Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mystery of the Bank Robbery Part-I

Before music, we see three thieves planning a robbery, talking about some security camera being switched off. There are papers on the table and one of them has THE TATTOO drawn in the upper-left corner (in Shamsher’s it was upper-right corner)!!! One man asks who is it that they work for? They don’t even know the name. The other men tell him not to ask his name. After the music, we see Ishaan and Farhan riding along a lane, at night. Ishaan:“Yaar, ye movie ka climax kuchh samajh mein nahi aaya.” Farhan:“Climax chhor, mujhe to poora movie hi samajh nahi aaya. Pata hai poora movie mein sabse achchha part kaunsa tha? Interval! Kya samosey the yaar!” Just then Ishaan spots a black car standing before a shop with its door open. He shows it to Farhan. Farhan:“Tera kya chori karne iraada hai? Hoga car ka owner aas-paas.” Ishaan:“Nahi yaar, yahan pe to koi bhi nahi hai.” Then they notice that the shutter of the shop, Lakdawala Art House, is open. They go closer. Farhan is about to go in but Ishaan holds him back, saying,”Pehle humara sipahi ko bhejte hain.” He sends the remote control car in with a cell stuck on top. But it gets stuck inside and Farhan gets in. The men spot Farhan but Farhan hits them with a big piece of wood and gets out. The two shut the shutters of the shops…since the lock on the shutters is broken, they use the bicycle lock instead. Later, the police come to take the thieves away. There’s a new inspector named Zakat (or was it Zakir?) Liaqat Khan (thank god, I thought Atul Parchure has been replaced, till he announced his name later on! This Inspector also tries to be funny, but I didn’t find him as comical as DLK, I felt he was trying to force laughter, unlike DLK’s case, where laughter comes naturally). Anyway, the police take the thieves away.
Next scene is in HQ, where the other three are reading the news article, ‘CIA Boys Prevent Art House Theft’. There’s a picture of Ishaan and Farhan with the owner of the Art House.
Nikki: “Not fair. Ye case aap dono ne humare bina hi solve kar diya. Very bad.”
Ishaan: “CIA’s fastest case. 6 minutes and 45 seconds only.”
Farhan: “Pata hai kyun? Kyun ki Rohit nahi tha.”
Rohit: “Achchha? CIA ke saare cases to tu akele hi solve kar diya na jaise!”
Suchi: “But guys, seriously, ekdum stupid chors hain! Ek to gaari khuli rakkhi, aur upar se, Art House ka shutter bhi! (rolls her eyes).”
Ishaan: “Itne bhi fools nahi the. Art House ka hidden camera bhi deactivate ho gaya tha. Shayad jaldi mein ho gayi. Wo kehte hain na, jaldi ka kaam shaytaan ka kaam.”
Rohit: “Yaani Farhan ka kaam. 6 minutes, 40 seconds. (makes a whooshing sound)”
Farhan: (in a saintly manner) “Don’t be jealous, Rohit. Just because ye case mein tu nahi tha isliye.”
Suchi: “Lekin Art House mein chori karne ka point bhi kya hai?”
Ishaan: “Kyun?”
Suchi: “My mom, she collects paintings. Aur pata hai, Lakdawala Art House mein sirf duplicates milte hain. Duplicate paintings, duplicate antiques…aur wahan ka price bhi bahut kam hai. Wahan ka sabse expensive painting hogi kuchh dus hazaar ki.”
Rohit: (mockingly) “Suchi, dus hazaar bhi bahut hota hai, yaar. In logon ne to bahut bada case solve kiya hai!”
Suchi: “Ya, but considering Primrosa Art Gallery uske saamne hi hai, wahan ki sabse cheapest painting hogi kuchh…dus lakh ki. You know what guys, I think it was a stupid robbery!”
Farhan: (saintly manner, again…just the first sentence) “Chori to chori hoti hai balike! Chhoti ho ya bari. Case to case hota hai,chhota ya bara. Kyun Rohit.”
Rohit sniggers. Just then, Ishaan gets a call.

