Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mystery of the Missing Kid Part-I

Before opening music, we see a car driving along a road inside a forest. There's a man and a woman inside. The man breaks suddenly, saying they might have run something over. The two get out and find a dog, who has just escaped from harm....the man braked just in time. The dog has a drawing copy in his mouth. The man takes it from him and reads the label inside..."Manish Modi...Class 4-A...Cambala High School." After opening music, a man and woman (not the same ones) are sitting in CIA HQ. The woman is crying and they tell the CIA (Ishaan not present) to please please find their only son, Manish. They say they had filed a complaint at the police station but the police found nothing. They went to Cambala Times editor, Shrini, and he advised them to visit the CIA. Then they, on Rohit's asking, say that Manish went with a Cambala forest officer to the Ghanaura Jungles. Farhan:"Ghanaura Jungles mein to...khatre..." his voice trails off. Nikki asks where Ghanaura Jungles are. Suchi gets up and shows her a map of Cambala. She says that Ghanaura Jungles is a dense's a one hour drive from Cambala. She says it's also the place where famous sandalwood smuggler, Koiba, is supposed to be hiding with his gang. Then she adds,"I mean...we are not sure." after seeing the scared expressions on Manish's parents' faces. Nikki:"You mean hume Ghanaura Jungles jaana hoga?" Suchi nods. Nikki:"Thik hai. To main Ishaan bhaiya ko inform kar deti hoon." Next we see D.L.K. pacing up and down in front of police jeeps, outside Ghanaura Jungles, and backing off a little whenever the dog (shown before opening music...his name is Bubbles) barks at him. The CIA come there and ask if police has found anything. Manish's dad:"Nahin. Abhi tak to kuchh pata nahi mila." Rohit:"Tab to ye case zaroor D.L.K. ...." (he was gonna say something like "Solve kar rahe honge, I guess, but D.L.K. interrupts him). D.L.K.:"Ei, ei, tum log yahan bhi pahunch gaye?? (to Manish's dad) Dekhiye sir, in bachchon ke lafre mein mat pariyega. Main hoon na, main apke bachche ko dhoond loonga. (to CIA) Dekho, tum log phir ek baar police ke tang mein kaam lara..." Nikki:"Kaam mein tang." D.L.K.:"Haan, haan, thank you." Rohit shakes his head with a the-usual-D.L.K.-again kind of expression while Suchi gets off her bike and goes and pets Bubbles.
Suddenly, she gets up and asks Manish's dad if he has anything belonging to Manish...something personal. Manish's dad gives her the drawing book (that Bubbles had) and Suchi makes Bubbles sniff it. Farhan says,"Good doggy....ja ja Manish ko dhoond." The dog starts running into the forest and the CIA follow. Before leaving, Rohit says to Manish's dad,"Aap fikar mat kijiye, sir, CIA Manish dhoond kar zaroor layega. Come on, guys, let's go!" The five race off on their bikes after Bubbles. D.L.K.:" Abbey ey, arre suno, abbey oye....(but the CIA have disappeared)....Abhi aaye, abhi chale gaye. Kahaaaan??" In the forest, the CIA are following bubbles through small paths, bushes, trees on their bikes...with some difficulty. Bubbles leads them to a very, very thin bridge, made of small, rickety planks, with ropes on the sides. Nikki:"Iss bridge ke paar..." Farhan: (sounding not-so-brave) "Ghanaur Jungles ka sabse deep hissa." Rohit: (making a face at Farhan) "Chal...let's go." He gets off from his bike, calling Manish by name. Others get off their bikes, too. Rohit is about to cross the bridge, when Ishaan stops him. Ishaan:"Ek minute, Rohit. Iss bridge pe hum sab ek saath nahi ja sakte. Main check karta hoon." Ishaan starts walking on the bridge, which sways dangerously, but he doesn't come to any harm and gets safely to the other side (except the part where one of the planks cracked and Ishaan almost fell down, he was not in any real danger). The ground below is far, far, far, far, far down, by the way. Suchi:"But what about Bubbles?" At that moment, Bubbles runs away, in the direction from which they came. Then we see D.L.K. in the forest, calling,"Khaan gaye sab log? Kidhar gaye? C-I-A-!!" Then Bubbles runs up to him and barks at him. D.L.K. looks petrified at first and then runs away. Behind him...behind the trees, we see the legs of a man in camouflage pants, holding an AXE.
Then we see the CIA again. Suchi is crossing the bridge, screaming every now and then (she could have screamed a little less...even Nikki didn't scream so much). She manages to get to the other side. Next is Nikki. Rohit tells her to hold the ropes on the sides as tightly as she can. Nikki gets across. Rohit says to Farhan,"Tu ja." Farhan:"Tu ja na." Rohit:(in a much more soft, considerate tone than usual)"Tu ja bhai, main aa raha hoon." Farhan gets across. Rohit goes next and he has crossed three-fourth of the bridge when D.L.K. arrives! He tries to climb the bridge while Rohit is on it despite being told not to do so by the five and Rohit would have been been KILLED if he hadn't moved the last bit quickly and grabbed the hands of the other four, for when D.L.K. stepped on the bridge, it collapsed and D.L.K. stepped quickly back, now separated from the five (if something had happened to Rohit...I can't think of anything bad enough to do to D.L.K.!!!). The five move on. They search for Manish all around. Suchi finds biscuit packets and a crayon, which she confirms is Manish's by testing it on his drawing in the drawing copy. Suchi also says Manish can't have torn the drawing was done by a big man, coz the copy had been torn all pages together and that can't be done by a kid. Rohit says he can easily do it and takes the drawing copy and tries his hardest to tear it, but can't. Farhan:(sarcastically)"Rohit, tune aaj pineapple juice nahi piya hai na...tabhi, book to kya, tu to poori library faar sakta hai, yaar!" Rohit makes a face at him.
Then Ishaan takes out a compass and Suchi, a map, using which they decide that Manish must be in the north or west, coz the other directions have rapids and waterfalls. Farhan says he is in the west. Rohit:"Tujhe kaise pata ke woh kahan hai?" Farhan:"(sarcastically)Usne phone kiya tha mujhe. (to others) Wo dekho." The others see that vultures are circling in the west. Rohit goes ahead with a stick, leaving the other four behind, to chase the vultures. Farhan:"Rohit...ruk...arre yaar, ye ladka to kabhi humare saath nahi rahega!" They go there and find Rohit shouting,"E, mard ke bachhe ho to neeche aao! Maa ka doodh piya hai to mere paas aao phir main batata hoon!" Farhan:"Rohit, pehli baat...wo mard ke bachhe nahi, vultures hain. Doosri baat, wo maa ka doodh nahi, meat khate hai." Rohit gives Farhan a Look and then they find Manish's sandals nearby. They decide that Manish can't have been vulture-snapped, however, coz there are no shreds of clothes nearby. Then, after some searching, they sudddenly hear Rohit (who was a little far away) calling for help. Farhan tells the others to ignore it at firs, but when the cries come again, he is the first one to rush off. Everyone except Nikki, who gets left behind, rushes towards Rohit's voice. They find Rohit dangling upside down on a jungle trap. Ishaan cuts him free while Farhan and Suchi catch him. Rohit falls right on top of Farhan and Farhan yells. Then suddenly, a bearded man drops down, upside down on a jungle trap like Rohit, in front of Suchi (she had wandered a little away) and Suchi screams.

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