Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mystery of the Bank Robbery Part-II

It begins where we left it...Ishaan surrounded by the thieves. One thief takes away his backpack and turns it upside down to spill the contents on the ground. He says,"Wah! Kya baat hai! Uparwale ne isey humare liye bheja hai. Humare azaadi ka poora samaan hai yahan." Another thief picks up some dynamites and says,"Aur iski azaadi ka...zindagi se!" In CIA HQ, Farhan reaches first, followed closely by Suchi. Farhan:"Yes! Aur Nikki hai ZLK ki chamchi!" Just then Nikki comes there. Other two are surprised to see Nikki before Ishaan. Farhan says then Ishaan is ZLK ka chamcha. Suchi:"Well done, Nikki! Tune Ishaan ko bhi beat kiya!...not bad!" Nikki:"Thank you!" But Farhan is surprised and tells the others that he saw Ishaan taking a shortcut. Meanwhile Ishaan has been tied to a tree and he is struggling hard. But the ropes are too tight. One thief says he'll learn a lesson not to interfere in other people's business...anyway, even if he wants he won't be able to do it. In CIA HQ, Suchi:"Farhan, don't you think Ishaan ka shortcut kuchh zyada hi long ho gaya hai?" Farhan:"Main phone karta hoon." He calls. One thief picks up the phone (he knew who it was coz caller name was 'Farhan', the name that was taken by ZLK). He says 'Cambala ...(I couldn't understand this word)'. Farhan can't hear clearly on the other side but he heard what the man said. Suchi:"What happened?" Farhan:"Pata nahi, Suchi. Kisine kahaan Cambala ....... ! I think Ishaan is in trouble." Meanwhile the thieves put the dynamite behind Ishaan's head, put the long wick on a stone less than a metre away (wick was pretty long), set the wick alight and leave, taking Ishaan's phone with them to call ''Apni fourth partner''.
The wick starts burning but it the dynamite doesn't burst immediately, of course, coz wick is quite long. While the wick is burning, Ishaan struggles in vain to get free while the other three are on their way to help Ishaan. The thieves call their fourth partner and tell her they've escaped from prison. They ask when the work is to be done and get a reply, 'Aaj raat' (coz the thief on phone repeated, "Aaj raat?"). They fix a meeting place. The thief keeps the phone and says,"Plan ekdum plan ke mutabik chal raha hai." Another thief takes the phone and throws it away and, on asking why he did it, says,"Taaki plan plan ke mutabik hi chale." Meanwhile, Frhan shows the others the shortcut Ishaan took. They go along the path and find Ishaan's bike, along with some of his stuff, scattered on the ground. The search for him and Suchi spots him. The wick has burned quite a bit now. They run to him and untie him. Farhantakes the dynamite, whose wick had burned quite a LOT, in his hand and throws it far away. Suchi has un-gagged Ishaan by then. Farhan:"How's that?!" Ishaan:(relieved)"Not out!" They untie him and Suchi gives him some water to drink. They all, except Farhan are sitting on the ground now. Suchi:"Thank god, you are safe! What horrible people, yaar! Farhan, you were really brave, haan. I'm sure Rohit would be impressed by you!" Farhan:"Nahi, yaar! Rohit meri thori na koi competition hai! Mujhe jo karna chahiye tha maine wahi kiya. Anyway, (to Ishaan) tu kuchh bata raha tha na yaar? Ke wo log kisiko phone karne wale the?" Ishaan:"Haan. Mere phone se. Apne fourth partner ko. Jo ek aurat hai." Nikki:"Bhaiya, how do you know this?" Ishaan:"Kyunki unhone kahaan apni fourth partner ko phone karte hain. 'Apni'. Matlab ladki hogi koi. Ya phir koi lady."
Then we see Miss L. she is in the Art House. She picks up a hammer and tries to hit the wall with it. Just then, her cell rings. Miss L.:(smiling)"Ya. What's the plan?" Meanwhile the CIA (minus Rohit) are about to mount their bikes on the road, when Farhan gets a call from Rohit.
Rohit:"So James Bond, don't tell me, ke tumne apna doosra case bhi mere bina solve kar liya."
Farhan:"Haan. Bas wahi samajh le." and he proceeds to tell Rohit all that happened.
Rohit:(not very pleased...he shouldn't be, he was left out of so much!)"Wow. So this year the bravery award goes to none other than Mr. Farhan! I'm impressed, Farhan. Mere company mein reh kar tu kaafi kuchh seekh raha hai, bachche! Good going. Great guns."
Farhan:"Abhi jokes chhor aur hume Shrini ke office mein mil."
Rohit:"OK. Waise bhi tumhe mujhe apna naya haircut bhi dikhana hai. So I'm gonna catch you at Shrini's office, okay?"
Farhan:(slightly annoyed)"Hat! Bye."
Next we see the entire CIA at Shrini's office. Suchi tries Ishaan's phone, but it's not reachable. Ishaan informs Shrini that the thieves were about to call their fourth partner....if Shrini uses his contacts to get his phone's call list, they can find the fourth partner's number. Shrini:"Sure! Company ka jo manager hai, uska bhai ka beta mera neighbour hai." He says the man's name is Banerji and he calls him.
