Monday, January 21, 2008

Mystery of the Haunted House Part-I

Before music, we see a young couple (bf-gf, not married) at a spooky-looking house, Rosewood Manor. The girl owns the manor and the boy says she'll be a millionaire coz the place is so big. Inside, however, they first see the shadow of a 'churail' and then a skull rolls to the boy's feet. The two bolt from there. After the music, we see the girl at CIA HQ, seeking the CIA's help. Farhan:"Woh Cambala ke bahar jo Ghanaura Jungle ka road hai, uske aage agar aap jao to ek ... fatak aata hai. Wahan se second left lene ke baad ek satturam ka khet aata hai. Wahan se jab aap U-turn karte ho, to left hand mein ek khandar sa bungalow aata hai. Kya woh bungalow aapka hai?" The girl nods and says her grandfather left it to her. Farhan says there used to be a cemetery there years ago. The girl says she knows nothing about all that. She has arrived from USA three days ago, planning to build a children's home in the bungalow...that had been her grandfather's wish, too. Rohit:"(sarcastically)Aur ab to wahaan bhoot hai, na? (laughs) Come on, ma'am, iss day or age mein? No way!" The girl (her name is Neha Thakraal) says if they had seen what she saw the other night, they would have felt the same. She begs the CIA to do something about it....she is new in Cambala and everyone she talks to, tells her to get CIA's help. Nikki is scaredat the thought of chasing ghosts, but Rohit scoffs at that and says it must be someone's plan to get the property and they should certainly investigate. Ishaan says Rohit has a point and Suchi says then they have a case. Next, the CIA arrive at Rosewood Manor and Nikki is scared just at the site of the house. They enter to find the watchman there, sweeping up leaves. The watchman tells them to run away and says something about 'paisa' 'time' and something else, which the CIA can't understand (nor could I!!). Then Neha and her bf, Rajan, come and the watchman quickly returns to his work. Neha apologises for being late while Rajan says the CIA is only kids and he can handle it himself. Farhan says,"Boss, aap hi handle kar lena. Pehle andar chale?" and they enter the Manor.
Rohit makes spooky sounds, mockingly. The door suddenly closes and everyone gets scared...Neha screams. Only Rohit laughs and says it is just the wind (Ishaan and Farhan weren't really scared, I think, but they were startled anyway, which Rohit was probably not). Then Rohit asks Rajan (mockingly, like Rajan is a kid, probably coz he was angry at Rajan for calling the CIA kids),"To aapki khopri kidhar....oh, I mean, I'm sorry (fake apology). I mean, woh khopri aapne kidhar dekhi? Batao batao, jaldi batao, I'll search for it!" Rajan isn't pleased and Neha shows the place. Rohit searches, but the skull is not there. Suchi asks where Neha saw the witch and Neha shows a room on the first floor. Rohit, still kidding around, asks the witch to open the door (sarcasm, again). The door is locked and Farhan asks Ishaan to open it with his skeleton key, which Ishaan does. Rohit tells Suchi a ghosts room will open with 'skeleton' key only. Just before entering, Nikki sees someone behind another door on the ground floor and gets scared. Suchi says when a door is opened in a locked house, other doors may move due to air pressure...thet is the scientific explanation. Inside, Rohit continues kidding, laughing witchily, this time. Suchi tries to scare Nikki and Farhan by flashing her torch in their faces and calling out their names in a hollow sort of voice. Nikki moves near a table and Rohit suddenly pops up, his torch lighting his face eerily, laughing in a ghostly way. Nikki shrieks and Farhan is kind enough to enquire if Rohit is mad! Ishaan spots some blank sheets of paper on a table and inspects them. Then they all see footprints leading to a small walk-in closet door nearby. They go to it and open it. Farhan, sounding scared aks if Rohit wants to enter first. Rohit says,"Farhan, tu to bahuit darpok hai, yaar. I bet yeh sab kisiki chaal hai," and enters the closet. Suddenly Rohit seems to be pushed inside by an invisible person and the door closes!
