Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mystery of the Stolen Formula Part-II

The episode begins with Dr. Modi telling Farhan that he suspects a junior doctor in CRC, Dr. Vishal Reddy, because he is into gambling and is in great debt from it. He had borrowed some money from Dr. Modi, too, but he hadn't paid it back till then. So he may have stolen the formula for money. We see Dr. Reddy shaking hands with a man (whose face is not shown) and saying,"To sauda pakka." Back in Modi house, Dr. Modi's wife returns with the tea and Farhan helps her with the cups and saucers. In the process, he notices a long and complicated looking chemical formula written on the newspaper on the table. In the formula, a chemical, CCl2F2, is circled. Farhan drinks the tea and thanks Dr. Modi and his wife. As soon as he is outside the door, he notes down the formula (CCl2F2) on his palm with a pen. Next, in HQ, the five are discussing the case, with the new strong suspect, Dr. Vishal Reddy, included. Shamsher is a dead end for them, because his car's number plate was fake and his cell no. has been disconnected. Farhan:"Dr. Modi aur Shamsher ko backburner pe rakhte hain. Filhaal, Dr. Reddy." Then Ishaan gets a call from his mother, who gives great news....Ishaan's dad is back home. The five are very happy and they go to Ishaan's house immediately. Ishaan's dad, Dr. Mehra, tells them that the case is not over. He is home only because the police have no concrete proof. Suchi asks Dr. Mehra about his assisstant, Dr. Reddy. Dr. Mehra says among all his colleagues, he knows Dr. Reddy the least, but from what he knows, he seems a nice guy....he is always quiet and tensed. Recently he took home an old computer with webcam (with permission, of course!) from CRC with Dr. Mehra's help. Rohit asks why he needed the computer. Dr. Mehra says Dr. Reddy said he is gonna connect Internet and chat with his family who live in USA. Suchi:"Webcam, huh? Kya aap uss computer ke details de sakte hain? Aur Dr. Reddy ka address bhi." Dr. Mehra:"Why not? Magar tum log keh rahe ho ke Vishal is involved somewhere?" Ishaan:"We're just trying. Dekhte hain kya hota hai." Then Farhan shows the formula he got from Dr. Modi's house and asks Dr. Mehra what chemical it is. Dr. Mehra:"Carbon-dichlo-difluoride! Ye tumhe kahaan se mila??......Ye to Zygonol ka main ingredient hai!" Everyone looks at Farhan who, flabbergasted, recalls the formula on the newspaper in Dr. Modi's house, realizing it might have been the formula of Zygonol!
In the CIA HQ, Suchi is on the comp again. Suchi:"Dr. Reddy ke computer number aur unke ghar ke address ke through main unke computer ka IP address dhoond loongi." Nikki:"Suchi ye IP address kya hai?" Suchi:"Internet Protocol address. Jaise ghar ka address hota hai, waise computer ka address." Farhan:"Lekin tu Dr. Reddy ke IP address ko dhoondke karegi kya?" Ishaan: (holding a tiny black box) "Iss webtracker se usey jam kar degi." Then we see some numbers and letters sliding up and down and then a sort of a map comes in view on the computer screen. Suchi:"Yes! Mil gaya. Bas, ab main yahan baithe baithe uske computer ko jam kar doongi. Taki usk Internet bandh ho jaye. Ishaan, next cue is yours!" Ishaan:"Roger that." They laugh. Ishaan leaves. Rohit:"Gret going, Suchi!" Then we see Dr. Reddy's house where he is watching a match on TV and cheering excitedly, a coffee mug in hand. Just then the doorbell rings. Dr. Reddy keeps the mug on the computer table and opens the door. It's Ishaan. He introduces himself and asks Dr. Reddy if he can ask something about the theft of Zygonol. Dr. Reddy says that of course he can and invites him in. In HQ, Suchi is clicking away on the computer. Farhan:"Suchi, ..." Suchi cuts across,"Patience, guys! Sab samajh mein aa jayega. Hume Dr. Reddy ko monitor karna hai to isse better tarika nahin milega." In Dr. Reddy's house, Ishaan has asked questions and thanks Dr. Reddy for his time. He gets up saying he has computer classes....he is learning all about Internet and softwares. He comments on Dr. Reddy's