Friday, January 25, 2008

Mystery of the Haunted House Part-II

Guys, I haven't had much time for updating this week, so I'm posting videos of this episode. If you still need a written update, tell me, okay?

FULL UPDATE (First Part)
Farhan comes downstairs and Ishaan asks him where Rohit is. Farhan:"Wo gadha yahan pe masti karne ke liye aaya hai." Suchi:"Where is he?" Farhan:"Upar." Just then they hear Rohit's muffled cries from upstairs. Ishaan:"Rohit!" Farhan:"ROHIT!" Nikki:"Bhaiya!" They all go upstairs immediately, realizing Rohit might really be in trouble. Farhan shows them the walk-in closet and tells the others that Rohit entered the closet and then the door closed suddenly and then he doesn't know what happened. Ishaan opens the door and they enter. They all call Rohit, but there is no answer. Downstairs ZLK arrives. He goes into the grounds of Rosewood Manor and then uses the mike to say, in a trembly voice,"Bhagne ki...ww..uh...wo...bhagne ki....bhagne ki koshish mat karna..." Upstairs, the four are calling Rohit, but there is no answer. Ishaan absent-mindedly, moves a coat. We see the glowing head of the 'witch' behind it. Ishaan, however, turns around at that moment, and doesn't notice the head. They all turn back at the sound of police sirens and go out of the closet. Downstairs, ZLK yells,"P..p..p..po..police ne tu..tu...tumhe ch...chaaron taraf se gher l...liya h...hai. A...a...apne dono haath aur d...d...dono pair upar karke bahar aa j..j..jao. N...n..nahi to goli m...m..maar doonga." A constable doubts if ghosts are scared of bullets. ZLK:"Pata nahi. Ch...chance lene mein kya problem hai. M..m..main to soch raha hoonke ko haa...hatkari kaun pehnayega?" Just then the CIA (minus Rohit) come rushing out of the house and ZLK screams. Nikki:"Rohi....Rohit bhaiya andar hain. Please unhe dhoondiye!" Ishaan:"Ek minute. Ye police ko yahan bulaya kisne?" "Maine bulaya hai," says a voice and they all turn to see it is Rajan. ZLK laughs and says,"To yeh hai tumhara bhoot?" Next morning, at the HQ, Neha says,"Actually Rajan ko pata nahi tha ke tum log cottage ke andar ho. Bahar se guzar raha tha, aur usne awazein suni. Aur dar ke maare police ko phone kar diya. Par...Rohit? Rohit ka kuchh pata chala?" Farhan:"Nahi. Rohit ka abhi koi pata nahi chala." Rajan:"Par police ne to kal raat poora Rosewood Manor chhan maara. Kahin tumhara dost phirse koi mazaak to nahi kar raha hai?" Ishaan:"Nahi. Wo ab tak ghar bhi nahi aaya." Suchi:"Aur Rosewood Manor mein bhi nahi hai. To phir kahan gaya Rohit?" Farhan:"Ishaan, hume wahan jaana hoga. Rohit ko dhoondne." Then we see the watchman sweeping leaves in the yard. A black car comes and the watchman is scared on seeing it and quickly gets back to his work, saying,"Marenge! Sab ke sab marenge!" The black car comes to the gates and Ishaan, Farhan, Suchi, Nikki, Rajan and Neha get down from it and come to the gate. They go into the house, to the room upstairs on the other side of the wealk-in closet, and search but in vain. Suchi:"How can he just vanish like that? He must be SOMEwhere! Koi darwaza, window, SOMETHING!" Ishaan suddenly spots a piece of brown paper on the ground, with a label on it. The label says:
Batch - Dec, 2007