The others hammer on the door but it doesn't budge. Then the door suddenly opens by itself and Rohit is nowhere to be seen inside. Meanwhile, we also see someone's rotten hand moving on a statue behind them all. Ishaan, Farhan, Nikki, Suchi, Rajan and Neha go to the other end of he closet to find another door there. They open it and enter. The six of them search the room, half-scared and Farhan comes near a candle stand. Suddenly Rohit pops up, covered in a white sheet, his face a weird blue (it was actually light). He growls like a ghost and Farhan screams and backs away. Then Rohit looks sideways at Farhan, who realizes Rohit was merely playing a trick! Farhan is not at all pleased and says,"Rohit, tu pagal hai kya!" again, but really angrily this time. Rohit laughs and repeats,"Farhan, tu to bahut darpok hai, yaar!" Suchi tells Rohit to stop behaving like a ten-year-old and Rohit makes a face. Suchi says to Neha and Rajan,"Sorry, he is a little...." she makes a sign denoting madness. Rohit is displeased. Then they suddenly hear the sound of 'payal' and Rohit spots a shadow behind a window. The others rush to him and Neha says, on seeing the shadow, it's the same witch. Suchi takes a picture on a camera (the witch ran back and forth three or four times in all). Rohit Ishaan and Farhan rush out of the house. Ishaan goes one way and Rohit & Farhan, another. Ishaan suddenly spots the same footprints on the ground and cutting a thin branch from a creeper, follows the prints. Suddenly a rake is brandished towards him and he spins around, ready to attack. However, it's only the watchman to whom Ishaan apologises, saying there's a woman behind the house, whom he was following. The watchman says there is no one there, except dead people of the cemetery, and money, which makes people blind; at this point, he shows Ishaan his right eye, which is pretty weird-looking. Ishaan notices fresh earth on his shoes. Back in CIA HQ, Farhan tells Neha that he found out from the nearby people that 70 years ago, there used to be a British cemetery in the place where the Manor stands now. The Manor was built after Independence. Ishaan says that's the reason why the watchman talks about dead people of the cemetery. Neha is feels the house might really be haunted, but Rohit, who had just come in, says that he is all the more sure now that there's no ghost there.....he said this while looking at the picture of the witch that Suchi clicked, which Nikki and Suchi were seeing on the computer.
He says that according to films and all, ghosts cannot be captured on camera. Ishaan asks Suchi what she is doing and Suchi says she is looking at the picture for clues. Farhan suddenly tells Suchi to zoom in on the hand, which Suchi does. Farhan shows the others that there seems to be an outline of thread on the wrist of the 'witch' (like the different holy threads which people wear). Suchi says why should ghosts wearthread on their wrists...for good luck? Nikki says or maybe something else. Rohit says he is 100% sure it is a man. Then we see Col. Nathudas Dhingra (from Mystery of the Stolen Formula), meeting Rajan, Neha's bf who has a thread on his wrist. Col. Dhingra asks Rajan if he has talked to Neha about selling the Manor to him. Rajan says not yet, but he'll talk to Neha that night. Meanwhile the CIA arrive at Rosewood Manor. Rohit says to Farhan,"Isse kehte hain adventure.....ek andheri raat, (in a ghostly voice) bhooton ke saath!" Farhan:"Dekh Rohit, tu ye sab bhoot-pret ke mamle ko lekar mazaak mat kar. Maine bachpan mein...churail ko dekha hai." Rohit:" (in a fake, scared voice) Achchha? (scornfully) Abey ja, hat!" Nikki:(scared)"Kya? Kahaan?" Farhan:"Faridabad mein. Meri naani ke ghar ke peechhe ek kabaristan tha. Usi kabaristan mein ek kabar ke bahar woh baithi thi." Rohit:"Achchha? Pata hai, woh churail nahi hogi. Koi