comp saying it's a nice machine. Dr. Reddy says he got it from CRC but since the morning the Internet has been having some problems. Ishaan says he can try to fix it. Dr. Reddy is pleased and thanks him. Ishaan goes to the comp and pretends to check the wires behind the CPU. In this position, he cannot be seen by Dr. Reddy and he gives Suchi a missed call. Suchi gets the missed call in HQ. Suchi:"Yes. Ishaan computer ke paas hai..." (Rohit and Farhan come there...Nikki was beside Suchi from before) "....Dr. Reddy, time to connect your Internet." She clicks some more. In Dr. Reddy's house, Ishaan is at the computer he opens some windows. Dr. Reddy is behind him. To get Dr. Reddy out of the way for sometime, Ishaan 'accidentally' spills knocks over the coffee mug and spills all the coffee (without spilling any o the comp) and Dr. Reddy goes in to get something to clear the mess. Ishaan immediately opens the webcam and some other files on the internet. He shows a thumbs up sign at the webcam, meant for the other four who are watching him through the HQ comp. Then Dr. Reddy retuirns and Ishaan immediately closes the windows before Dr. Reddy can see them. Dr. Reddy gives Ishaan some chemicals to soak up the coffee. Ishaan does that and says that his Internet is on. Dr. Reddy:"Kya baat kar rahe ho! It's amazing, yaar!" and settles down at the computer. Ishaan:"Bas IP address thora unstable hai, to usey stable karne ke liye machine pura din on rakhna parega."
In HQ, Suchi:"Well done, Ishaan!" Ishaan can't hear her, of course. Rohit: (jokingly) "Ab to hum sting operations ka side business bhi shuru kar sakte hain. Isn't it, guys?" Nikki:"Suchi, main phirse ek question poochun? Please." Suchi nods. Nikki:"Ab?" Suchi:"Ab wait and literally, watch!" The CIA watch Dr. Reddy using the webcam connection all day. A while later, Suchi and Nikki are sitting in front of the computer, almost asleep when Ishaan comes running in, saying,"Guys, guys, guys, wake up! Wake up!" Suchi and Nikki wake up with a start and the three watch the comp. A man (whose face is outside the camera's range) is seen. The man gives Dr. Reddy a big black briefcase with tons of money inside. Suchi gasps. Nikki:"So much money! I knew it. Ye zaroor Zygonol ke deal ka hai." Ishaan immediately calls Farhan...he and Rohit are outside Dr. Reddy's house. Both are fast asleep, Rohit leaning on Farhan's shoulder. Farhan awakes with a start and picks up the phone. Ishaan:"Farhan, listen. Andar jo aadmi hai na, usko...usko follow karo. Usne Dr. Reddy ko ek paison se bhara bag diya hai. Farhan, it has to be the money for the formula, Farhan. Jaldi, Jaldi, he's coming out, Farhan. Quick, quick!" Farhan and Rohit get up immediately (Rohit awoke by then). Farhan manages to attach a tracker to the back of the car just before it drives away. The two follow the man on their bikes, the screen attached to Rohit's bike. Dr. Reddy, however, had seen them doing this when he was on his balcony. The two follow the car to a bungalow. They keep their bikes outside the wall and they go to the wall and peer over it. Rohit:"Woh gari isi bungalow ke andar hai." Farhan:"Lekin Rohit, ye bungalow to kafi salon se bandh hai." Rohit:"Tujhe kaise pata?.....Chor, ab kya karein?" (Rohit must have remembered Farhan's normal answer to his "Tujhe kaise pata?", which is "Kyon ki tujhe nahi pata.") Farhan:"Tu ruk, main dekhta hoon." He climbs the wall and looks around...lights are on in the bungalow, but the huge garden is empty. The two climb over the wall. They sneak through the garden. After coming to a broken wall, Rohit goes round it and suddenly puts his hands up (like when you surrender). Farhan doesn't notice this and says,"Aage chal, warna wo formula chor aa jayega. Chal. Arre tu nahi chalta hai to main jaata hoon." And he goes round the wall too and puts up his hands, too. A colonel-type man is standing on the other side, pointing a rifle at them. The man asks,"Kaun formula chor?" Farhan:"Nahin, main nahin, (pointing at Rohit) ye mujhe...." then he stops on seeing Rohit's glare.
