Friday, December 7, 2007

Mystery of the Stolen Formula Part-III

Hey ppl, I thought I would upload videos of this part.

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Here's the written part too, as requested:
Ishaan: Ye Zygonol ka CD cover apke ghar mein kya kar raha hai?
Dr. Dixit: Mujhe kuchh nahi pata. Main jhoot nahi bol rahi hoon. Really. I don't know.
Suchi: Dr. dixit, ab policce hi hume batayegi.
Dr. Dixit: Nahi. Main batati hoon. Aaj subah Dr. Modi ne mujhe kathak ke kuchh CDs diye the. Unhi mein mix ho gaye honge. But...I really don't know.
Rohit: Aur apne unhe notice bhi nahi kiya?
Dr. Dixit: Dr. Modi ne CD covers mix kar diye honge. Isiliye. But main jhoot nahi bol rahi hoon. I swear. I really don't know.
Back in HQ, the five discuss the case. Ishaan finds no fingerprints on the case and says it must have been handled using gloves. Rohit says Dr. Dixit is lying and they should inform the cops. Suchi says if she was telling the truth, why would Dr. Modi give her the CD cover? Nikki:"Obviously unhe fasane ke liye. I think it's him." Ishaan says Dr. Reddy could also be involved. Farhan still suspects Dr. Modi because of the formula written in his house. Ishaan says if they could reach Shamsher, they might get some clues. Suchi:"How? Phone number, disconnected. Car number plate, nakli....ab tak change kar diya hoga. Ustak pahunche to kaise?" Farhan:"Ek idea hai. Hum ustak nahi, par wo hum tak pahunch sakta hai. Batau kaise?" Next we see Shrini in the HQ, holding an ad the CIA want him to publish in the newspaper. He reads it out:"For Sale. Special new fireproof chemical to safeguard against fires." Ishaan says yes, so that the criminal mafia after the chemical contacts them. Shrini says whether the mafia contacts them or not, the police will definitely come after them after reading the ad. Only way out is to involve the police. Suchi:"Dum lagake? No way!" Shrini says they have no other option and the CIA reluctantly agree. Then we see Shamsher reading the ad in his den. He says,"Sala ye kaisa formula chor hai! Pehle to mujhse bechne ki baat karta hai. Uske baad paper mein ad deta hai. Iski to main band baja doonga." Then he calls the number given and the cell rings in the HQ (I think it was Ishaan's cell). Shrini talks to the man.
Shrini: (with an accent) "Haanji?"
Shamsher:"Woh...paper mein ad tere .... ka hai?"
Shrini:"Hanji, hanji, wo roti-shoti wastey. Boliye."
Shamsher:"Apne boss ko kharidne ka hai. Apna bahut bara company hai."
Rohit: (in whispers) "Ye ussi ka awaz hai. Ye wahi banda hai."
Shamsher:"Kidhar aaun?"
Shrini:"Ji apne wo Cambala Hill ke upar jo mandir hai wo dekhi hai? Kal ussi ki outside mein mil lete hain. Uh....4:30."
Shrini:"Okay, ji."
Next we see the CIA, along with Shrini and DLK, outside the temple, hidden in the bushes. DLK is standing straight up and can be easily seen by the man if he comes. DLK:"Dekho. 4:32 ho gaya. ab tak aaya nahi. Ye criminal logon ko time ka koi value nahi hai." Rohit:"Sir aap thora neeche baithenge? Warna wo aapko dekh lega, haan? Aur....aur apni paon na aage mat rakhiye." DLK:"Kyun?" Rohit:"Anthill hai." DLK:"Haan janta hoon, janta hoon. Do cases kya solve kar liye mujhe kanoon sikha rahe hain." Suchi:"Anthill se door rehna kanoon nahi hai." DLK:"Haan janta hoon. Itna sab kuchh ho gaya tum logon ne mujhe bataya nahi. Ab main aa gaya hoon, ye case main solve karoonga." Nikki:"He's coming." A black car is shown driving up the hill from some distance away. Just as the car draws close, DLK puts his foot on the anthill and yells as the ants start biting him. Shrini tries to stop him, but fails. Shamsher looks out without stopping the car and on seeing DLK, drives by without stopping. Ishaan and Farhan move ahead and Ishaan quickly throws some red-disc-type things with pins attached. all of them drive into the tyres, but Shamsher doesn't stop. Ishaan and Farhan follow him on their bikes. The two boys follow him but only find his car parked outside a building. Ishaan moves ahead to investigate and Farhan gets into the car, to find the ignition key still hanging there. He inspects it.