murda hoga. Jisse kabar ke andar garmi lag rahi hogi aur hawa khane ke liye woh bahar aa gaya hoga. (laughs in ghostly a way)" Suchi (irritated):"Just shut up, you guys! Now listen. This is the plan. Hum do groups mein divide ho ke poori raat yahan spend karenge, alright?" Farhan:"Par kyun?" Ishaan:"Kyunki do floors hain. Aur dono ko cover karne parenge." Rohit:"Right! Agar dayan ek group ke peechhe par gayi, to doosra group hai na, usse bachane ke liye!" Suchi says Ishaan, Nikki and she will remain in the ground floor while the other two will go to the first floor. She asks Ishaan if he remembers the signal. Ishaan nods and says,"Aaj to iss churail aunty ke peechhe kaun hai, pata karke hi rahenge. Disperse, guys." Rohit tells Farhan,"Chal," and goes to the staircase, but Farhan doesn't follow. Rohit:"Abbey chal na darpok....chal!" He reaches out to pull Farhan, who backs away. Farhan (sounding scared):"Tu...tu ja na main aa raha hoon." Rohit begins climbing the stairs and Farhan follows, a little behind. Rohit suddenly "Boo!"s at Farhan and goes up the staircase, laughing. Farhan follows, still scared. Ishaan and Suchi separate ways, Nikki being with Suchi, to search the ground floor. Outside, someone (I couldn't see him because it was dark) arrives, on seeing whom the watchman is scared.
Meanwhile, Rohit and Farhan explore upstairs, but find nothing. Rohit tells Farhan they can sleep right there that night, Farhan is hesitant (it's the room where the witch was seen, remember?) but Rohit tells him to chill coz there's no such thing as a ghost. Little later, we see Rohit and Farhan asleep. There's a creaking sort of noise and Farhan wakes up. He awakes Rohit, who tells him,"Ullu(idiot) ! Ullu(owl) hai." And tells him to go back to sleep, clapping him on the shoulder. Farhan:"Maarta kyun hai, yaar?" and goes back to sleep. Downstairs, Suchi and Nikki are exploring when Nikki sees the shadow of a hand and screams. Ishaan comes there and tells her, showing a statue, it was only the hand of that statue, reflected due to the light of his torch and she shouldn't have come if she is so scared. Suchi tries to console Nikki telling her that they are all there with her but Nikki is scared that the witch might be real. Ishaan says there is no such thing as ghosts when suddenly spooky sounds fill the entire place....Ishaan records the sound immediately. Upstairs, Farhan is sitting on his sleeping bag, scared, while Rohit is hunting about. Farhan asks what he is looking for and Rohit answers he is looking for speakers...the sounds are definitely taped. He yells out, saying,"Dekho, hum iss se darne nahi wale hain, Samjhe? Just stop it!" Farhan suddenly sees a candle stand launching itself towards Rohit. He warns Rohit, who ducks in the nick of time. Downstairs, a vase falls down next to Ishaan and Nikki and Suchi come there. They are relieved to hear it was only a vase that fell down. Suddenly the witch's shadow appears again and Nikki is very scared. Suchi tells Ishaan to take Nikki out of the house immediately and they rush to the door.....but the door is locked from outside. While they're hammering on the door, Nikki feels something next to her foot. She looks down to find a skull and screams. Upstairs, Rohi spots the 'witch' rushing by and follows 'her' into the closet door (where he pretended to 'disappear' earlier) but the witch captures him and overpowers him....putting 'her rotten hand' over Rohit's mouth, so Rohit can't speak.....this leads Farhan, who is outside, to think Rohit is playing trick again, so he doesn't go in. He tells Rohit if he (Rohit) doesn't come out fast, he (Farhan) is gonna go downstairs. Rohit can't come out, of course, so Farhan goes down. The episode ends with the 'witch' taking Rohit away...from the screen, anyway.

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