Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mystery of the Movie Shoot Part-I

Before music, we see someone giving a man a movie poster. The man (his name is Sudeep, as we find out later) says the work will be done, but what about him? The person gives Sudeep some money. Sudeep says,"Nihaal Khan. Film shuru hone se pehle hi...(drops a match on poster, which is of a film called 'Saazish')....Ab shuru hogi asli saazish." After music, in CIA HQ, Suchi and Nikki are reading about Nihaal Khan coming to Cambala for shooting of the movie, 'Saazish'.
Rohit:"Hey, kaisa lag raha hoon main?" Nikki and Suchi look at each other.
Suchi:"My god...he's so good looking! He's amazing, in fact he's awesome!!!"
Rohit(coughing embarrassedly....coz he thought Suchi is answering his question):"Uh....itna bhi nahi, haan. Actually, saari school ki ladkiyan bhi mujhe yahi kehti hain!"
Suchi:"Arre Cambala kya...iss country ki har ladki yahi kehti hain, ke the superstar of the country is...(Nikki and Suchi in chorus)....Nihaal Khan!"
Rohit:"Ni....Khan? Huh!" and rolls his eyes. Nikki says Nihaal Khan is coming to Cambala and she is gonna take his autograph as well as photo! Ishaan is silently laughing away from the beginning of the scene in his corner. Now he says,"Girls!" Nikki sticks her tongue out at Ishaan and says she has seen all of Nihaal Khan's films twice!
Rohit:"Kyun? Ek baar mein samajh mein nahi aata hai kya? Nikki, ye filmi heroes to sirf parde mein heroes hote hain. Guys, real life mein heroes to hum hain, yaar!"
Suchi:"Don't be jealous, okay? Ab koi tareeka socho jis se hum shooting dekh sakein. Pleeeeeeaaaasseee!! I really want to meet him."
Rohit:"And I really wanna leave you guys with your Nihaal Khan. Huh!!"
Farhan(entering the HQ):"Guys, guys, guys, guys. Good new, good news!! Kal hum shooting pe jaa sakte hain. Shrini sir ne baat kar liya hai. Yaar ye media mein pehchaan hone ka yahi fayda hai."
Suchi:"Yani hum Nihaal Khan se mil sakte hain!!" Rohit rolls his eyes again.
Farhan:"Yaar Nihaal Khan gaya tel lene! Maine to Niharika ke liye .... liya hai. (Rohit hi-fives with him) Yaar what an actress! Maang bharo sindoor se..."
Ishaan:"Abbey tu mat shuru ho. Kab ja rahe hain shooting pe?"
Farhan:"Kal. Maine saari taiyarian kar liya hai. Lights, camera and CIA action!"
At the shooting spot, a scene is shot. Then we see Kapil Kumar, another actor, in another corner, arguing with the scriptwriter and grumbling about Nihaal. Then the CIA arrive. Rohit:"Uh....Kapil Kumar ji. Aapke bahut bare fan hain...(Kapil looks very pleased)...mere Dadaji." Kapil's smile vanishes. Suchi asks where Nihaal Khan is and the scriptwriter shows his van. Nikki is excited to see the van. Farhan introduces themselves to the man outside and says he must have got a call from Cambala Times. The man goes in to ask Nihaal if he'll meet them. Suchi checks her hair in her reflection on the door of the van (it had a glass pane) and the three boys laugh. The door opens and Suchi steps back. The man says they can enter and they enter, Suchi and Nikki super-excied. Inside they see Nihaal Khan and Ishaan says,"Sir main Ishaan Mehra aur yeh mere dost. Shrini sir ne aap se baat toh..." Nihaal:"Oh ya ya ya, of colurse. CIA gang. Phir toh main tumhara bahut bara fan hoon. Please have a seat." He picks up a bundle of dynamite and Ishaan says,"Sir, dynamite!" Nihaal:"Arre yeh nakli hai." Nikki is about to say she has seen all of Nihaal's films twice, when Nihaal gets a call from the producer, who calls him for shooting of a scene. He has to leave for it. He tells the man outside to take the CIA to the sets. Rohit grumbles about how Nihaal didn't even talk to them properly and says,"Jab main superstar banoonga na, tab dekhna." Farhan:"Haan. Uss din to mendak (frog) bhi per par char kar table tennis