Friday, January 18, 2008

Mystery of the Bank Robbery Part-III

The episode begins with the girl getting out of the box. She goes to the wall and takes off the picture to reveal the big hole behind it. She hammers the wall a little then fits a machine on it to reveal the wall is still 10 inches thick. After some more hammering, the back of the safe is revealed. The girl uses some chemical to burn out a large circle from the bank and then uses a drilling machine to pierce through it. In CIA HQ, Rohit apologises to the others.
Rohit:"Sorry guys, meri wajah se..." his voice trails off and he looks at the ground
Farhan:(bitterly)"Ab sorry bolne se kya fayda?"
Rohit:"Hello? Sorry bol raha hoon na, buddy." he puts his hand on Farhan's shoulder, Farhan moves away
Farhan:"Tere yeh oversmart hone ke wajah se hum hamesha pakde jaate hain."
Rohit:"Tere tarha undersmart bhi nahi hoon, yaar."
Farhan:"Haan. CIA ka hero to tu hi hai, na. Aur hum sab ne dekh li teri herogiri."
Ishaan:"Hey guys, guys....chill. Chill out."
Rohit:(angry now)"No, Ishaan. No chill. Farhan ko akele hero banne ka itna shaukh hai to kar lo yeh case solve. Without Rohit. I'm leaving." he starts to leave
Ishaan:"Arre, e Rohit.......don't be childish, yaar."
Rohit:"Samjhana hai to Farhan ko samjhao. I'm out." leaves
Suchi:"Guys, let it be. Woh wapas aa jayega."
Farhan:"Ek kaam karta hoon. Main usse bulakar laata hoon."
Suchi:"Farhan just let it go, yaar. Let's concentrate on the case." (oh, so calling Rohit, which'll take few minutes, interferes with concentration, huh??)
Suchi:"Phone company ne clearly kahaan ke woh call Art House se hi aayi thi. To ya to Miss Lakdawala jhoot bol rahi hai, ya phir...."
Farhan:"....Ya phir uska peon, Gopi, ek aurat hai."
Nikki:"Ya phir....actually...."
Ishaan:"Actually what?" Nikki says something but I didn't catch it. Anyway, it was unimportant by the looks on the others' faces.
Farhan:"Damn! Ek to wo teeno bhi bhaag gaye, aur upar se jo lead mili thi hume, wo bhi koi kaam ki nahi hai...(looks at Suchi who was holding some black object) kya dekh rahi hai Suchi?"
Suchi:(we see the computer screen)"Pichhle do dinon ka CC TV Camera footage hai, jo maine Miss Lakdawala se liya."
Farhan:"Ab kahe ka rona? Jab chiriya chug gayi khet?" others look at each other, puzzled
Farhan:"Mera matlab hai, ab ye dekhne ka kya fayda? Chori to ho gayi na?"
Suchi:"Iss art shop mein itne saare log aate jaate hain...ho sakta hai koi kuchh suspicious kar raha ho."
The video continues. Ishaan suddenly tells Suchi to rewind. It's the part where Miss L. is putting a vase on the Rajasthani box.
Nikki:"Aladdin aur Chalis Chor?" (that's what she called the box irst time she saw it)
Farhan:"Alibaba aur Chalis Chor...guys, guys, guys! Ye dekho. Ye parso night ka footage hai. Jab store bandh ho raha tha, to box ka latch upar tha. Aur ye dekho, jab Art House khul raha tha, to iss box ka latch neeche hai."
Nikki:"You mean koi hai, jisne raat ko iss box ko touch kiya."
Farhan:"Wahi to. Jo iss box ke andar hai."
Suchi:"Lekin agar andar koi tha, aur usne bahar aane ki koshish ki hogi, to phir box pe rakkha glass vase toot gaya hoga."
Ishaan:"Guys, there's no way to find out. Hume Art House jaana hoga. Let's go, guys. Quick."