Back outside the temple, in the bushes, Farhan shows Shrini the key, saying it's not the original car key. Shrini asks how he can say that. Farhan shows him the rough edges of the key, saying,"Aisa lagta hai jaise isey kata gaya ho." DLK:(looking pained and rubbing his feet)"Mujhe bhi kata gaya hai. In cheetion (ants) ke size ki hatkari nahi hoti warna sabko arrest kar leta main. AAH!" The CIA roll their eyes. Farhan says the key is a duplicate electronic key and if the job has been done in Cambala, there is only one electronic key maker who can do the job....Nagesh bhai. Then we see Farhan in Nagesh bhai's shop. Nagesh:"Haan bhai. Yeh chaabi to maine hi banayi thi. Par yaad nahi kab banayi thi." Farhan:"Achchha? Koi baat nahi. (taking out his cell) Waise mere uncle police mein hain. Shayad, wo yaad dila denge aapko." He dials a number keeping the phone in loudspeaker mode, and we hear a familiar voice,"Inspector D. L. Kulkarni reporting on phone!" Farhan cuts the phone and gives Nagesh a smile. Nagesh:"Sir, mere khayal se....(takes out a notebook)....Haan, ek admi mujhe Norton Road pe le gaya. Uski kali Esteem ki chabi gum ho gayi thi." Farhan:"Right. Kali Esteem. Tumhe Norton Road mein ghar yaad hai uska?" Nagesh:"Nahi Sir." Farhan: "Nahi yaad hai? Thik hai Uncle se baat kar lete hain." He takes out his cell. Nagesh:"Sir sir sir, sab yad hai mujhe." Farhan:"Sab yaad hai na? Chalo." Then we see Ishaan in his dad's study...his dad is typing on the comp. Ishaan asks what he is typing. Dr. Mehra says it's his statement which he has to show in court the next day. Ishaan notices his dad's CRC Entry card on the table and casually asks him the password to the safe, removing the card, unnoticed. Dr. Mehra:"Ek four-digit number. 1481. Magar ab shayad wo kaam nahi karega. Unhon ne change kar diya hoga. Lekin kyun?" Ishaan:"Nahi, aise hi. Ok, bye." He goes to the HQ and shows Rohit the card. Rohit:"Tere dad ke I-card se CRC mein entry? Amazing! Lekin....hum wahan jaake karenge kya?" Ishaan:"Dekh boss, meri ek theory hai, jo wahi ja ke prove ho sakti hai." Nikki:"Par, wahan hume jaane kaun dega?" Ishaan:"Wo sab maine soch liya hai. Hum lab ke andar jayenge kaise, aur hume andar ja ke karna kya hai." Rohit:"Cool!"
At Shamsher's house, Suchi and Farhan open the door and walk in. Farhan:"Ishaan ka skeleton key never fails." Suchi:"Farhan tahan akele aana is very dangerous." Farhan:"Agar Shrini ko batate, to uss Dum Lagake ko pata chal jata. Aur agar wo yahan pe aa jata, to poora plan bigaar deta. Don't worry, main Ishaan ko yahan ke barey mein bata kar aaya hoon. Agar koi problem hui, to woh yahan ka pata janta hai." Farhan trips over a box on the floor. He finds a bag on the floor and shows it to Suchi, who was going through some newspaper cuttings about progress in Zygonol-making on the table. Suchi takes one last look at the letter saying "Mission deadline, 10th December" (though she can't see it) and she sees the tattoo at the corner of the letter. Then they open the bag and find lots and lots of money inside. Suchi says that there must be 1 or 1.5 crore in there. From the door, Shamsher's voice comes,"Ek ya der crore nahi, poore do crore hain. Aur main itna bewakoof nahi hoon ke iss do crore ka rakhwali na karoon." He comes out of the shadows and points his gun at them. They request him to let them go. Shamsher tells them to hand over their cells, which they do. Then he leaves, locking them inside. Meanwhile, Rohit and Ishaan enter CRC, Rohit disguised as Dr. Modi nd introducing Ishaan to the guards as his nephew. He goes in under the pretence of getting some papers from 'his' cabin. Rohit, after reaching the Zygonol safe, asks:"Andar to hum aa gaye, par ab?We don't even know the password. Safe khloenge kaise?" Ishaan:"Yahi to humara asli test hai." Meanwhile, the real Dr. Modi comes into CRC and the guards are surprised to see him, saying he went in a little while ago. (Inside, Ishaan has opened the safe) Dr. Modi goes to the Zygonol-safe-room with the guards and is surprised to find his twin there. He asks him who he is. Let's get to Nikki. She was dusting the HQ, upset tht everyone leaves her out of adventures when she finds Ishaan's tracker screen. She finds the tracker dot moving. Nikki follows the dot with her eyes and then decides to go to the place on her bike, in order to join Farhan and Suchi. The tracking device had been with Farhan and Suchi, but Farhan had stuck it to Shamsher's shoes, unnoticed. So, when Nikki set out, she was, unknowingly, on Shamsher's trail.