Ishaan: “Hello Miss Lakdawala…haan, haan…sure…we will be there…Yeah…thank you…bye. (to the others) Guys, Miss Lakdawala ne hume unke shop mein bulaya hai, taaki wo hume thik se congratulate aur thank kar sakein.
Rohit: Tumlog jao. Tumhara case hai, so you deserve the thanks. Well, mera haircut appointment hai, so I'll be going for a hair trim. Adios guys. See you around. All the best. (leaves)
Farhan:"Yaar, ye Rohit kabhi serious nahi ho sakta."
Ishaan:"Chhor na, yaar!"
Farhan:"Pagla Mehmood hai!" They all laugh.
Suchi:"Well done!"
In the prison, one of the robbers tells the others that he SAID they'd get caught. Another man tells him that game isn't over...everything will still go according to plan. The third man says the plan is foolproof.

In the Art House, Suchi and Nikki are checking out the items. Nikki spots a weird statue and asks Suchi which animal that is. Suchi:"Nikki, ye jaanwar nahi hai! (in a singsong voice) Ye insaan ki bebas mohabbat hai. (in normal voice, showing the label) See na, 'unfulfilled love'." Nikki:"Huh??" Suchi:"Get it, darling, it's art...art!" In another side of the art house, Miss Lakdawala is thanking the boys profusely for preventing a theft in her Art House and says the only damage done was that her security camera was damaged, but she has fixed that too. She gifts them a picture and Ishaan unwraps it and says,"Wow! It's great!" Miss L. (Lakdawala):"Yeh ulta hai." She turns it around. Ishaan:"Oh!.....I mean, jiss angle se bhi dekho, amazing lagta hai." Miss L. is pleased. Suchi suddenly drops a pot she was holding, but it doesn't break, thankfully. Nikki picks it up and spots a beautiful box. It's really beautiful and she looks at it closely. Miss L. tells them that it's an exact duplicate of a 400 year old treasure box in Rajasthan. Nikki looks at it closely and then spots a hammer next to the box, on the floor. Nikki:"Ye ek...uh...uh..." Farhan:"Nikki ye hathaura hai." Miss L.:"Ye? Ye to mera nahi hai." Suchi:"Are you sure?" Miss L.:"Of course I'm sure. This is not mine." Farhan: "To phir ye un choron ka hoga." Suchi:"Lekin itna bara hammer leke ye robbers yahan kyun aayenge?...To destroy....or to steal?" At the police station, Suchi laughs at the paintings the thieves had stolen...showing the others that one was actually incomplete! Farhan calls the thieves 'Anari' and ZLK (Zakir/Zakat Liaqat Khan) gets angry thinking Farhan called HIM 'Anari'. A teensy comic sequence follows in which Farhan convinces ZLK that he didn't call HIM 'Anari' and mimicing him when he was looking another way (Rather, it was MEANT to be a comic sequence coz I did NOT find it funny at all. I don't like this new guy's comedy skills much. DLK was way way better). Anyway, the constables take the thieves out of the cell and ask ZLK for the papers coz they have to take them to the court. ZLK gives the papers and one of the thieves holds on to Ishaan's chair and says,"Hum tumhe chhorenge nahi." Farhan trips the thief up by sticking out his foot and the constable takes him away. Suchi notices some powder and bits of stone on the floor which fell from the theif's trousers' folding. She puts a sample in a plastic bag. Ishaan examines it in HQ and says it's concrete with light blue colour paint on it. Nikki says the walls of Lakdawala Art House were of that colour. They go there and find it's a match. Behind a painting, they find the paint chipped off and bricks exposed. Miss L. tells them behind that wall is the Bank of Cambala. The CIA is surprised.

