Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This is not really a CIA Mystery.....YET! But this is a mystery That has been lingering for three of the cases we've seen. Mystery of the Breaking Glass, Mystery of the Missing Shoes and Mystery of the Stolen Formula. I thought I'd show you all, too! A tattoo...which looks quite like the symbol of the zodiac sign, Scorpio.....has been shown in these three mysteries. In Breaking Glass, it was on Dawar's chest and after seeing it, the other man let him go and begged for mercy for hitting him, saying all his men will work under Dawar. In Missing Shoes, we saw it in the very end, dangling from the mirror that hangs above the windscreen of a car....who was in the car, we don't know, but whoever it was, he was watching he CIA as they came out of the police station. In Stolen Formula, it was drawn at the corner of a letter written in invisible writing, which the mafia guy, Shamsher Singh was reading; it was supposed to be from his boss......could the Man of the Tattoo (just making it sound grand :D) be a mafia Don?? Is he out to harm the CIA??
Keep watching CIA to find out!! I hope we know soon. I love suspense, but waiting is not very nice, sometimes. BTW, here are teensy clips of the parts showing the tattoo in Breaking Glass and Stolen Formula. I'll give the clip in Missing Shoes after I record it on Saturday in CIA Files. Do say what YOU think in your comments!!!
In Mystery of the Breaking Glass:
In Mystery of the Stolen Formula:
In Mystery of the Missing Shoes:


Asmaa said...

Really, It is like a mystery. I think that those people really are trying to find out a way to harm those poor C.I.A kids.

Vilas said...

I now realize that a mafia couple is trying to harm C.I.A one by one. The scorpion symbol was seen in mystery of the missing shoes, stolen formula, breaking glass and bank robbery (On the beginning). I think the symbol was also seen in the mystery of the Haunted House. I still don’t know, who was the person who shot the fourth thief with an air gun as seen in mystery of the bank robbery.