Friday, February 1, 2008

Mystery of the Movie Shoot Part-III

The CIA cannot see the face of the man in Niharika's room...just his grey and blue sneakers and dark blue jeans. Farhan says the two are their only clues. Ishaan says they have a third clue which is the man is part of film cast or crew, coz he, besides drugging Niharika, wanted to teach Rohit (indirectly CIA) a lesson too. Only the people connected to the film could have known Rohit is in disguise coz no one else knows CIA is handling the case. They decide to revisit the sets to find who is wearing grey and blue sneakers. On the sets, Rohit, Farhan and Nikki are wondering around, looking for grey and blue sneakers, while Suchi and Ishaan are sitting with the prodeucer. Producer:"Arre thar se gira Tharani. Mere film ko kiski nazar lag gayi hai? Sabki mood bigri hui hai. Agar aisa hi chalta raha, arre wadi karoron rupay lage hain mere iss film pe." Suchi suggests someone might be doing it out of spite against the producer and not the actors. The producer looks a bit surprised. Farhan suddenly spots a man and shows him to Rohit...the man is standing behind a screen and his face cannot be seen. Rohit runs behind the screen and jumps on the man, falling on the ground along with him. It is Director Ghosh. Just then a tank falls down. The director gets up and thanks Rohit for saving his life (that was a stroke of luck!). Suchi says the tank was deliberately loosened. Everyone is shocked. Rohit asks if the grey and blue sneakers belong to the director. The director says the shoes belong to the production an he is wearing them coz his own shoes got wet. The CIA realize their sole clue has gone west coz anyone can wear the shoes. Back in a makeup van, the CIA, director, producer an actors are present. The producer says that he is sure someone wants to stop the film from being made.
Suchi says the CIA think so too. The producer then says he can't risk their lives. Rohit asks for one more day to solve the case. Just then the producer gets a call from a blackmailer who says he'll harm the producer next if he doesn't give him 50 lakh rupees. He tells the producer to come, alone, to some hotel lobby with the money in a black briefcase. He is not to involve police or CIA. Then he is to do the rest of the shooting in Mumbai studios. The phone is cut. The director says if their life is dear, they have to give the money. The producer asks from where they will get so much cash. Nihaal says he has got the signing amount for a film recently, which is exactly 50 lakh rupees and he will give the full amount to the producer...the producer can repay it later on. Next we see Rohit, Nikki and Nihaal in a hotel room, counting the money. Rohit asks Nihaal if he has any chance in the teen hero (come on, Rohit! You are good as CIA member, not filmstar!). He tells Nihaal not to worry, he'll not give Nihaal competition (he's kidding I guess. But honestly, Rohit is better than Nihaal judging by Nihaal's acting on the sets)! Nihaal says if a man like him can become a hero, then why not Rohit? There is Rs. 2000/- less. Nihaal takes out Rs. 1500/- from his wallet (shame, actors should carry about more money!). Remaining five hundred rupees is given by Nikki, the CIA piggybank (the 500 rupee note Nihaal signed). Rohit says anyway they are going to get the money back. Nihaal asks if Rohit is gonna use some new disguise. Rohit:"Dekhte jaiye, sir. Cambala ke actors bhi kuchh kum nahi hain!" and the three laugh.
Next we see the producer at the hotel. He goes to the lobby with a black briefcase. He gets a call from the blackmailer. This is when we see Rohit, disguised as a cleaner, while the rest of the CIA is waiting outside. The blackmailer tells Tharani to leave the suitcase in the lift. Tharani goes there. Rohit follows, but the lift closes before he can reach. He sees Tharani has gone to the fifth floor and goes up by the stairs, after informing Farhan, who called, about it. He reaches to find the producer who tells him that the blackmailer told him to tke the bag upto the fifth floor and then get off, leaving the suitcase behind. Rohit sees that the lift has gone to the terrace and calls the others and tells them about it. A second later, ZLK pounces on him and holds a gun to his forehead, after knocking Rohit down (ZLK could only do that coz he took Rohit bysurprise, you know). Rohit telling him not to shoot, gets up and ZLK recognises him as a CIA member (Rohit's disguise wasn't totally intact by then). The other four CIA members arrive.ZLK says the director called him. The producer brings the lift down and they see the briefacase is still there. Ishaan opens it to find that the money is gone. The producer exclaims using his normal 'jhule-laale' 'sain' 'wadi' and other phrases. Ishaan says maybe someone hid in the lift. Farhan says it's not possible to hide in a lift and the man must still be in the building. They all split up and search but they cannot find anyone. Next we see shooting being done on the sets. Suddenly, there's a weird sound from the camera and the cameraman says someone has tampered with the camera. Then another man comes and says someone has exposed all the film negatives to the sun and it is ruined. The producer says,"Bas! Bahut hua. Bandh kardo film ko. Arre yeh film to manhoos hai. Mera ab tak jitna paisa gaya, jaane do. Lekin ab aur nuksaan nahi sah sakta baba, main to barbaad ho jaoonga. THAR se girega Tharani. Bandh kar do yeh film. Pack-aaaaap (putting his hand on his chest like a chest pain).