Meanwhile, the woman has completes the theft. Miss L. and the bank manager are in a car, the manager is driving, when Miss L. gets a call and after it she tells the manager to take the car to the art house quickly. Inside the art house, the woman has completed the theft and prepares to leave. Just then, she hears the CIA, the bank manager and Miss L. outside. She stops, unsure what to do. Outside, Ishaan takes the keys from Miss L. and unlocks the Art House. They enter, but the shop seems empty. Then they see the broken wall and the empty safe (with a hole in its back). Miss L. is so shocked that she faints. The manager (name is Goswami) tries to revive her, but in vain. Ishaan, Nikki and Farhan see the open box wih quite a lot of tools inside. Nikki:"Oh no! Chali gai!" Ishaan:"Nahi, wo yahi kahin hai." Just then the woman comes out of her hiding place, hits Ishaan (who falls on the floor) and makes for the exit. Suchi tries to stop her, but the woman overpowers her instead, tells her ''Mehtaab Junction, aaj raat dus baje.'' and leaves, locking the shop's shutters easily, amongst the chaos.
Meanwhile, ZLK arrives....the CIA had called him. He is about to leave when he hears it's only the CIA and not thieves and the CIA has to call him back to free them. He does that. Suchi tells the others what the woman told her. Farhan says Mehtaab Junction is 3 kilometres from the Art House and everyone is puzzled as to why the woman should call them there. However they decide to go there, anyway and ZLK says he'll come too, along with the entire force. They go there to find the three thieves, who are completely taken by surprise. While they are arrested, one thief asks who told them the address. Suchi:"Tumhare wafadaar fourth partner ne." One of the thieves says he said Vickina might betray them. Another thief asks where Vickina is. ZLK says she is gone and Ishaan tells the three thieves to tell where she is. One thief says no one knows where she is, 'woh gayi, to gayiiiii!' (makes a sign of going far away). Then we see Vickina on a black bike leaving Cambala. At the Cambala Police Station, the thieves say the same thing....they'd love to tell the police everything about Vickina but they don't know anything about her. They say the night the three of them were caught, when they entered the Art House, Vickina hid in the box, so that she can work on the wall secretly and rob the safe without anyone knowing. One thief says,"Bol chaal se woh Mumbai ki lagti thi." One thief says Vickina was going to buy a house with her share of the 50 crores. On asking where, he says,"Pata nahi. Kehti thi, apne paison se woh ek aisa ghar kharidegi, jo kisike paas na ho. Jahaan ek taraf samundar ho, aur doosri taraf pahaar. Jahaan gulaab khiltein ho bagiche mein, jungle ke kinaare. Subah subah jahaan mor (peacock) nachte ho." Another thief:"Haan, Sir. Woh chor kam, romantic heroine zyada thi." and the thief starts singing and dancing and the inspector (senior to ZLK) shuts him up. The thief:"Sir ek baat bataiye, kya aisa ghar kahin ho sakta hai?" Nikki, who had been dreaming of the house, says:"Hota hai!" Then we see the CIA HQ. Nikki and Suchi are at the computer and Suchi is creating a picture of a house of some sort. Ishaan asks what they are doing and Suchi tells him to wait and watch. She completes creating the picture, tells Nikki to take a printout and then asks Farhan if he has fixed an appointment with Shrini. Farhan nods.