khelega. (hi-fives with Ishaan)" They all, except Rohit, laugh and suddenly there's an explosion from the inside of the van and they all duck. Smoke pours out from the inside of the van and everyone comes running. Then one man enters with a fire extinguisher, followed by the CIA. Ishaan sees that the explosion occured from the dynamite, which was supposed to be fake. Nihaal is angry that he might have been killed by the explosion. Producer:"Arre saathiyon, what nansanse (nonsense)! Ye nakli maal mein asli maal kahaan se aa gaya?" Kapil Kumar says the real dynamite may not have been a mistake. Farhan asks if the case can be given to CIA. The producer:"Arre in bachchon ko andar kaun aane diya? Bahar karo public ko, khali kar do sets. Thar se gira Tharani (the producer's surname is Tharani)!" In CIA HQ, Ishaan wonders if the real dynamite was a coincidence or mistake. Farhan thinks it was a planned attack. Rohit:"Ye attack humare liye bhi to ho sakta hai. I mean, hum bhi kam popular nahi Cambala?" Nikki says that they got only one chance to meet Nihaal and now that is also gone. Ishaan says Suchi has gone to find where the shooting is next. Farhan:"Arre! By the way, Dum Lagake Mumbai ja raha hai...(Ishaan looks very pleased)...lekin sirf kuchh dinon ke liye (Ishaan's smile vanishes). Aur ek naya inspector aa raha hai.....uska jaga lene ke liye." Ishaan:"Jo bhi hoga, DLK se toh better hi hoga." They all laugh.
Then we see the new inspector (temporary), Z.L. Khan and DLK in a car. DLK:"Toh, sab kuchh samajh gaye na? Sub-inspector Zakir Liaqat Khan?" (sorry for places where I've written Zakit in previous cases. So this is how DLK is replaced by ZLK. Only temporarily, thank god! You know, guys, this means this mystery was shot BEFORE the previous two. I think the weird order in was the CORRECT one, coz this mystery comes first). ZLK:"Lekin sir, aap Mumbai kaunse case ke liye jaa rahe ho?" DLK:"Ha ha ha ha ha. Bahut hi bechida case hai. Meri saali ki shaadi. Hahaha. Tab tak you are in charge." ZLK is pleased. DLK:"Meri jagah leni hogi. Jo mushkil hi nahi, balki namumkin hai. Aur ek baat! CIA se saavdhan rehna. Woh paanch bachche." ZLK:"Arre kuchh kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai, sir. Zakir Liaqat Khan sab kuchh samajh gaya, sir. Main CIA ko see off kar doonga sir." DLK:" (to himself) Hah! Jab main nahi kar paya, toh ye kya kar payega? Stupid! (to ZLK) E! All the best! Keep it up!" and DLK drives off. ZLK:"Mera promotion ho gaya! Main thana-in-charge ban gaya. (yelling to DLK) Don't worry sir! Main sab kuchh sambhal loonga." Then we see another scene being shot. In the middle of it, a diversion arrives in form of ZLK, who comes on his bike, blowing his police whistle, right in the middle of the scene. He tells the shooting to stop coz they don't have permission (you need permission to shoot on a desolate hill, too?!). Nihaal and Niharika, stop acting and a man comes and holds an umbrella over them. Suddenly there's a gunshot and the rearview mirror of the car being used in shooting cracks. Niharika picks up a bullet from the ground, which missed Nihaal by couple of inches. It's made of rubber. Nihaal is horrified and tells to pack-up...he doesn't want to shoot anymore. Back in the van, the director and producer console him and manage to make him stay. Meanwhile, the CIA reach the shooting spot, now abandoned. Rohit finds pieces of the glass which broke from the rearview mirror. The use the position of the shards and Shrini's article in the newspaper to make out the position of the car and Nikki marks it with white powder. Then they use a mirror and a laser ray to make out from where the bullet came. They trace the bullet's path to the forest nearby. Rohit helps Nikki over a high part of the ground and they stand among the bushes.