Nihaal comes to the producer and tells him that the film is not to stop, coz they have a point to prove to the film. Ishaan, Farhan and Nikki are shown. Nihaal then says he'll co-produce the film with Tharani (the producer). Rohit and Suchi look at each other. Nihaal says when he came on screen, he never bowed down to anyone, then how can he bow down to someone now? He says loss of 50 lakhs is no problem, they'll now make a profit of 50 crores. The producer looks pleased. Next, at the hotel, the producer gives CIA the remaining fees. Farhan says they didn't solve the case, so why should they take the money? Tharani:"Arre sain, agar film flop hoti hai to kya worker logon ko, crew ko paisa nahi milta? Jhule-laal, Tharani aisa galat kaam kabhi nahi karta. Arre rakh lo, rakh lo, kya karein? Humara to bad luck hi kharaab tha, ni." Nihaal says the next day everyone is going to Mumbai and tells the CIA to take the money. Rohit makes a face. Suchi says they can't take the money. Nihaal tells her to take, Suchi still says they can't take it. Nihaal takes the envelope, holds Suchi's hand and puts the envelope into it. Suchi is flyinggggg highhh that Nihaal is actually holding her hand. Rohit looks wistfully at his own hand. Nihaal:"See take the money and don't say no. All you guys tried your level best. (to Suchi) And you, you have been awesome (clapping Suchi lightly on the shoulder)." Niharika smiles at Rohit, who smiles, looking half-shy (and cho chweeeeet!). Back in CIA HQ, Nikki says,"It's so shameful. Itni badi unit, Cambala mein. Aur CIA ek case bhi solve nahi kar payi. Kya sochenge log!"
Ishaan:"Par samajh mein nahi aa raha hai. How? Who?"
Farhan:"Chhor yaar Ishaan. Yaar kabhi socha nahi tha ke CIA koi case solve NAHI kar payega. Ye kya kar raha hai tu, Rohit?"
Rohit:"Paisey gin raha hoon. Wapas hi de denge, yaar."
Suchi:"Main nahi dene waali wo note, jise maine Nikki ko diya tha."
Suchi:"Same note jismey Nihaal ne autograph kiya tha. You know what, after this incident, I think he is not only good looking, but really cool!"
Nikki:"Suchi di, wo note to maine wapas kar diya. (Rohit smiles to himself) Suitcase mei paise kam par rahe the, isliye."
Suchi:"Oh no, Nikki!"
Rohit now takes out a note from the envelope (given by Tharani) and fans himself with it, whistling (on purpose, to show Suchi, not by accident). Suchi gasps and and takes it from him.
Suchi:"Tumhe kahaan se mila?"
Rohit:"Arre iss envelope se nikla, jo Tharani sir ne hume diya tha."
Ishaan:"What? Agar yeh note blackmailer ke paas hai, to yeh note wapas kaise? Unless..."
Now we see Tharani, talking on the phone: ('...' in parts when Tharani was listening)"Hello? Haan bolo....oh, wadi achchha hua tumne phone kiya...main to tumhe phone karne hi wala tha...arre suno, yeh log to film bana kar hi chhorenge. Maine socha tha blackmail ka drama ke baad kaam ho jayega. Arre, lekin yeh Nihaal Khan, danveer Karan ban gaya aur pachaas lakh rupaye de gaya...haan yeh to baraabar hai. Lekin sun, main poora set jala dooonga, phir to film bandh. Phir insurance ka saara paisa mere jeb main. Aur mera saara karza khatam ho gaya. Phir zindagi bhar pappad khayenge aur main Hong Kong chala jaoonga wapas...arre wadi, par tu hai kidhar?...arre idiot, what nansanse, pakarwayega mujhe! Agar sabko pata chala ke ye saara shor ke peechhe main hoon toh?" He keeps the phone and opens the room's door to go out. But a voice says,"Hume sab pata chal gaya hai." and someone punches Tharani on the left cheek. Then we see the producer sitting on the bed, held tightly by Nihaal and Kapil. Tharani:"Arre wadi, producer hoon main tumhara, kuchh to liyaz karo. Oh sain pulisa (police)." Nihaal:"Ab police kya karegi Tharani ke bachche? Uss Sudeep ke saath mil kar mere jaan par hamla karwaya." Kapil:"Mere car ka break fail kiya." Niharika:"Mere lipstick mein nasha milaya." Rohit:"Aur mujhe bathroom mein lock kiya." Ishaan:"Aur har jagah kisi aur ke nishaan chhore." Tharani:"Arre, main apne lawyer ko phone karoonga, aur kahoonga...THAR se gira Tharani." Suchi asks about the blackmailer's call. Farhan says it must have been Sudeep. All the money is found in the black briefcase in Tharani's room, which Ishaan opens. Ishaan says now he knows how the money disppeared. Tharani took out a smaller bag with the money from inside the briefcase and put it in the roof of the lift. Then he took it out later when no one was there. Suchi asks how to catch Sudeep. Rohit says Tharani will call Sudeep to some place and they'll go there and catch him. Tharani says he'll do nothing of the sort. Nihaal says,"Arre oye Tharani, ye haath dekh raha hai? Jab ye parega to sab bolna shuru kar dega." Director asks how the CIA found this out. Suchi (to Nihaal):"Thanks to you!" and shows him the note. Nihaal:"You guys are simply...." CIA:"...AWESOME!!" and they all hi-five together!


Devdatta, the biggest CIA fan said...

IT HAPPENED!!! about which we were fearing about- this week it'll the rerun of Cambala Caves! I dont't know what's happening!
Well I liked ur this 3rd part & 1 ur thing I truly agree that Rohit's far better than Nihaal in both- acting & looks!

Vidan said...

pls. update the full writen of haunted house part 2

CIArox said...

Yeah, I was afraid of it. We don't even know if any more CIA mysteries hve been taped...the last 3 mysteries were atleast there in the old Pogo timetable. Vidan, this week I'll have no written updates, so I'll upload a full-fledged update of Mystery of the Haunted House Part Two. After I finish Mystery of the Movie Shoot Part Three. That's okay, I hope?

CIArox said...

Oh, Devdatta, did u see the last part of CIA at PAKA awards? I uploaded it like you requested.

Vidan said...

yes its ok

Anonymous said...

where can i watch the videos??? anywhere in internet?