Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mystery of the Missing Kid Part-III

All the seven (CIA minus Rohit, D.L.K. and the two ''Manish's Uncle''s) are taken prisoners and are being taken to Koiba's camp when Koiba suddenly stops and asks one of his men how many kids there were in the beginning....four or five? The man says he counted six, another says it's four someone says five and all seem confused. Koiba says it doesn't matter how many they are....they're kids after all. In Koiba's camp,Ishaan, Nikki, Suchi and Farhan are tied to a rope-cot standing on one end, D.L.K. and the two men (who claim to be Manish's uncle, Madhur). Rohit is watching from quite a distance away...he is hidden behind a bush and is using night-vision glasses to watch the camp. The camp is a few tents pitched in a clearing in the forest. Koiba asks the two men which one of them is the forest officer. Both of them show the other. Then Koiba asks one of his men to bring Manish. Manish is brought there. Koiba points his gun at Manish and asks the frightened kid to tell him which one is Madhur Mehra (the forest officer). Just then Rohit dislodges a stone by mistake and Koiba and gang and also the prisoners hear the sound. One of the men run to the bushes but Rohit has run away by then. The man returns to tell Koiba that there's no one must be a fox. Koiba turns to Manish and repeats his question.
Manish:"In mein se koi bhi Madhur didi nahin hain." The CIA (4) gasp:"Madhur didi?" and the camera shows Rohit far from Koiba's camp....he is trying to find his way when a girl steps out; Rohit asks her who she is and the girl shows her ID card, saying,"Forest officer Madhur Mehra. Tum kaun ho?" and Rohit is stunned to see that Madhur is a girl, not a man. In Koiba's camp everyone is stunned a the news that Madhur is a girl. Koiba tells one of his men:"Ye hai teri pakki khabar? Ke forest officer ek admi hai?" The man says,"Mujhe laga ke Madhur naam hai to admi hi hoga." D.L.K.:"Hume bhi wahi laga. Madhur Bhandarkar.....Madhur Mehta." and he falls silent at a twitch of Koiba's gun. Koiba tells his men to search for the forest officerni and asks the two men who they are. The men say they are kidnappers and were following Madhur and Manish. [FLASHBACK] They wanted to kidnap Manish for ransom. When Madhur was showing Manish something up a tree, they sneaked up from behind and hit Madhur on the head, causing her to faint, but Manish ran away. They split up to search for Manish and that's when one man got caught in a jungle be found by Ishan, Suchi, Rohit, Farhan...and the other was found by D.L.K. and Nikki. Suchi asks Koiba why he has kept Manish prisoner and Koiba tells her that Manish is his ticket for catching Madhur. Koiba gets a call about a sandalwood deal and he agrees to the deal. After keeping the phone, he says if he can get Madhur, the deal can be finalised. The four realize he might be wanting to blackmail Madhur with Manish for some reason. They also spot Koiba's trucks some distance away, loaded with sandalwood. D.L.K.:"Do truck bhar sandalwood? Ye kanooni property hai!" and he falls silent as Koiba looks at him.
In another clearing far away, Rohit and Madhur are sitting before a fire (should they have lighted a fire? Wouldn't it make them easier to spot by Koiba's men? Madhur, at least, should know better than to light a fire when dangerous men are searching for them). Rohit tells her that Manish is in Koiba's camp and asks why Koiba needs her. Madhur says that Koiba wants her coz if she signs a document then Koiba's trucks won't be checked while going out of the forest. That way, he can smuggle the sandalwood out in peace. Rohit says,"Main shayad kuchh kar sakta hoon?" Madhur:"Kya kar sakte ho?" Rohit says he will have to think. Just then a huge dry leaf falls on his lap and he is about to put it into the fire when Madhur stops him. Madhur:"Kya kar rahe ho!?" Roit:"Kyun? Sookha patta hi to hai." Madhur:"Ye kagaar ka patta hai. Aisa ek patta jalane se iska dhuan ek admi ko poore din ke liye behosh kar sakta hai." Rohit:"Really? Tab to main bahut kuchh kar sakta hoon." Back in Koiba's camp, the two trucks are being further loaded and Koiba is standing a little away, muttering wihout the men hearing,"Bas ye deal ho jaye aur phir Koiba yahan nahi rahega. Iss jungle ko chhorke, in bewakoofon ko latkake, Koiba sau jungle paar chala jayega. Bahama. Bahama achchhi jaga hai. Bahama mein ghar. (to the men) JALDI KARO!" Meanwhile, D.L.K. is asleep anmd Manish, tied next to him, cannot sleep because of D.L.K.'s loud snores. Farhan is trying to untie his hands. Suchi:"Farhan kuchh hua?" Farhan:"Nahin. Lagta hai bachpan mein ye log bhi Scout camp gaye the. Pata nahin kis tarah bandha hai! Ishaan...tu kuchh kar." Ishaan: (after a little thinking) "Ek idea hai." There were two men sitting on a cot some way away from the prisoners and were chatting, backs to the prisoners. Ishaan, Farhan, Nikki and Suchi were tied to a separate cot together. Without the men noticing, they come few steps forward.
