Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mystery of the Missing kid Part-II

The first scene shows Sucheta standing in one part of the forest under a tree. All of a sudden, a bearded man hangs upside down from one of the branches of the tree and Sucheta screams. The man opens his eyes and Sucheta utters a louder scream. This is followed by the theme song. Hearing Sucheta,the other three boys come to her aid. Ishaan cuts a long leafy rope holding the man and the bearded man falls. The man stands on his feet with a lot of difficulty and the four (without Nikki) ask the man his identity and how he reached that part of the forest. The man stammers,"I'm Manish's (Modi) uncle and I'd brought him to the forest for an outing. Suddenly, some fearsome-looking men appeared,armed with rifles and they kidnapped Manish and left me hanging here. I've got no idea where Manish is now." The man starts sobbing and the four comfort him.
All of a sudden,Ishaan realizes that Nikki is missing. They decide to split up and search in two groups. Ishaan,Rohit and Sucheta form one group and Farhan and the bearded man form another.The first group covers a certain distance and call out Nikki's name but in vain. The second group walks towards another part of the forest. After covering a few steps or so,Farhan hands the bearded man a sipper as he looked exhausted(he was holding onto the latter's waist to prevent him from fainting). The bearded man drinks from the sipper and Farhan asks him if he is ok. The former looks worried and says that he is unsure of whether Manish is fine or not as the armed men looked quite formidable. On the other hand,we see Nikki in an isolated part of the forest squatting on the grass and looking panic-stricken. She calls out Ishaan's name but in vain. She stands up,brushes her skirt and finds an arrow inscribed on the bark of a tree similar to the ones Farhan had been making to mark their trail. She looks around at the nearby trees and finding arrows inscribed on all their barks,she becomes confused. Then we see DLK in another part of the forest muttering to himself and calling out Manish's name. Meanwhile,Nikki suddenly hears the rustle of leaves and some faint footsteps. Nikki becomes a little scared and looks around with wet eyes. After some time.she manages to gather some courage. The footsteps start sounding more audible and Nikki takes a few steps backward. Suddenly,two hands covered entirely with leaves try to grasp Nikki's neck when all of a sudden,she screams loudly. Quickly she turns back to face the leafy man and punches him on the face. The man stumbles and falls,face down,on the ground.
Nikki hits the man on the face again and after removing the leaves,finds that the man is DLK! She helps him to stand and explains what lead the CIA to the forest. DLK says that he too had come to the forest to look for the missing kid. The two cover a certain distance calling out the names of the four CIA members. Suddenly,Nikki realizes that they had gone towards the west. Therefore, she would have head towards the east to find the others. She uses DLK's stick to find the directions. She sticks it, straight up, into the ground, in a place where the sun can be seen. The sticks shadowfalls on the ground. Nikki marks the shadow with two stones. Then she tells DLK that the sun moves from east to west and so the shadow moves in the opposite direction. They have to wait till the shadow has moved two inches and then they can find the directions by seeing the direction of the shadow's movement. Once she finds that the path ahead of her leads to the east, Nikki starts moving in that direction. DLK follows. The next scene shows a dark man with a stubble in a part of the forest looking around,confused. DLK creeps up behind him and threatens to shoot him. He asks that man his identity and stuff of that sort and that man replies that he's Manish's uncle.(!!!!!!) DLK grins broadly and assures that man that he'll help him find Manish. At the same time,Nikki appears from behind and says,"Don't worry. The CIA will help you to find Manish. Come with me." DLK's grin disappears as Nikki utters these words. The two men follow Nikki. They walk a few paces and find a trail of Gems on the tried leaves. The man with the stubble claims that those might have fallen from Manish's bag. They choose to follow that trail. Meanwhile, we see Ishaan,Sucheta and Rohit in one part of the forest(where they were searching for Nikki) and in the distance,a curly-haired man armed with a rifle standing behind a tree tries to shoot the three of them.
He is stopped by another man(his face is not revealed) who hits the tree bark with an axe. The former looks surprised at seeing the man with the axe and the latter asks him not to hurry. After some time, the five(the four people without Nikki and the bearded man) come together and they too spot a trail of Gems. They follow it. After some time,the five CIA members unite and everyone is happy to find Nikki. Nikki hugs her brother. She points at the man with the stubble and says,"Look,we found Manish's uncle!" Sucheta,looking confused,claims that the bearded man is Manish's uncle. The two men look at each other with astonishment. Before anyone is able to do anything,the two men,DLK and the CIA five are surrounded by a gang of formidable looking men armed with rifles. The man with the axe appears and he introduces himself as Koiba,the leader of the gang. D.L.K.:"Villains ki entry!" Farhan:"Aur heroes ki exit! Bhaago!" All of them run for it. D.L.K. gets caught and so do 'Manish's Uncles'. Ishaan and Suchi are caught along with Nikki and Rohit narrowly escapes by dodging into a bush. Farhan stumbles over a tree and his glasses fall. He searches for his glasses on the ground, unable to see anything without it. He suddenly feels the leader and says,"Arre Suchi, tere bal itne chhote kaise ho gaye?" and the leader puts his glasses on for him. The latter's face is revealed and Farhan is stunned to see him. Everyone except Rohit is caught and we hear Rohit's thoughts..."Sab pakde gaye...ab main kya karun? Mujhe akele kuchh karna hoga."

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