Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mystery of the Talking Mummy (short update)

The mystery is up like this guys...

Before music:
It was the middle of a night and a security guard in a museum hear a voice and he shouts and runs away.
After music:
Many people come to take the news in the morning and the security guards [one is old & one is young] say that the mummy talked last night & they were afraid of that. The head of the museum and D.L.K. says that they won't believe in this & D.L.K. goes to investigate. The CIA members see the news in the newspaper and they think that it is non-sense.
Next we see that a teacher [Mrs. Desai] comes to that museum with some school children & she explains about the valuable things which were kept in the museum including the sword of Ashoka. A student says "The Talking Mummy!!!" Then the teacher says that they have studied about mummies in History but there were no talking mummies. At the same time the voice comes again and all thinks that the student is making that but later they recognises that it was the mummy's voice. On hearing the voice, the teacher fell down. The whole conversation was recorded in a student's tape recorder which helps the CIA to solve the case later.
The people come again and they ask so many questions. The head of the museum & D.L.K. hears the recorded tape and a girl named Suhasini who works in that museum also hears the tape. When D.L.K. was going with the tape to the police station Nikki stops him because her cycle tyre was punchured. She argues with D.L.K. that the mummies won't talk. Then D.L.K. switch on the tape and Nikki also hears the sound. She writes it on her hand [after D.L.K. has gone] and she goes to the CIA HQ. The voice says "Councha na kopa". Rohit asks "But what is the meaning of this dialouge??? "Then Suchi says that she'll find out with the "Lingo Bingo", the unique language software which was sent by her friend from U.S.A. It can translate any ancient language in the world. Then she types the sentence "Councha na kopa" and it comes in that "Main Vapas aa Raha Hoon, Badla Lene". Suchi says that the mummy in the Cambala Museum was an ancient Egyptian king. In the museum Miss. Suhasini says to the head of the museum “Sir, history says that unani raja was killed by ________________________ [She says something but it's not clear.Sorry 4 not writing. If u wanna hear this see the Part 2,Time: 4min 40sec of this mystery]. In the HQ Nikki says "If the mummy comes back...!?"
Later at night in the museum we see the security guards were guarding. The old security guard hear a sound and he thinks that Hari singh [the young guard] is making that sound but when he turns back he sees a mummy in front of him and he runs with fear. He go to a room and the mummy tries to harm Hari singh, the young guard but it does not kill him .The next day when Suchi and Ishaan goes to the museum the security guards says that the museum is closed for that day. At the same time Miss. Suhasini calls to the photographers & Rohit and Farhan disguises like photographers and they goes to the museum. When D.L.K. is watching the video that was happened last night Rohit records the video. They [Head of the museum, Miss. Suhasini, D.L.K., Rohit, Farhan & few doctors] removes the box on the casket & Farhan, Rohit [as photographers] takes the photos. They surprises that how can the mummy come out and how can it go in and how can it injure someone??!!? They decide to take the mummy to the forensic lab. When Rohit and Farhan leave the museum a man [handicapped] enters the museum. In the HQ when the CIA members see the video Nikki says “His teeth..! [That means his teeth were dirty]”.All the CIA members’ surprises that how can the cameras shut down by itself..! They go to the museum and the security guards do not allow them in.
Next day, Suchi comes to the HQ and says that the mummy is back to the museum and they [forensic lab] found nothing. They decides to take Mrs. Desai [the history teacher who is teaching history for 15 years and she was there in the museum when the mummy talked] to the museum with them. When they [Suchi, Nikki & the history teacher] go to the museum she [Mrs. Desai] describes the situation that was happened when the mummy talked. She says “That day when I am describing the students about Ashoka’s sword… [She turns to that sword & she shocks]”.She says that it is not the real sword..! It is fake. She says “It is not that sword that day I saw. It is fake. Ashoka’s sword contains many precious & valuable stones and gems.”
Next a man [I think from Museum Authority of India] sees all the things in that museum and says that almost all the things in this museum are fake..! He talks to the head of the museum “Museum Authority of India” gave all real things to this museum to exhibit but all the things became fake. He asks the head of the museum “Where are the real things??” Next we see the handicapped person [with all the valuables that was stolen from the museum on a table].He says [to his men] “These things value some Crores. We are very lucky”.
Next we see the CIA members in the museum talking to Miss. Suhasini. Miss. Suhasini says to them to leave the museum. But they say that they came to help them. Farhan asks the security guards whether the casket had a lot of weight when it was transferred to the forensic lab?? They say “YES” and he asks whether it weighed a lot when it brought back?? They say “YES”. Then he asks them to carry it once. They do and they say that it is not much weight when compared to that day. Then they says that when the mummy was transferred to the forensic lab along with the mummy the real valuables were kept in that casket and when it brought back the fake things were kept in the casket. Suhasini says “But it was not recorded in the videos”. The CIA asks her whether they can see those videos or not?? She takes them to see the videos. They all see the video and there found nothing. But Ishaan ask Suhasini to stop at a scene. Everyone sees that and Suchi says [with surprise] “Oh my God! It’s a loop. The thief can enter and stole anything and no one can see him!!!” Suhasini: But who can do that??? Ishaan: The one who knew everything about this museum..! At that time the head of that museum comes and asks them to go out. He talks to a person in his cell phone...
Short summary of the Remaining Part:
When the CIA members goes to the HQ they see the video [which was recorded by Rohit when he went to the museum as a photographer]. Then Nikki observes something and asks Suchi to replay it. Then she observes that one of the teeth of the mummy is made of gold. She [Nikki] remembers that the young security guard also has the gold tooth at the same spot. When the CIA members goes to the musuem with D.L.K. and when D.L.K. ask him [Hari singh] to tell the truth he says “The head of the museum and another person [that handicapped person] gave me money to do this. I was the one who kept the fake things in the place of real valuables. Now all the valuables are with the handicapped person". Then with the help of Hari singh the police caught the thieves. At the last scene D.L.K. gets a phone [I think it is his wife] and she says that mummy came. He fears hearing it and then he understands that it was his MUMMY!!! All the CIA members and Suhasini laugh.

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