The CIA visit the Bank of Cambala where the manager shows them the wall common with the Art House...it has the safe on it. The manager tells them that minimum amount in the safe is Rs. 50 crores. When he hears that the safe was about to be robbed, he says the police should be informed...Miss L. agrees. Then we see the van where the thieves are being taken. ZLK gets a call..."Yessir, yessir...kya?...haan?...kaunse bank ka?...safe chori kar liya?...kaunse bank ka safe chura liya?...CIA?...wohi ladke?...haan...Ishaan aur Farhan..." The thieves hear this and one says that police came to know everything and now they'll get a ong term in jail. Another thief tells him to stop panicking coz everything can still go according to their plans. Meanwhile, the CIA (minus Rohit) is biking to the HQ.

Suchi:"See? I knew it. Paintings toh police ko fool karne ke liye chura rahe the. The actual plan was to rob the bank."

Farhan:"Haan, par woh to humne foil kar diya na? Ab case over n race start. Jo bhi headquarter sabse last pahunchega, wo banega ZLK ka chamcha."

Ishaan:"Achchha. Rohit nahi hai to tujhe race karni hai? Chal thik hai. I'll race you."

Farhan counts one, two, three and they set off. We see the van again and ZLK tells the driver to turn the van round coz there's a new twist in the case. Meanwhile the thieves at the back start fighting and ZLK makes the driver stop the car and gets off and goes to the back door to stop the thieves. However, as soon as he opens the door, the three thieves fall down on him, flatten him, and escape before the constables can get to the back door. In the race, Ishaan takes a shortcut (that's cheating, Ishaan) and Farhan sees him doing it. But I don't think he followed Ishaan. Neither Suchi nor Nikki notices the shortcut. Ishaan takes that path to fall right into the hands of the thieves, who were escaping. One thief:"Kya luck hai humara aaj. Udhar police ke haath se bahar aur yahan ye humare haath ke andar!" The three thieves surround Ishaan.



Devdatta, the biggest CIA fan said...

Yeah! now-a-days Farhan & Rohit r fighting mor but I'm sure they're still v. good friends(remember them at the end of the case of the bank robbery) I like it's ending & begining v. much. SHRINI SPOKE BENGALI in the part 2!! that was great!!! & u know, Aditya & Freishia appear in a serial on ZeeNext-'Yahaan Ke Hum Sikander'! I think Freishia's in a negative role in it. Do u watch it? Anyway, I'm v. exited for CIA's next case- Mystery of the Haunted House. I think it'll be a bit different.

CIArox said...

I don't see 'Yahaan Ke Hum Sikander' nd I'm looking forward to next mystery, too. But I'm still sore with Farhan. I'm NOT forgiving him for what he said to Rohit. Rohit apologised himself! Even after that!
U know, I liked Rohit before and I like him even more now. He was sweet to Farhan in the end. But Farhan shouldn't have been rude to Rohit after he said sorry. He was horrid to Rohit!

Devdatta, the biggest CIA fan said...

I know Farhan was not good to Rohit that's why he didn't help others to solve this mystery. Well, u know, Addy also appears in a comedy soap on Sabtv-'Fun Family.com' every Mon. I don't watch it cos Sabtv's not always available here. But do U watch it?

CIArox said...

No I don't watch it. U see, I neither like nor dislike Addy, Aditya, Freishia, Sheena or Amin. It's the CHARACTERS that I like. I have no feelings, good or bad, towards the actors, coz I don't even know them. Rohit and Addy's characters might be totally opposite for all you know!

Devdatta, the biggest CIA fan said...

YA!! ME TOO!!! for eg. I like Farhan but I don't like Amin. Although, I don't know much about his real life. I watch 'Yahaan Ke Hum Sikander' only for seeing Ishaan & Suchi. I'm not so interested in that serial. Well, I'm going to Mumbai this Wed. I'm afraid that I'll miss C.I.A for that day. But I'll try my best. After all, I can't leave my fav. show even for a day!!!

CIArox said...

Do try to see it. By the look of the advertisements, Mystery of the Haunted House will be great! Anyway, maybe you can see the repeat telecast on Thursday.