Ishaan spots a footprint on a rock and Rohit runs into the bushes, following the path which the shooter must have followed, despite the others trying to stop him. Nikki makes to follow him, but Farhan stops her, saying that the creepers out there are wild creepers. Then Rohit pops up from behind the bushes, his face itching, and red allergy marks on his nose (it wasn't clear then, but later it could be seen clearly). The other four laugh, and then Ishaan spots a piece of yellow plastic caught on a bush. Back on he movie sets, we see that the man, Sudeep, is Kapil Kumar's make-up man! The CIA fall before the producer, who says,"O jhule-laale, ye paanch bachcha log phirse aa gaya?" he runs towards the CIA, saying,"Baba re baba." Ishaan says that they are the CIA...Cambala Investigation Agency. Tharani interrupts:"Arre mere baap, nahi suna. Please humko shooting karne do ni. Udhar humara hero pareshan hai. Idhar tum humko pareshan mat karo! (calling to a man) O sain Ramesh!...(the man called Ramesh comes running)...Thar se gira Tharani. Ye bachcha log humko bahut pareshan karta hai. Unko bahar ka raasta dikha do ni. (to CIA) Arre jao ni, jao ni." Ramesh leads the CIA away, they move backwards and Rohit bangs against Sudeep and falls down. He notices the red allergy marks on Sudeep's nose and whispers urgently to Ishaan. Suchi suddenly spots Nihaal Khan on the sets and gasps, saying,"Nihaal Khan on the sets, oh my god!!" while Ishaan manages to get away. Meanwhile Sudeep comes behind a van and leaves his bag there. Ishaan comes there too, and finds a gun in a yellow plastic bag in Sudeep's bag. Then Sudeep comes suddenly and there's a small scuffle in which Frhan comes to Ishaan's aid but Sudeep runs away. Ishaan and Farhan chase him and the three come in between on the sets, in between a shot. Sudeep pushes everyone and runs away. Ishaan and Frhan tell everyone to catch him as he is the shooter. The entire crew and even the cast out there chase him but can't catch him. Ishaan and Farhan follow him on their bikes. Meanwhile Rohit is with Suchi and Nikki and worries how to catch Sudeep. Just then Suchi gets a call from Ishaan and Sudeep come towards the three and comes to a stop right in front of them. The three make to chase him, but Sudeep takes out his gun and points it towards them and they stop.
Luckily, the gun is not loaded and Sudeep runs fo it, the CIA chasing him. Sudeep manages to escape by clambering onto a truck, but Farhan notices the number. In the police station, ZLK is listening to the commentatory of a match when Fahan calls and gives him the number of the truck, asking him to make arrangements to nab it at the Cambala checkpost. But ZLK doesn't note the number immediately and waits to her what the result of the next ball is, so obviously, the number he writes down finally is wrong (he doesn't have a brilliant memory). Then we see the CIA with Nihaal Khan at the Hotel, probably. Nihaal Khan gives Rohit some of his protein drink and Rohit thanks him. They both drink it, Nihaal a little after Rohit. Nihaal tells the CIA the identity of Sudeep (Sudeep's name was first mentioned here, but I mentioned it before to avoid confusion). Then Nihaal gets a call. The caller says,"Nihaal Khan, khatra abhi tala nahi hai. Sudeep to mera pehla mohra tha. Agla mohra, tu abhi pi chuka hai." Nihaal is shocked. He keeps the phone and then he faints. The CIA crowd around him, calling to him, trying to bring him round and then Rohit faints, too!! (he too had the protein drink, remember? My God, I was soo worried till the next day, if somthing had happened to Rohit....GOD FORBID. I know nothing can happen to him, coz he is part of CIA and he was also shown in a disguise in the precap, but...still...anyway, forget it. Bechara Rohit was in danger TWICE in this case! Once in the next episode, too!)

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