Then we see Shrini's office. Shrini looks at the printout and says,"Ho to sakta hai, lekin mujhe usse baat karni paregi." Nikki:"Please, uncle. Please." Shrini:"Hey, don't call me uncle. It's Shrini, okay? (picks up the phone) Don't worry. Wahan ka editor mere hostel ke roommate ka sala ka mausa tha.....Helooo. Mishra ji hain kaa? To dijje" Then we see the cell of the three thieves. One thief says,"Vickina! Tune hum sab ko dhokha diya...lekin boss ko kaise dhokha degi? He pulls at the collar of his coat and we see TE tattoo (tiny version) on his neck. Meanwhile, in Mumbai (probably) Vickina goes to a small shop and looks at an advertisement on the front page. It shows a beautiful house which Vickina is very pleased to see. She imediately takes out her cell and calls someone. Vickina:"Hello darling?.....Mujhe mera dream house mil gaya...haan bilkul waisa jaisa maine socha tha....ek taraf pahaar aur doosri taraf samundar....haan, yeh, Alibagh ke paas kahin hai....yahan ek number bhi diya hua hai....main aaj hi jaake inse milti hoon....I have to get this house. Vickina goes to the office and it's Shrini who is sitting inside. Vickina doesn't know his real identity, of course, and shows him the ad, asking him how much the bungalow costs. Shrini picks up the paper and while looking at it, clicks couple of buttons on the keyboard of the laptop before him. Vickina asks where the bungalow is and Shrini, stuttering a little, manages to switch on the webcam. Suchi, Farhan, the inspector (not ZLK, the senior one) and one of the thieves can see her, sitting in another room, in another laptop. The thief says the girl is Vickina and Suchi, Farhan and the inspector go into the next room, taking Vickina by surprise, and says,"Hands up! Hilna mat!" But Vickina is too quick. She grabs Shrini and holds a knife at his neck and tells the others not to move. She takes him towards the door and suddenly releases him and dashes out, closing the door behind her. Then we see ZLK, couple of constables, Ishaan and Nikki on a road, and one constable is pouring oil into the car's engie. Ishaan:"Kya, inspector saab, aapka engine oil bhi abhi khatam hona tha!" ZLK tells him not to talk, blabbering the usual nonsense, when he gets a call from the inspector, who says Vickina is going towards them.
ZLK doesn't know what to do as the car isn't working. Ishaan uses binoculars to see that Vickina is quite close and tells everyone to push the car. They push the car towards Vickina on the bike but Vickina suddenly moves off the road and enters the forest lining the sides of the road. However, she doesn't know the forest well enough and crashes into a tree. ZLK, the constables, Ishaan and Nikki. surround her, but Vickina doesn't give up. She suddenly knocks ZLK's gun out of his hand and tries to run away but a bullet hits her on her leg and she falls, now really and truly caught. ZLK says he didn't shoot....who did? We see a black car on the road and a hand holding a rifle out of its window. The hand is drawn in and the car drives away. In the HQ, Ishaan, Farhan, Suchi and Nikki are holding the newspaper. Nikki:"Wow! Ek aur case solved! Way to go, CIA!.....Lekin, Rohit bhaiya kahan hain?" (atleast someone bothers about him!). Rohit enters the HQ!!!!
Rohit:(smiling)"Hey, Farhan, tu toh sachchi muchchi ka hero ban gaya, yaar!"
Farhan:"Haan yaar. (comes to Rohit and gives him a five) Lekin tujhse bara nahin, yaar."
Rohit:"Wo to hai. Actually.....lagta hai, mere haircut ke saath saath mera dimaag bhi thora kat gaya."
Farhan:(faking surprise)"Tera dimaag?"
Rohit:"Ei...(punches Farhan in the stomach)...ab kaun oversmart ban raha hai haan? But...well done, guys. Ek aur case solved! Tum log apne guru ka naam achchha roshan kar rahe ho!" (ruffles his own hair)
Nikki:"Guru? Huh!"
Farhan:"Rohit....oye!" (Farhan tried to punch Rohit back, but Rohit blocked it easily)
Rohit:"Not so fast, dude! Abhi training baaki hai! Okay? Not so fast."
Farhan:"Aur C-I-A rocks!!!!"
Ishaan, Farhan and Rohit put their hands together and throw them up into the air. Meanwhile Nikki and Suchi unwrap a picture and Nikki puts it on Rohit's wall....the wall with Rohit's name on it, anyway.
Nikki:(holding the picture on the wall)"See?"
Suchi:"Ohho, ye ulta hai, Nikki." (turns it around)
Farhan:"Ek minute, main batata hoon ke yeh sabse best kaise lagega."
Farhan takes the picture, turns it over and holds it on the wall, saying,"Iss ko, aise lagayein to kaisa rahega?" On the back of the picture are the words 'Mystery Solved'. They all laugh. And camera freezes on the back of the picture.

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