One of the men turns to see that the four are 'asleep' and so he doesn't suspect anything and turns away again. Again the four come few steps forward and the man turns again to see the four still 'asleep'. He turns again and the four suddenly fall on the two, cot and all, causing them to collapse. Just then Rohit comes there and unties them and introduces them to Madhur. Then he says, showing them the Kagaar leaves,"Bas ab ye patte jalana baki hai." Then Koiba returns to the camp to find it silent except one man standing with his gun pointed at Madhur. The man tells Koiba (he had a terrorist-type cloth covering his face, except his eyes, like all other men. But his eyes were enuf to tell me who it is!) that he has captured Madhur and Koiba gives him a congratulating hug. In the process, the cloth falls away from the ''man's" face, without Koiba seeing, and we see who it is. Yes, it is ROHIT...just like I understood and I'm sure you understood it as well. Who else can have the guts and disguising expertise? (not that others aren't good, but guts and disguises are Rohit's speciality!) Rohit does some quick thinking, covering his face with his hand, under pretence of coughing, before Koiba can see him. He covers his face again as Koiba turns to Madhur. Koiba:"Aur tu, meri jaan, forest waalon se kahegi ke mere trucks sirf sookhe lakdiyan hain." Madhur:(outraged)"KYA!?" Koiba:"Nahin batayegi?" Madhur shakes her head. Koiba:"To phir tera ye bhanja bhi iss jungle se bahar nahin niklega. Aur saath mein yeh police aur ye chaar bachche..." he stops as he spots that the four are missing. He calls to his men, but none arrive (the other four got them all, I think) and then Ishaan and Farhan arrive their, hankies tied over their nose and mouth, Farhan holding a burning stick and Ishaan, the Kagaar leaves.
Koiba doesn't dare to go too close in case they set fire to the leaves...he recognised them at once...and he moves towards them slowly as they step backwards little by little too, leading him away from Rohit and Madhur. They lead him to a spot slightly away and Suchi and Nikki (their faces were covered with hankies, too) pull some ropes and Koiba is hauled up suddenly in a jungle trap. The five stand around on the ground, laughing. Suchi goes to the kidnappers, still tied. They beg Suchi to untie them. Suchi says she'll do it later....they can go to sleep for sometime now. Then she takes out some Kagaar leaves and sets fire to them and waves them near the men, who faint at once. D.L.K. has awoken by then and calls to Farhan to untie him. Farhan unties him and Suchi tells him to radio the police headquarters and tell them to rescue them from the forest. D.L.K., holding burning Kagaar leaves he had taken from Suchi, does that, and he is about to tell the headquarters that the captures are to his credit, when the Kagaar leaves cause him to faint and the five take the radioing set from him. Next, the five are in HQ once again, poring over their picture in the papers. Rohit:"Yaar, ye log humesha mera left profile wala tasveer kyun chhapte hain?" Farhan:"Rohit, tu ek kaam kar. Tu unko tera best profile wala tasveer bhej de...chhapne ke liye." Rohit:"Good idea. Main unhe mera gym wala tasveer bhejta hoon, jis mein main mera biceps flex kar raha hoon!" Farhan:"Nahin wo wala nahin? Ye wala!" and Farhan pulls the hood of Rohit sweater on his face, making him look silly and runs away, down the stairs. Rohit chases him and Farhan climbs back up after Rohit has come down. Ishaan holds Farhan and calls Rohit. Rohit runs up and punches Farhan and the two fight...not seriously!

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