Then we see the two boys standing in the lawn, and the man is sitting on a chair in the lawn, with two tables spread with models of fashionable new buildings and lots of papers. Man:"Main hoon retired colonel, Nathudas Dhingra." Farhan:"Sir, aap to yahan pe naye aaye hain, na? I mean, ye bungalow to kafi saalon se bandh hai." Col. Dhingra:"Koi shakh?? Kal hi main Cambala mein aaya hoon. Aur tum Cambala wale iss tarah mera swagat karte ho? Aadhi raat ko mere ghar mein ghus kar?" Farhan: (looking at the tables) " models...aapka kya construstion ka business hai?" Col. Dhingra:"Koi shakh? Dekhna. Do saalon mein main Cambala ko jannat bana doonga. Spas, health clubs, resorts, everything! (someone teach him that in today's world, greenery is jannat!) Infact, abhi abhi main ek bahut baria deal karke aaya hoon. Ek scientist ka ghar kharid ke." Rohit:"Property papers. Property kharidi apne?" Col. Dhingra:"Haan." Rohit:"To woh paise..." (Rohit, you should be a little more careful!) Col. Dhingra:"Paise? Kaunse paise?" Farhan nudges Rohit and quickly covers up for him..."Sir, ye bet ke paise ki baat kar raha hai. Abhi yahan aane se pehle ye mujhse shart laga raha tha, ke aapke peechha karte huey hum nahi pakde jayenge. Lekin pakde gaye. (to Rohit) Chal bhai, sau rupaye dede." Rohit:"Kya??" The Colonel looks confused. Farhan:"Pagal, sau rupaye dena tu mujhe." Rohit: (catching on) "Uh....haan, haan, ek second, ek second. (to the Colonel, who was looking a little more assured now) Shart laga kar haar gaya, Uncle." Farhan:"Ye hamesha aisa karta hai." Rohit:"Ye le." and gives him a 100-rupee note. Col. Dhingra:"Achchha. To yeh bet ke paise the." Rohit: (copying Col. Dhingra) "Koi shakh?" The colonel actually gives a half-smile! I thought, when he was pointing his gun at the two, that he'd shoot them there and then!! Anyway, in the HQ, Rohit is walking round, saying that the colonel showed them the property papers and Dr. Reddy had indeed sold his house. Farhan is sitting on the stairs, looking at his watch, Nikki is leanin on the stairs, Ishaan is fixing something like a motherboard and Suchi is lying on a beanbag, a book on top of her face. Rohit:"Usne (Dr. Reddy) apna ghar becha hai, woh formula nahi. I think uss bag ke paise usi deal ke liye the." Suchi:"I wish hum kisi tarah Cambala Research Centre mein jaake wahan check kar sakte, is impossible." Farhan:"Mujhe to abhi bhi Dr. Modi par shakh hai. Usne purposely hume Dr. Reddy ke taraf divert kiya hoga." Nikki:"Haan. Hume wo jo chemical uske ghar se mila...kahin woh formula woh ghar pe to nahin bana raha hai? CD se copy karke?" Suchi:"Dr. Reddy pe one more reason to suspect. I mean, Internet pe nayi job ki application, aur ek aadmi ek saal ke andar andar ek naya job kyun dhoondega? Woh bhi iss waqt!" Ishaan:"Hume do suspects mile the, aur humne dono ko trail kiya. But we've got nothing concrete." Suchi:"Lekin ek aur suspect hai, Ishaan." Ishaan:"Hmm. Research team ki fourth scientist. Dr. Nina Dixit."