Ishaan:"Neha, tumhare dadaji last Rosewood Manor mein kab aaye the?" Neha:"Do saal pehle. In fact, do saalon se to yeh jagah totally bandh hai. I was the first to come here again." Ishaan shows her the packet and says,"To phir yeh paper yahan kaise aaya?" Neha:"Kya hai yeh?" Ishaan:"Kisi 'Goodluck Chemicals and Dyes' ka packing paper. Jo December 2007 mein bani thi." Farhan:"Arre yaar yeh sab chhoro, pehle Rohit ko dhoondte hain...(calls loudly)...ROHIT!" Nikki:"Rohit bhaiya!" Ishaan:"I think ye paper hi hume Rohit tak pahunchayega. Neha, aapki family mein kisi ka chemicals ya dye ka business hai?" Neha:"Nahi.....haan, par, Rajan ka family business printing ka hai." Rajan:"Uh...par main kisi Goodluck Dye ya Chemical company ko nahi jaanta." Just then he gets a call and sees it is from Nathudas. He cuts it. The others, who don't know who it was, look suspicious. Downstairs, the watchman is sweeping up leaves and suddenly a hand comes out from a nearby pile of leaves. The watchman screams and runs away....running right into the CIA, Neha and Rajan. Ishaan asks him what happened. He doesn't answer...just screams and runs away. They all immediately rush to the place from where the watchman came and find Rohit, who sits up, causing the leaves to fall off him. He looks preety weak and a little unsteady. All of them rush to him. He clutches the back of his neck (where the 'witch' was holding him....the other hand was over his mouth). He asks in a faint voice,"Main...main yahan kaise?" Nikki:"Bhaiya, aap....aap yahan kaise pahunche?" Rohit:"Wahi to main poochhne wala tha, ke main...(recalls)...main....main uss kamre ke closet mein ghusa aur...aur wahan churail! (the others are shocked) Churail ka haath mere gardan par...(yelps with sudden pain. Poor Rohit!)...aur, dar ke mare main behosh ho gaya. Uh...actually, (regaining his usual condition) dar ke mare nahi, haan (Suchi and Farhan shake their heads and look at each other, with a same-old-Rohit expression on their faces)...darta kaun hai?...uh...ghutan, ghutan se. Haan! (Ishaan shakes HIS head, now) Aur...aankh khulte...main yahaan....(starts to move the leaves all around him)." Nikki:(scared)"Bhaiya! Sach...sachmuch ki churail?" Neha:(pointing to Rohit's neck)"Yeh...yeh mark?" Rohit touches it lightly and then moves more of the leaves, to reveal some engraved writings on a smooth stone! Rohit moves the leaves with double force and the others help. Then Rohit gets up, stunned. They all see, with shock, that Rohit had been lying on an engraved stone covering a grave!
Next part in short (for now, I'll not be doing the rest in detail for some time coz of examz):
In CIA HQ, Farhan tells others that Rohit is at home, with a temperature of 103 degrees, out of fear. Suchi finds info on Goodluck Chemicals and then Farhan and Nikki go there while Suchi and Ishaan go to meet the watchman at Rosewood Manor. The watchman says hardly anything except,"Paisa! Paisa!" Ishaan gives him a hundred rupee note and asks him again but the watchman drops it in horror and tells them to go. The two leave. Then Suchi and Ishaan's bikes get punctured. They accept the offer of a lift from a Chinese looking guy and another man in a black car. Little later, they notice they are not going the right way. The Chinese guy (his name is Gurung) points a gun and his pal, a knife, at them. They're taken to a cliff. Ishaan puts his tracker on Gurung's shoes under pretence of holding his feet and begging for mercy. The men tie Ishaan and Suchi's hands and make them go to the end of the cliff. They are told to jump off the cliff, else Gurung will shoot. Suchi secretly takes out her cell and manages to dial Farhan number. Then she tells the men they can't jump from there coz it's Lover's Leap and they are not lovers. Farhan hears this and also notices the tracker is on (the screen was on Farhan's bike) and is showing the same place. They start for that place using a shortcut while Ishaan and Suchi waste time, Suchi saying they're just friends and Ishaan saying they are lovers...Suchi said that (all pretence, of course). Finally Gurung gets tired of the talk and says he is gonna shoot them. Camera pauses on Ishaan and Suchi's scared faces.


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