Shrini:(in Bengali. Translation in bracket)"Dada! Shrini bolchhi (Shrini speaking). Bhalo (I hope you're fine)? Oh yes, kalke Sourav ki darun khello (yesterday Sourav played so well). I also think, ke he should be made the captain. Dada, amaner ekta sahajja chai (Dada, I need some help). Ekta phone churi hoyechhe, bujhlen to (a phone has been stolen, you know)?..." Now we see the thieves. One thief says he is hungry. Another thief:"E! Tere liye min five-star se order karwaun? Arre ... samajh ke jungle mein mumphalian khane ko mil rahi hai." Third thief:"Bas ek din intezaar karo. Phir hum five star se order to kya, poora ek saal five star mein rahenge. Pachaas crore!" The thieves smile. Meanwhile, at Shrini's office, the call list arrives by fax. They find that the fourth partner's number is 9877010390. Shrini makes arrangements for the call to be traced by calling Mr. Banerji again ("Dada, last time tumi eta amar jonne kore dao. Abaar ami tomay dishtorb korbe na"). We see the manager of Bank of Cambala, checking the wall common with the Art House. He gets a call and is about to speak when a security guard enters. He keeps the phone in his pocket quickly. After the guard has gone, he speaks. Meanwhile call tracing starts. Nikki wants to call but isn't allowed. Suchi calls instead, using a fake voice. A woman says "Hello." Suchi, using a dragging, nasal sort of voice, says,(spellings might be a bit weird coz I'm writing to show the way Suchi pronounced)"Heelo. Heelo kya main poochh sakti hoon ke main kisse baat karr rrahi hoon?...(Shrini signals she is doing a fine job)...Heelo medum. (Nikki smiles) Medum main Cambala Trrust Bank se baat karr rrahi hoon...(Farhan listens open-mouthed)...Medum do you have a minute pliss?...(Ishaan looks amused)...Heelo medum, my name is Shanti Vaidya Moorti, good to talk to you Medum...(Rohit grins)...Medum could I be interresting you in a interrest frame bank lo...(in normal voice) Kaat diya." Shrini:"Don't worry, I think it was long enough." Shrini gets a call informing him of the address to which the call was traced. Farhan says that it's the address of Lakdawala Art House! Everyone thinks the woman must be Miss Lakdawala. We see Miss L. herself on her cell. She says,"Hm. Don't worry. Ho jayega." She says to her clerk,"Gopi, agar koi ek ghante tak shop mein nahi aaya, to shop lock karke chale jana, ok?" Gopi:"OK, Madam."
Then we see the CIA outside Cambala Cafe...they've followed Miss L. there, using Ishaan's tracker. Ishaan uses his binoculars to inform the others that she is meeting the manager of the Bank of Cambala.
Rohit:"Ab samjha. Ye art house wali aur ye bank wala mil kar plan bana rahe the, bank lootne ka, un teen choron ke saath. Dekha? Case solved?"
Suchi:"I wish we could hear something!"
Ishaan:"Ek second guys." He takes out a small machine
Rohit:"Ab ye to maan na parega ke mere siva ye kaam aur koi nahi kar sakta. So guys, just wait and watch action." He bends over and plucks a rose from a rosebush nearby
Nikki:"Lekin ye rose wahan pahunchega kaise?"
Rohit just grins and leaves. He goes behind the restaurant and sees a room with a notice 'For Staff Only'. He goes in, finds a waiter's uniform and takes out a wig and beard-moustache from his backpack. Next we see him, disguised as a waiter, with the rose, going to Miss L.'s table, singing "Suno na suno na, sunlo na". He puts the rose in the vase on the table. The bank guy asks him what happened to their order. Rohit says he'll check at once. Miss L. tells him to clean the table, which he has to do. He does it, singing the song loudly. The others can hear everything clearly. Ishaan:"Ekdum clear awaz aa raha hai. Good one, Rohit!" Rohit finishes cleaning and is about to leave when another man calls him. He tells him, showing him a bowl of some potato dish,"Ye kya hai?" Rohit:"Apne order kiya hai, aap hi ko pata hoga na, Sir." Man:"Ye dum aloo Kashmiri hai, ya parso ki baasi curry? Chakho isey." Poor Rohit has to taste it. It was revolting, going by the look on his face. Meanwhile, the others hear the manager saying,"Humare beech ki ye deewar kab giregi?" Miss L.:"Bas, do din ruk jao, phir koi deewar nahi rahegi." Manager:"Phir main abhi naukri se resign kar deta hoon." Miss L.:"Bilkul." Meanwhile Rohit tells the man,"Sir, (showing the bowl) ye hai aloo, (showing the man's shoulders, which were pretty muscular) ye hai dum, aur main ji, main Srinagar se hoon, to ye raha Kashmiri. To hua na dum...aloo...Kashmiri?" (not a good move Rohit, it stoppe you from leaving unnoticed). The man gets angry and throws the aloo at Rohit. Rohit dodges and it falls on a girl's shirt. The girl throws water in the man's face. The manager of the cafe comes running and the man complains about Rohit. The manager asks Rohit who he is. Rohit says he is a new waiter but since the manager is the one who gives jobs, he doesn't believe Rohit. He pulls at Rohit beard and it comes off. Miss L. recognises Rohit and realizes they were being followed. Outside the cafe, Miss L. asks why the CIA why they are following them. Nikki says coz they know what their plan is. The bank manager begs them not to tell anyone. Ishaan:"Kisiko na bataye. Taaki aap araam se bank loot sakein?" Manager:"Haan....kya! Bank! Hum bank kyun lootenge?" Suchi:"Achchha. To abhi kaunsi deewarein girane ki baat ho rahi thi?" The two tell the CIA they were talking about their parents. The two are secret lovers and their parents don't want them to marry. The manager wants to resign and be a partner of Miss L. but if his boss knows that, he'll not let him go. So he needs to keep it a secret. Everyone is surprised. Ishaan asks if 9877010390 is Miss L.'s number. She says no. She also says, on asking, that no one except her clerk (a man) was in her shop when the CIA called the number (they told her the time). Everyone is surprised, again. Then we see the shop. The lid of the Rajasthani box Nikki was struck by moves. It's opened from inside, causing a vase on it to fall and break. A woman dressed in black (face not shown) comes out. She shakes her hair out and picks up a bag.

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