Then we see Dr. Modi and Dr. Reddy in CRC...they are chatting while pouring out different chemicals (won't the chemicals get mixed up?). Dr. Modi:"Ishaan ke dost aur...tumhare peechhe?" Dr. Reddy:"Ishaan aur uske dost. Yani ke CIA. Apne to unka naam suna hi hoga. Cambala ki detective agency. Inhone Cambala Caves ki mystery solve ki thi. Par...inhe mere peechhe aane ke liye kisne kahaan hoga?" Dr. Modi:"Pata nahi. Waise, ye log kafi dino se mujhe bhi follow kar rahe hain." Dr. Reddy:"Kya baat kar rahe hai?" Dr. Modi:"Aur kya?" Dr. Reddy:"Bachche apna time waste kar rahe hain. Bhala aap aur main Dr. Mehra ko kyun phasane lage?" Dr. Modi:"Dekh lena. Dr. Mehra ko koi bhi kuch prove nahi kar payega. He is a very innocent person." Dr. Reddy:"Woh to main bhi maanta hoon. Magar sawaal phir bhi rehta hai. Agar hum teenon nahi to...phir kaun?" Just then Dr. Dixit comes between the two. Dr. Dixit:"Dr. Modi, aap ... (forgot) project ke valencies complete kar denge? Main kar leti lekin...aaj shaam ko mere dance classes hain." Dr. Reddy: (chortling) "Dr. Dixit aapki achchhi double role hai. Scientist by day and Kathak dancer by night!" Gives a short clap. Dr. Dixit smiles shyly. Dr. Modi:"I'll do it, okay?...Arre main bhool hi gaya. Tum last time kuch cheez laney ke liye boli thi, right? Ye lo." He gives her a brown envelope with what looked like a CD in it. Dr. Dixit:"Thank you so much! Ye dance classes mein bade kaam ayenge." And she leaves. Then we see Shamsher in the godown-type place. He gets another call from the guy-with-the-formula (short: GWF). Shamsher:"Hello." GWF:"To kya kahan tumhare boss ne?" Shamsher:"Boss ko do crore manzoor hai. Lekin woh formula.." GWF:"Guaranteed. Meeting ka jaga fix karein?" Then we see the five at the HQ. Ishaan:"Dad ko roz enquiry ke liye jaana par raha hai. It's so crazy. Bas kisi tarah se ye sab tal jaye. Aur ye police bhi kahin nahi pahunchi ab tak." Farhan:"Dr. Dixit ke bare mein kya plan hai?" Nikki suggests fitting a camera in her car, Rohit suggests he disguise himself as a policeman. Ishaan: (suddenly angry)"FORGET IT, GUYS! Forget it! Bahut ho gaya ghuma phira kar kaam karna. Ab tak humne disguises banaye, plans kiye, chase kiye, lekin kya mila? Nothing at all!" Suchi:"To ab?" Ishaan:"To ab hum Dr. Dixit se directly milenge, aur unse directly poochhenge. Uske baad agar hume shakh hua, then we'll see." Then we see the five at Dr. Dixit's place and she is giving a performance for them, Nikki copying her. Ishaan looks mildly interested, Suchi looks admiring, but Rohit and Farhan are trying, unsuccessfully, to look like they're liking it. The dance ends. Suchi:"Wow! Aap jaisi dancer scientist kaise ban gayi?" Dr. Dixit:"Papa ka sapna." Nikki:"Nice flowers, kaunse hain?" Dr. Dixit:"It's mowgra. Ok, Ishaan, tumhare papa ke case ke bare mein kya hua? I feel really sorry for him." Ishaan:"Thanks aunty. Ab police bhi thori confused hai...aur hum bhi." Dr. Dixit:"Oh yes, CIA. I hope tum log yeh case solve karlo. All the best." Suchi, who was browsing through Dr. Dixit's bookcase, and admires the number of Kathak degrees and things. Dr. Dixit asks her to be careful, but it's too late...Suchi has already dropped number of CDs on the floor. Suchi says "Sorry!" and bends to pick the CDs up. Ishaan helps her. They suddenly find the cover of a CD there and it is marked ZYGONOL! Dr. Dixit looks shocked. CIA is stunned.

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