Farhan advises that they should move through the suspects one by one and they leave the HQ, to check Kapil Kapoor out first. Then we see Kapil driving a car, talking to Niharika. He calls her 'Darling' and she calls him 'My love', so obviously now Niharika is with Kapil. Kapil keeps the phone and then he puts on the brake, to find it's not working! He drives pell-mell, unable to stop, almost runs ZLK down and finally crashes into a tree. Next we see ZLK checking the engine out. The producer:"Jhule-laale, gari ka break fail? Lakhon ki production ki gari ka nuksaan. Arre thar se gira Tharani! Kaun para hai mere picture ke peechhe? Pehle mera hero, aur ab second hero. Arre main to barbaad ho jaoonga, sain!" ZLK says there's nothing wrong with the brake cable and moves a cable. Ishaan says,"Zor Lagake....I mean, zor lagake kuchh nahi hoga. Yeh AC cable hain." Then he points out the cut wire of the brakes. ZLK doesn't believe him and says, showing another thing that Ishaan'll say that the battery next. Actually, that IS the battery and as soon as ZLK touches it, he gets a shock.
Kapil suspects Nihaal, but Suchi finds fake eyelashes in the car and nailpolish on the brake cable and decide a girl did it. Ishaan:"Fake eyelashes plus nailpolish. Equals to Niharika." ZLK take down the cover on the engine and perches on top of it to look closely at the wipers. Farhan quickly puts his hand inside the car and presses a switch to squirt water (the water squirted on windscreen) on ZLK's face. The four of them laugh (:( Rohit was not there for some reason). Back on the movie sets, Nihaal says he wants the CIA to solve the case. The director says the police is there and Ishaan smothers his giggles; Nihaal tells him not to trust the police. Director Sourav Ghosh still hesitates and producer says,"Arre THAR se gira Tharani. What nansanse! Nihaal portraye (actually meaning puttar or sumthing, I guess) ne bola, to ho gaya." He goes on to say he had complete faith in CIA from start coz of what they did (Sudeep and all) and gives them a 500 rupee note as signing amount. Suchi takes Nihaal's autograph on the note. Back in HQ, Suchi is kissing the note and Ishaan and Rohit are doing something (not together) Nikki asks Ishaan what he is doing and Ishaan tells her not to disturb. She asks Rohit, who shushes her and tells her to go away. Nikki goes, as usual, to Suchi. Nikki:"Suchi di, mujhe koi nahi bata raha hai ke kya ho raha hai!" Rohit:"Kya bataoon Nikki bachcha? (to Suchi) Tumhare. Tumhare Nihaal khan ke peechhe mera band baj gaya hai (Suchi looks indignant). Kabhi khujli, to kabhi gum (on the fake moustache he was putting)." Suchi:"Nikki, hum operation Niharika ke liye prepare kar rahe hain. Kapil Kumar ke upar jo attack hua tha na, uske baad woh suspect nahi ho sakta. So next option, Niharika." Farhan can't accept Niharika is a murderer coz she was very bholi bhali in some film called 'Sautan ki Daasi'.
Ishaan explains that he has hidden a camcorder in a pineapple and Rohit, in disguise, is gonna keep it in Niharika's room. Suchi:"Aur agar Niharika ne pineapple kha liya to?" Farhan:"She hates pineapples...(everyone looks at him)...mera heroine research." Suchi gives the 500 rupee note to the CIA piggybank...that is, Nikki. At the hotel, Rohit enters Niharika's room, after knocking, dressed as a Punjabi waiter, with a bowl of fruits. The pineapple is there, too. Niharika is applying lipstick. Rohit puts the pineapple out separately on the plate, camera facing Niharika. Then he asks Niharika if she needs any more assisstance. Niharika asks him to check the flush in the bathroom. Rohit, disgusted, is forced to go. He closes the door and then checks the flush, holding his nose. Then he notices gas entering through the shutter at the bottom of the bathroom door and the door itself is locked from outside. Rohit coughs, choking on the gas, almost. Then he sounds an alarm by holding a lighted match near the smoke detector and then, he faints. Next, ZLK and another waiter enter the bathroom (I shiver to think what would've happened if Rohit hadn't managed to light the match near the detector in time!) and they find Rohit and shake him awake. Rohit takes off his beard and the waiter says Rohit isn't from their hotel. ZLK recognises him as a CIA member. Rohit tells him to catch Niharika, who locked him in the bathroom. ZLK takes Rohit to the room where she was locked in, unconscious. In the bedroom, Nihaal splashes water on Niharika's face, who comes around and then moves away from Nihaal and goes to Kapil, who is also there.
Rohit, ZLK and the waiter come in. Niharika says Rohit came with the fruits and she told him to check the flush. After he'd entered the bathroom, her head started spinning and she fainted. Rohit notices Niharika's lipstick on the ground and picks it up. The other waiter tells him to go away and he leaves, taking the bowl of fruits, saying he brought it from home and he has to return it to his Mom. Back in the HQ, Suchi checks out the lipstick under a microscope by putting it on a slide. Ishaan is fiddling about with the pineapple and Nikki is drawing. Rohit throws a ball up in the air and catches it, again and again. Farhan:"Yaar Rohit, mera ek kaam karega bhai? (Rohit doesn't reply and continues tossing the ball up and catching it) Rohit! (Farhan takes the ball) Mera ek kaam kar na, please. Tu hai na, iss case ke bad retire ho ja. (to others) Bathroom mein lock ho gaya! Wo bhi commode saaf karne ke chakkar mein (everyone except Rohit laughs, Farhan the loudest, cleaning his specs)!" Rohit suddenly puts something in Farhan's eye (not HARMFUL) and says,"Kaisa laga mere mehnat k phal?" Farhan:"Rohit! Aankh jal rahi hai." Suchi suddenly calls them all and tells them that there's a chemical coating, probably medicine for unconsciousness, on the lipstick. Nikki wonders who it is and Ishaan says they'll find that out right now and uses the computer to put on the video recorded in the camcorder. They see Niharika fainting and after that, we see the faces of the CIA. Suchi says,"Oh my god!" and camera freezes on their faces.

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