She, however, gets a puncture in midway and luckily (or unluckily) manages to get a lift on DLK's bike. She tells DLK that she has cookery classes. DLK sympathetically says there's too much pressure on children nowadays and Nikki finally manages to make him move the way she can see the dot after telling him quite a few times. They are shown in the outskirts of the jungle, close to a road. DLK:"Beti, ye tumhari cookery class hai ya open air barbecue hai?" Just then Nikki spots Shamsher nearby and points him out to DLK. DLK is about to spring into action with his gun when Nikki stops him saying they should wait and see who Shamsher is waiting for. In CRC, Rohit is sitting on chair, opening his wig, beard and stuff and Dr. Modi asks Ishaan why they came there. Ishaan says to prove that anyone can open the safe. He shows how he opened the safe. He first puts some powder on the number panel and then brushes the excess away, just like taking fingerprints. Then he shows Dr. Modi that the powder is stuck on four of the numbers only. Dr. Modi asks how that happened. Ishaan says that since only those four numbers are pressed all day, sweat accumulates on those four numbers only and not on the others, which are unused. Dr. Modi asks how can he know in which order the numbers should be put? Ishaan says they tried all possible combinations of those four of them had to be correct. The same technique was used by the thief and now he knows who the thief is. He asks Dr. Modi to smell the safe. Dr. Modi smells it and says it's the smell of a flower. Ishaan says it's not flower, but sandalwood.....Sandalwood Talcum Powder. Camera shows Nikki and DLK. We see a man with black hair holding a CD case (face not shown); he walks up to Shamsher and asks,"Paisa laye ho?" We see Ishaan again, telling Dr. Modi:"Sir maine ye safe Boric powder se khola. Aur chor ne Talcum Powder se. Sandalwood. Jo maine Dr. Reddy ke ghar dekha tha." We see Shamsher and the man's face is IS Dr. Reddy. He says,"Formula mere paas hai." Shamsher gives him the money Dr. Reddy takes it as Shamsher takes the CD.
Just then DLK comes up from behind and gives Shamsher a push so that both face him and he holds his gun at them. Then, still holding the gun at them, he uses his walkie-talkie to tell the police station to send backup quickly. Then he tells the two that police has surrounded them from all sides and arrests them. In...Ishaan's house, I think, all of the CIA are present accompanied by Dr. Modi, Dr. Mehra and Dr. Dixit. Nikki:"Aur phir na, usne hume apne ghar ka address bataya aur humne Farhan bhaiya aur Suchi didi ko free kar diya!" Dr. Mehra:"Damn good! Great job done, great job done. Guys, tum logon ne kamaal hi kar diya. I don't know how to thank you guys." Dr. Dixit:"Lekin mere ghar mein wo CD ka cover?" Dr. Modi:"Actually, Reddy ne hi usey chupke se parcel mein dal diya tha. Taki CIA uske bajaye tum par aur mujh par shakh kare." Dr. Mehra:"Ek aur baat magar yad rakhna. CIA ko dhokha dena apne aap ko dhokha dena hota hai." All of the CIA agree heartily. Dr. Modi:"Achchha ek baat batau. Tum logon ne humara formula to bacha liya. Magar ye CIA ki kamyaabi ka formula kya hai?" Nikki:"Ishaan (Ishaan puts his hand on Nikki's) plus Farhan (Farhan puts his hand on Nikki's other hand) plus Suchi (Suchi takes the hand Farhan was holding and holds Farhan's with the other hand) plus Nikki! Plus Rohit!!!" Rohit circles round from behind the couch to join the other four and holds Ishaan's and Farhan's free hands. And they all shout together,"C-I-A!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!"

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Vilas said...

The part, which I liked the most, was Inspector DLK shouting while stepping foot on the anthill. Although he is a policeman and he must learn to control his pain. He must be ashamed because when he shouted that the C.I.A and Shrini tried to shut his mouth.