Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mystery of the Unexplained Thefts (short summary)

I'm sorry, guys, but due to increasing study pressure, I'll not be able to give full-fledged updates all the time. But if you want full update of a particular mystery, request, OK?
In this mystery, thefts take place in three different houses...the puzzle? No locks have been broken, no out-of-ordinary fingerprints found....and in one case, jewellery has been stolen from a bank locker! As the CIA embark on a quest to find the thief, a spattering of setbacks take place. When Farhan and Rohit go to Cambala Bank to investigate where Farhan discovers from the bank managers computer that Mrs. Desai's bank locker was opened in a normal way on the day she reported the theft! Meanwhile, two of the victims of theft...Mr. Patwardhan whose precious Ganesha has been stolen, Mrs. Sharma from whose almirah Rs. 50,000 has been stolen...have given wrong information!!
Mrs. Sharma says she doesn't remember a call that Mr. Sharma says she attended on the night of the theft (and the watchman of the house, who is obsessed with cats, says she went somewhere late night), while Mr. Patwardhan says he was asleep the afternoon the theft took place, but the florist outside his house says he went for a walk...without his dog, for a surprise! Mrs. Desai, school teacher of the CIA and the third victim of the thefts (jewellery was stolen from her bank locker) is now the only person left to question. But Rohit discovers Mrs. Desai's car outside an insurance office and follows her to her house where he sees her putting the 'stolen' jewellery in her bag. He then follows her to a 'Yogashram' from where he calls the others and tells them everything, telling them to come there.
While the others are on their way, Rohit follows Mrs. Desai into the ashram. When the remaining four arrive, they get into a hut at the ashram, find a prism like the one at the Shamas' and Mr. Patwardhan's house in the hut, get locked in it, get Nikki to save them.....but they can't find Rohit or Mrs. Desai! At long last Rohit is spotted, but he's lost track of Mrs. Desai somehow and hasn't heard the five missed calls sent his way...he actually looks a little confused...what's the deal?? The others find that out when ROHIT'S house is broken into that night and they go and console him the next day. Coz that's when a phone comes and Rohit is hypnotized, with the help of THE prism (same type as mentioned above), on phone. Ishaan attaches a micro recorder to Rohit's shirt so that convo between him and Babaji (of ashram) is recorded.
In the ashram, they are to wear robes so they get delayed and lose track of Rohit. They go to Babaji and accuse him of the thefts. But the bag where they say the stolen things are (oh, DLK was with them) has ashram robes only. Then they, along with the Baba look for Rohit. When they find him, Babaji asks Rohit if he is the one who has asked him to bring the stolen goods Rohit says no. On further questioning, he says the stolen stuff is with Baba (who hypnotized him...Rohit is still under hypnotism) and describes the Baba. The real Baba says he knows who it is and takes them to his student, Privijay, in another place, who says he did it due to persuasion of a Sadhvi (female Rishi, sort of). They go out and search for her, who was just escaping with the stolen goods. They manage to catch her just in time.
Back in HQ, Farhan says this case couldn't have been solved without Rohit, AND he was humble during the case, too. Just then, Rohit's voice speaks from somewhere above,"Maine kuchh nahi kiya, sab babaaa ne kiya." They go up to find Rohit on a 'tigerskin', 'meditating deeply'. Farhan says "Baba ji ki jai ho!" and they 'take aashirvaad' from him. Then Rohit returns to his normal self and the case ends with the usual "CIA ROX!!!"


shehzeen said...

hii there!!thnx 4 da update..cud u plz give a detailed update of the 1 where rohit iz a suspect involved in kidnapping a circketer n the video of the episode az well if possible..thanx loadz!!shehzeen

CIArox said...

I'll be giving the Video and Written updates for both the next mysteries....Laughing Joker and Missing Cricketer. In fact, some links of Mystery of the Laughing Joker are in the Video Archive already (ceck link list on the side). But some patience is required. I hope you all will bear with me, coz it's an awful lot of work and teachers are piling work at school, too!

shehzeen said...

thnx loadz!!=)..n there'z no pressure 4rm r side so dnt wry..being a student maself i can understand all da workload=)..tc!

Aishwarya & CIA said...

Can u tell me the name of the episode that came this Saturday?I was not able to watch because my exams r going on.My parents had allowed me to watch CIA but there was an error in the Pogo channel of our TV.Pls!

Aishwarya said...

Pls visit ma blog umeaurcia@blogspot.com & tell me ur views & ideas about how I can make it look more attractive & good!

palamarti said...

anyone tell me what's today's mystery.pls........i didn't see it.

Palamarti said...

Really It's D'Day..!!! I mean the day CIA2 started but an year back...Can't forget this day in my life and 14th June became one of my most memorable days in my life... Really Luv CIA more than my Life..! A SALUTE TO CIA..!!!